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  1. Peyton Robb benefits from a quick pin call. I think he would have won that either way, though.
  2. BS call on Red getting pinned that quickly. It just seems like they never wanted him to win.
  3. Red is one minute in with a takedown, and he is already hit with a stall warning. That's BS.
  4. Typical, Schultz. Couldn't get out from under his opponent. Kind of funny, Warner was never hit with a stall warning, yet that is all he did the entire match.
  5. What's with the refs and the stall calls against us? Red loses on a BS stall call, and Schultz got hit with a stall warning after scoring and takedown.
  6. Sitting in 6th place as a team, and we are sending 4 to the quarters. Venz just couldn't get out from under his opponent. I was hoping he would at least make the quarters before losing.
  7. Heard they told him, no.
  8. Pretty good first session. Everyone but Wilson advances.
  9. I missed that match. I missed Wilson's match as well. Robb with that quick pin was nice to see.
  10. His poor showing at the B1G 10s did him no favors. Had he placed in the top 3, he gets a better draw. Bubba Wilson didn't get any help with his draw, either.
  11. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/44683/red-chad/profile He could luck into a spot, but it might be tough.
  12. Terrible showing on day 2. Braunagel owns Venz. Labs didn't look good. I thought he should have been given 2 for the reversal instead of 1 for the escape.
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