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  1. I'm not sure Frost needs the covid excuse to lose the last 3 games
  2. That was Kris kristofferson not Johnny Cash
  3. It would definitely help Les Miles keep his job longer at Kansas having the frosted cupcakes to beat up on.
  4. I learned that I made the right decision by going walleye fishing, great day
  5. I just want to see 4 quarters of somewhat good football, no more 2nd half naps
  6. With the product frost is putting on the field has there been any talk of decommits coming?
  7. Hopefully someone asks him to rate the job he's doing at Nebraska at a press conference
  8. If I'm any of the better recruits and players here ,I'm looking for something else, frost has shown no improvement on offense since he came here, chin at least has his guys somewhat better but this ships taking on water fast. His second season at ucf was a fluke
  9. Frost is in waaaaay over his head , theis offense has no identity, special teams looks lost ,foolish penalties and turnovers galore, that's coaching, to bad he didn't stay at ucf or go to Florida. I'm over this clown
  10. Manning and Robinson as well, they killed any nfl Hope's with this s#!t show
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