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  1. USA scores 2 cutting lead to 7-3. Probably Kaminska’s last inning. Top of 6
  2. Walsh goes deep for 2 run bomb. lead grows to 7-1
  3. 5-1…. Headed to top of 5 new pitcher takes the mound for USA
  4. Mathew’s caught stealing after 1 out single, followed by Carey K to end inning. USA pitcher nearing 80 pitches after 3 1/2 innings. Headed to bottom of 4….5-1
  5. 3 up, 3 down Good inning for Kaminska
  6. Correction… Huskers score 1 as Anglim scores when Swanson gets in rundown to end inning. 5-1
  7. Kaminska gives up 2 out single, then walks next man, single to make score 4-1… still 2 outs
  8. Big second inning for Skers. 4-0 Big Red. Timely hitting !!
  9. Perry gets the save Olson gets W Huskers in the W column 5-4 Big Red
  10. Perry gets infield pop up. 2 outs
  11. Oh boy… Perry hits lead off batter… followed by sac bunt… tying run on on second
  12. Huskers don’t capitalize on lead off double. Three straight Ks end top of 9th. Here we go!!! Close out the first win of the year. Perry on to close
  13. Worthley hits batter to load them up, but get next batter to fly out to end inning. 5-4 Huskers headed to 9th
  14. Schanaman almost 50 pitches in relief. Runners on 2nd and 3rd. Huskers lead 5-4, but USA threatening. Pitching change. Worthley entering
  15. Skers playing fairly well right now. Hitting, Pitching, Fielding…. Olson found problems, but worked out of it. 3-2 GBR in the 5th.
  16. Not many updates from me today due to work, but a very rough 4th inning that included a bit of everything, including a grand slam has allowed SD to storm back and take a 8-4 lead
  17. I agree that it is a huge adjustment. In fact, our best year (under Bolt) came during the season after covid, when we only played a Big 10 schedule. Makes a big difference when you play teams with the same advantages/disadvantages. Nebraska always dig an early hole with their early season schedule, but we NEEDED to play better today, and the entire series. I am not giving up on anyone based on this weekend, but truly hoped we would split at the worst.
  18. Congratulations to @SouthLincoln Huskerfor being HB player of the day…lol following the baseball and basketball games and contributing in both forums throughout!
  19. Crap!! This one hurts. I am trying to stay positive, but really wanted at least a split
  20. Find a way to get through this part of the order to force extras. Garza replaces Worthley
  21. Absolutely… make this hit by pitch count
  22. Worthley keeps dealing. Impressive outing so far !! Score runs!
  23. Anderson hit it solid, but good play by right fielder keeps Huskers off the board. Headed to bottom of 8th tied. Survive the 8th.
  24. Great to see. Now let‘a score off of this kid
  25. Worthly came in and struck out 2 to keep SD off the board. Huge !!
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