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  1. Our ritual exorcism? I'm not sure the dredge will hold all of husker nation, this ones all on you chief. Just get video.
  2. Spurrier didn't have to spend as much time as most for recruiting at Florida, talent every where that loved his style of football
  3. I've seen a few tweets posted on other boards saying his recruiting and player development had been lacking in his last few years at Washington, the guys he brought in either transferred out or didn't play. I know nothing about Washington football so who knows if that was all on him .
  4. RIP Neil Peart, passed away at 67.

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    2. Danny Bateman
    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      That sucks. Rush was awesome but Peart was the GOAT. It's easy to say that because everyone considers him one of the greatest ever but just listen and focus on the drums. Unbelievable.

    4. CheeseHusker


      I can honestly say I've never felt so empty. He was everything to me.


  5. I love pay days and this will be a fun one to make!
  6. He got interest from some good recuits,the problem was those kids saw the writing on the wall for Riley and didn't come here. Show them something to believe in and I'd bet KW would be a good recruiter and coach. Zach Smith at Ohio state was a great recruiter but no one worked out for him on their own time and dime like they do Keith
  7. Miami commit,that means hes ours if we want him?
  8. A 10 gauge with tungsten or bismuth would be the choice, lead 10s are hard to find! I'm in no way recommending shooting a drone by the way!
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