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  1. man eating mastodon

    Taj Griffin

    I'm here for the music
  2. man eating mastodon

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    If true wouldn't step dad be in trouble as well??
  3. I'm making pancakes,  just so I have a reason to put syrup in a empty wine bottle. 

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    2. TonyStalloni


      Ya'll are a sad bunch of losers.

    3. Ulty


      You know what, Tony? Being a loser doesn't automatically make one sad. So there! Now have a glass of wine and relax. (and can I have the bottle when you are done?)

    4. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      We identify as happy winners 

  4. man eating mastodon

    Stuffed Peppers/Pics

    We make these alot with venison, the last batch was with moose meat a buddy gave me, unreal flavors
  5. man eating mastodon

    Tony Tuioti Hired as New DL Coach

    It better have alot of bedrooms!!
  6. man eating mastodon

    2019 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup Discussion Thread

    Wow I really don't know what to say but thanks!
  7. man eating mastodon

    WR Jeremiah Johnson [Auburn Commit]

    Betcha he cooks a good rabbit
  8. man eating mastodon

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    So is there any updates on this or no.
  9. man eating mastodon

    ****Official Alliance of American Football Thread****

    Well hes .500 .. but for realsies it was a good game to watch
  10. man eating mastodon

    ****Official Alliance of American Football Thread****

    This isnt bad football, definitely fills the void and I'll be watching, it's just weird seeing Mike Riley actually being engaged in the game instead of wandering around the sidelines like hes waiting for his wife in a store.
  11. man eating mastodon

    Tannor, Alioth Cited for Misdemeanor Theft

    The lack of bread sticks tells me these boys had poor role models.
  12. man eating mastodon

    Official French Fry Power Rankings

    You have issues
  13. man eating mastodon

    Going to Drive This

    15 ram bighorn, rides like a caddy and decent on gas for a truck,also have a Kia sportage ,not a bad work beater.id like a ram rebel trx with the hellcat motor if it ever gets released.
  14. man eating mastodon


    Tendonitis surgeries have to have gone up
  15. -24  here on lake of the woods,without the wind.




    1. The Dude
    2. JJ Husker
    3. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      -13 and the fish are biting. 76 degrees in the shack