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  1. I agree it's not signing day yet but he grew up a Florida fan.
  2. Hes a top talent and he has better offers than Nebraska.
  3. New day, still pissed off but as always. Go Big Red ! 

  4. Waldo is the exact problem Nebraska sucks?
  5. Frost needs to let Walter's call the plays, Chin well I haven't changed my mind about him since he was at ucf. Neither of these guys can adapt to adjustments made by opponents. This was a first year staff that did this.
  6. Totally agree, got paid though!!
  7. Frost gets schooled by a scrub coaching staff. 

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      Phoning it in ever since he got paid it seems.

    3. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Frost need to be running steps for a month,straight up out coached again. You let a first year staff embarrass you 

    4. NebraskaHarry


      Hate to admit it but Frost has coached pretty poor these first 2 games. Martinez with poor decisions. 

  8. So they back up one worthless picture with another one? Creating drama where there is none .
  9. They take a picture of the repair shop sign and not the object in the tire...
  10. So if you quit your job because your boss is a jerk and then use it as a reason you left the job on an app your not worthy of a job? And you say you want honesty in applicants but dont like it when you hear it?
  11. Let me get this straight, you have to pay to be a member of huskermax and you still have to see the ads??  Doesn't membership fees pay the bills?

    1. brophog


      Just like cable tv.

    2. HuskerInLostWages


      Thank god for DVR's, now I can watch from behind and fast forward through commercials and still end the show at the same time.

  12. I see Bookie on the field but I've yet to see him make a play.

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    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      Hes not that good. One of those guys who thinks hes great b/c everyone says he is but doesnt put the work in once he getz to college. You have to have a drive!

    3. krc1995


      C N? How do you know that?  

    4. chamrocck


      Watched a lot of OU.  Bookie is a decent coverage guy.  He doesn't want to tackle and leaves that to other OU defenders.  I didn't see him in any tackles last night and that is common with him.  He just sort of dips his shoulders to bump guys but let's the other OU defenders make the plays.  This year you will probably see him on an INT or fumble recovery but he is not a good tackler.  OU can be attacked by running it at him or sending a TE at him.  He gets blocked easily too.     

  13. It's hard being a fan sometimes, Tennessee isnt what they want to be and haven't been for a long time, same as Nebraska Miami USC just to name a few .The bad hires and embarrassing losses and everything that goes with it take a toll on fan bases, for alot of us our team is a HUGE part of who we are and we take it very personal. For me and most on here its Go Big Red every day all day no matter what. The Vols players are probably pretty fragile right now so this is where you as a fan matter, support your team.
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