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  1. CTB with another great game! Coach Taylor has this team looking really good with a patch work o line. Who Dey

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    2. admo


      @man eating mastodon Thanks! I feel misinformed after all these years. :facepalm:  I wonder what else I might be wrong about 


      Please don't tell me that Sasquatch isn't real !!!  I won't listen to it ! 

    3. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Bigfoot is as real as you want it to be!!! 

    4. admo


      Word is some hunters in West Virginia caught him, but then the drunken hillbillies cleaned & cooked him with Natty Light.  Big Foot Stew!  


      I don't believe it.  There is no way Sasquatch could've been trapped or blasted by 12 gauge buckets and turned into chicken nuggets...  Sasquatch is still walking around the back country today and posing for polaroid's !!!  chuckleshuffle

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