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  1. Chips been in no position to get choosy on who wants to play for him.Hes a flop at UCLA
  2. I had to sit through an episode of 2 broke girls once.It was pathetic, definitely agree with anything Kardashian and reality shows.
  3. Mines been pretty every Sturgill Simpson lp played back to back with some Stooges and early Sabbath mixed in.
  4. A coworker was out 2 weeks in what was said to be self quarantine, we now know he was positive for covid 19 and our employer has yet to say anything .wtf


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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      TBH, I probably don't completely understand a lot of the rules my business may be subject to. A lot of the stuff doesn't apply to employers with less than 50 employees....some does. I just try to use common sense. When/If that isn't good enough for somebody, they can have the frikken keys. The government sure isn't proactive in providing guidance and I gave up worrying about it long ago.

    3. Enhance


      FWIW we just wrapped up a monthly conference call and our head of HR/VP of legal said we have one confirmed case in the company, but didn't give details of where they work or who they are (we're pretty national). But, they did say they will be contacting any colleagues that may have been in contact with that person.

    4. BigRedBuster


      I am privy to certain health issues with employees due to our health insurance benefit.  However, I could get sued if I told someone else that information.  What I don't know is, how does that change if the health issue puts has put other employees at risk.  I still don't think I can tell the employees without consent from the sick individual.  And...for my benefit, that better be in writing.  Now, the health care provider/DHHS should be doing an investigation as to who the employee came in contact with, for which THEY would then notify the coworkers.

  5. I think I over did it, no butter and bread wasnt toasted. I'll stick with peanut butter and jelly. Skippy super chunky and Welch's grape.Jiff is for subhumans
  6. So just what is the proper amount of vegemite for a sandwich?? I had it once and may have over or under did it but ya it was kinda nasty.
  7. Best unbiased news source?? 

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    2. jaws


      For national news, I usually go with NPR and BBC. If I want a good laugh, I go to Foxnews and sometimes CNN.  

    3. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      C-SPAN is what all news should be. While I get my news from a variety of other outlets, this is the only one I am willing to endorse. I encourage anyone that is getting news from other outlets to try it out. IMO, you will be surprised how difficult it is to listen to other national outlets afterward, especially Fox and MSNBC. Another tip is to realize news in a 24/7 format results in mostly irrelevant information and sensationalization of stories.

    4. macroboy


      I try not to watch by news. The imagery is too manipulative.

      I read Reuters and AP on my phone. Listen to npr on radio. 

  8. Nebraska will be lucky to keep it close with Cincinnati.
  9. Has your employer done anything different with this covid 19 stuff?  Today our older or those with any medical conditions were given the option to go until this is over, we have hand sanitizer everywhere, no customers or delivery guys inside the building and everything they drop of sits in a outside warehouse for 24 hours before being opened or used. Sounds like all overtime is done as well. 

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    2. Enhance


      It's actually been suspiciously quiet on our end so far. I started working remotely yesterday by choice. We closed the lobbies at all of our properties earlier this week. But, nobody has really come down with any hard fast policy or guidance at this point in time.

      Granted, there aren't a ton of people who work at my company. There are only two other people in my part of the office. But, it's still sort of interesting... the lack of overall communication, I mean.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I’ve still got my business operating, pretty much business as usual. We don’t get many people in person but I closed access to only employees and deliveries. That will keep out the pesky sales people and probably a small amount of customers. Our walk-in customers are usually a PITA anyway. Also have started cleaning/sterilizing high touch areas 2 or 3 times per day. There’s not a lot of employees so not a biggie. Just hoping the work doesn’t come to a screeching halt. Been very busy so far....

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Well, today I had to turn down some work for the first time due to the Covid. The customer, who we do quite a bit for intermittently, wanted us to go to their location (a jail) and do some work in an area where God knows how many people are touching stuff all over the place. I told him we weren’t doing that type of work at this time. I wouldn’t go in their myself so I sure wasn’t going to send anyone else there.

  10. I made it through the Barney years with 2 toddler daughters, and went right into the spice girls craze a few years later. I've used everything I've learned then to block out the trump administration now.
  11. Tony Romo to get 17 million a year from CBS , I was never a big fan when he played but in the booth hes great and definitely for me makes the commentary more interesting. 

    1. BigRedN


      It was tough to be good under Jerry and his coach providing him with less.  If anything, what he does in the booth is proof that he knew far more than anyone thought ... he just wasn't in a position to trump coach or owner.


  12. Agreed, just admitting that you have a mental health issue is tough especially at his age when most think they are bullet proof, I hope he gets the help he needs and finds piece
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