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  1. Sounds like every corner of the internet. Stones buddy
  2. Sheep get really bothered when you don’t identify as a sheep
  3. Hey pal don’t use the kings English to deflect. His success bothers many around here. A person with a decent set of stones wouldn’t be so bothered is all.
  4. It’s amazing how a man can have an entire fan base in a chokehold
  5. That’s true too but hypothetically alot of arguments can be true. Reality is what they’ve done is remarkable
  6. Well we don’t live in that alternate universe and we’re 1-2.
  7. the fact that people think a P5 transfer portal roster is showing chinks says alot
  8. But I hear you and I think this fan base has gotten obsessed with weird narratives on failure and drinking the kool aid. Niu was a band aid a La tech isn’t any good so at least we have 2 weeks of decency upcoming. Rhule and co still need to figure a lot out.
  9. I mean one team is winning winnable games and one team losing them. At the end of the day neither program is going to be defined on year 1 but what they’re doing is keeping the interest high which will highlight them in a higher caliber recruit. I think 90 percent of people outside of their fan base see the schedule and flaws on the roster and see it’s about to get steep but that doesn’t change the fact they’re showing competence in winning situations
  10. Just because they’re getting attention worthy of a great team nobody is confused that they are flawed at almost every position group. People around here think wins and losses will define their season but this is one big “come to Colorado” advertisement. Prime even spoke about needing more talent all yesterday.
  11. People saying they needed double ot lol. Yup and it kept them right at the center of the college football universe
  12. The best 3-9 team in history all over. I’m tired of winning mythical trophies.
  13. 8 games is a lot of wins for below average offensive tackles a couple retreads at WR Ty Robinson and corners that are suspect outside zone coverage
  14. I’ll take his word for now but I keep hearing frost saying if teams want to beat us they better get us now
  15. This is my hope going forward in the season. Less might be more as far as play calling.Triple action rpo with 15 designed qb runs and the occasional go ball. Just get our best athletes in space and hope for some yac in the pass game. The offense has some parts that don’t match but it’s time to settle in and find a serviceable identity. And please let the young lineman in on pass rush downs.
  16. Never said that was the most determining factor. You remember the time lebron was an adidas kid all the way until he took less money to sign with Nike as a rookie? And took 25 million less to sign with Nike over Reebok. The simple fact is Nike means more in the social circles of young people compared to other brands by a mile.
  17. It’s funny that the adults here are arguing brands from their perspective but that really matters to the younger generation. Nike and Jordan have lifestyle and tech lines that are literally the in style. Adidas has no clout no innovation of culture it’s literally a sportswear company. And don’t forget high schools and 7 on 7 teams start the brand recruiting early so some of these kids are lost before we even get a chance.
  18. It’s funny that the last decade majority of the fan base has felt the sky isn’t falling and we will figure it out. Hindsight is 20/20 and now we know the talent and operational process hasn’t been close. I’m not rooting against Rhule but I’m not giving his “builder” label justification based on a few winning seasons. The most alarming to me is he seems to say what the fan base wants to hear and at this point of constant failure he isn’t getting the patience that frost got so he better show some life fast. Attaching this season to Sims and our other incapable QBs is baffling considering he literally said he wished he went after an elite QB sooner in Carolina. I do like the explosive athletes he has recruited and it’s nice to see D lineman who actually do something. The future still might be decent but can he find a real QB and can he actually coach well enough to justify that salary I’m not betting on it
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