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  1. I could see them winning every game (short of Wisconsin), or losing every game. It’s gonna be interesting to see how it plays out. I just hope they beat Iowa. Please beat Iowa...
  2. Because they were backups when they played on their high school team, and were sooooo much better than the starter. But their high school coach was a jerk and wouldn’t start him because he didn’t like him.
  3. It would be 50x worse is we were running ill-prepared first-year players out there. I am glad the coaches are willing to take their lumps from impatient fans and do this the right way. Redshirt them as true freshmen, scout team as rsfr., bench as soph., play last two. Like we used to...and how those hack programs to the East and Northeast that have better lines than us do.
  4. Northwestern has also played defenses like Stanford, Michigan St., & Wisconsin. I actually take it as a positive that we did not represent their “breakout” game.
  5. Okay...you are clearly superior in your football knowledge and a better fan than I. I yield to you. Who? Who should replace him? Farniok? I too would like better Center (and O-Line in general) play. But who is gonna be a consistently better option? Should we try a walk-on transfer converted safety from Norfolk at Center? If there was someone who was better, I promise you that the change would have been made (as it was last year on the o-line). Relax people! Trust the coaches.
  6. Exactly! We agree here! I would love to see better o-line play as a whole, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards this year. We can potentially lose every remaining game on the schedule. And outside of Wisky, I think we can win every game remaining on the schedule. It’s gonna be a stressful, but entertaining October and November.
  7. I learned that if Adrien is out for the Minnesota game, that there will be people calling for us to replace Vedral with McCafferty...
  8. I am sure they practice snapping the ball. Perhaps you should email Scott though and pass along your wisdom...
  9. We get what you are saying. Could it also be possible that Jurgens is the best option for this team...despite his flaws? Relax and trust the coaches... NU lost this game the last two years!!!
  10. What do Nebraska fans have with being “right” all of the time. Does anyone really think the coaches purposefully put in the wrong QB out of ignorance or spite? Perhaps Adrien knew all along that Vedral was better in practice so he faked his injury to ensure a team win? Come on people! We are a growing 4-8 team. Trust the coaches, enjoy the drama, and just support your team! AM is better, and if he has to go in...root for Vedral.
  11. 08/31 - South Alabama W (1-0) 09/07 - @ Colorado L (1-1) 09/14 - Northern Illinois W (2-1) 09/21 - @ Illinois W (3-1) 09/28 - Ohio State L (3-2) 10/05 - Northwestern W (4-2) 10/12 - @ Minnesota W (5-2) 10/26 - Indiana W (6-2) 11/02 - @ Purdue W (7-2) 11/16 - Wisconsin L (7-3) 11/23 - @ Maryland L (7-4)* This has trap game written all over it. 11/29 - Iowa W (8-4) Finish the West in a 3 way tie for first that Wiscy wins on tie-breakers.
  12. I think there is a happy middle ground that Nebraska existed in when we were at our best. Hold yourself to higher standards, but at the same time always be on the look out for areas where the rules can be ethically pushed/stretched. It’s a fine line, but with strong leadership, and a healthy vision for the administration, team, & fan base it can happen.
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