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  1. Best unbiased news source?? 

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    2. jaws


      For national news, I usually go with NPR and BBC. If I want a good laugh, I go to Foxnews and sometimes CNN.  

    3. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      C-SPAN is what all news should be. While I get my news from a variety of other outlets, this is the only one I am willing to endorse. I encourage anyone that is getting news from other outlets to try it out. IMO, you will be surprised how difficult it is to listen to other national outlets afterward, especially Fox and MSNBC. Another tip is to realize news in a 24/7 format results in mostly irrelevant information and sensationalization of stories.

    4. macroboy


      I try not to watch by news. The imagery is too manipulative.

      I read Reuters and AP on my phone. Listen to npr on radio. 

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