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  1. Definitely going to try this with pheasant.
  2. If the rest of the conference's fall in line with this what happens to the independent schools?
  3. You don't think that all Bill's trips on Epsteins plane, a handful without security raises any concerns at all?
  4. Definitely both imo, you dont fly on Epsteins plane 26 times for the movie selection like Billy did, people get killed in prison and jail all the time and it doesn't matter who's in the white house to get it done. Money is all the power you need. People got paid to keep Epstein quiet
  5. I really hope she talks, she's got dirt on alot of people and they need to come to justice, Bill Clinton has to be s#!tting hisself right now
  6. If you and your friends are ever on shrooms, this is a topic that needs attention.
  7. Done right carp and buffalo are pretty good, just nothing over 5 pounds
  8. Can this be used on ribeyes? How about carp?
  9. I've got a few buddies that go every year and the pictures are crazy, huge walleyes , lake Winnipeg in march is another one I'd like to do, definitely doing it guided
  10. Texoma is a dream trip, Colombia river sturgeon is another, lake erie walleyes is gonna happen and venice Louisiana for redfish and specks before I die !
  11. Fred's beds in the winter, we rented a sleeper ,they now have a motel on shore as well so you can do just day houses, same owner of that in summer, his parents own Morris point resort and he runs a charter through them. His names Nels, he definitely knows his stuff and is a super guy ,I highly recommend giving them a call
  12. I've fished with perch patrol in the winter, very spendy but we caught quite a few, I've used guides on LOTW twice and once in venice Louisiana for reds and specks, big bodies of water or a totally different area I'd go guided but on anything else you can do your research and with good electronics with mapping get on fish .Garmin's livescope is the real deal ,if you want BIG and fresh water and some scenery I'd head west for some sturgeon!
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