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  1. Bookie getting abused by Grier and West Virginia. 

  2. I'm shocked Mo got caught from behind here. I assumed he was faster and the tackler didn't take a great angle either. Really wanted to see him house that.
  3. I was not a fan of these uniforms when they first announced them on Twitter. I ended up loving them on the field. We should rock black cleats all the time.
  4. Good lord, give it some time. This type of overreaction and demand for change is what has gotten us to this point. We need stability in a scheme and recruitment for that scheme before we can truly judge it. If you brought in the best DC in the nation and judged the output after less than 1 year, you still wouldn't be happy because it takes time for players to learn the scheme and to recruit the players to fit the scheme. TRUST THE PROCESS.
  5. @lo country I agree with all of your points. Currently battling it out on my status regarding our mutual take on the poor use of Gifford against an OT all day. He's not Jadeveon Clowney, so maybe don't use him as such. Where are the mixed fronts? Bring 8 guys up to the LOS, rush 5/drop 3 or rush 3 /drop 5, etc. Make them at least think a blitz might come. This is a Diaco-level base 3-4 with poor in-game adjustments and it's maddening. DB's need to learn how to turn their head and play the ball. If you're not even at least looking back toward the ball, you're gonna get flagged for any amount of contact.
  6. Well that's your opinion, but that's not the rule. These refs were trash but that was technically the right call.
  7. There was a RB right there on both plays. So that's your intended receiver (despite the fact that he was blocking) and thus no penalty.
  8. This scheme looks eerily similar to Diaco's way too often. No pass rush, soft coverage with a 7-10 yard cushion and guys running free across the middle.
  9. Can we not bring the whole front 7 up to the line and have some guys blitz and some drop into coverage? Of course the blitz isn't gonna get there in time when you're bringing your ILB that's starting 5 yards off the LOS.
  10. Our pass rush is trash, but I saw multiple blatant holds.
  11. We were damned if we do, damned if we don't. When we rushed 3 or 4, the secondary couldn't cover to save their lives. When we brought the blitz, it never got home and Thorson found the open man. So I guess that makes me lean toward personnel.
  12. Why do they insist on using Gifford as an edge rusher? He was consistently getting manhandled by the offensive tackle all game. Love the kid, but that's not his game. 

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    2. suh_fan93


      Well Nebraska did have 2 sacks today.  One coming from Stille and well guess who had the other one?  (To go along with his 7 tackles - 4 of them for loss of yards.  He also had 2 QB hurries)  Hmm.   I wonder who it could be...

    3. 4skers89


      The other sack was probably Gifford.  Completely unblocked.  Gifford is serviceable but not a playmaker.  I expect more from a Nebraskan than taking up space. Hell, I could have made that sack.  I want to see a difference maker from a Nebraskan.  Play with heart and Nebraska pride, do something extraordinary, inspire your teammates- PLEASE!!!

    4. suh_fan93


      @Husker Richard  Yeah I see what you are saying.  Maybe being schemed like that isn't to his advantage either.  I do like your avatar HR.  

  13. I would replace BC with NW since we need speed at OLB to cover their spread attack.
  14. Wouldn't they still want him to play in 4 games this season? Northwestern would be a good game to get his feet wet at a position of need as they have shifted significantly to a passing offense with the retirement of Larkin.
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