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  1. 8 and 2. Stop by 5 just for Freddie Mercury. Sadly no place for the early metal hard rock bands!
  2. There's definitely some positive things going on!
  3. As long as frost doesn't call plays or does any coaching Nebraska may make a bowl next year!
  4. Zac is going no where! My Bengals actually look good and there's hope in that organization!
  5. I get you're talking football but that last sentence is hilarious.
  6. If true on the latter its just more of the same thing.
  7. The less frost has to do with anything football related the better off nebraska is
  8. Remember Frost had illegal practices to get to this point! f#&% that guy.
  9. If it's helfrich nebraska fans need to raise hell. Tennessee type s#!t
  10. No sense in being upset with it. Nebraska has sucked for a while. It's tradition now. What other teams can lose like Nebraska has?? We went through the embarrassing blow outs and now losing close games every week. Same thing every week.
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