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  1. But all are doing better than Nebraska
  2. Oh yes look at the turn overs to td ratio, that screams Nebraska qb right there
  3. Halftime can't get over soon enough,  this is horrible 

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      And what the heck was with the head wearing jock strap army?  Overall most disappointing SB I can recall.

    3. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Lamont Sanford looks really young still!!

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      ....ya big dummy. :lol:

  4. Agreed on the b52s, that would have been fun, I've done a ton of concerts and have seen most of the bands I wanted, Bonnaroo twice, 7 Ozzfests ,lots of great artists at every one of them, Van Morrison would have been great, Townes Van Zandt Steve Earle and Guy Clark played some shows together when Steve got home from prison, that was my biggest regret not going to see. Prince as mentioned was an amazing show, another regret was not seeing SRV.
  5. Frost said Luke was a future qb at nebraska, everyone is saying he left because he wanted to be a qb somewhere, I'm starting to think there's more to this
  6. Little early to be drinking this heavily bud
  7. Agreed, id like to see him get Nebraska back to being respectable but so far its been far from it besides recruiting which is still on par with what they had with the last few staffs. I just don't see frost getting it done
  8. Bad hires have taken a toll for sure, hopefully Nebraska gets it right next time.
  9. Must be a BTN crew doing the peach bowl! 

  10. Merry Christmas everyone!! 

    1. TonyStalloni


      Merry Christmas to you MEM!

  11. Ball control has been an issue here for a long time
  12. I'd agree but the turnovers still follow him around, Rutgers game and hes wearing sleeves while running the ball, he should know better and so should his coaches
  13. Arkansas was a mess before Bert ,still are, I would not be surprised if he turns Illinois into a decent to good team most years.
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