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  1. If the leash was that short usc should have fired him last year and went after a better coach! I did just learn that the AD there came from Cincinnati and was the guy that hired Luke Fickell so that's a possibility.
  2. As the coach if your guy isn't getting it done you put someone else in.
  3. Left some points out there . CtB sucks and special teams is hot garbage! But it's a win
  4. Just going on what we have seen if frost so far I'm guessing no improvement.
  5. If they had their staff from last year I'd say this is seen as a probable loss for Nebraska , I still think Buffalo wins a close one.
  6. Pj knows how to win, frost not so much. I do think he realizes that he hasn't lived up to his mouth and has been embarrassed and humbled, and has no clue how to fix it.
  7. Well looks like they will put up at least 408 yards rushing on Nebraska this year
  8. Maybe not all-American but better than what he is here. I feel for the kid, Verdu and who ever else messed him up
  9. As much as I didn't want Chinander here when frost was hired he has been the one coordinator that has shown progress
  10. Please please please will a media member ask frost what the hell is this s#!t show he calls football 

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