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  1. It is not hyperbole to say Trump is now akin to Bashar Al-Assad. He gassed his own people. For a photo op.
  2. You can go down some weird rabbitholes on Twitter, man. Somebody got Trump's old campaign manager and actual dirtbag Corey Lewandowski into doing this.
  3. Uhh, Trump is currently pouring kerosene all over this. Hearkens back to his campaign rhetoric from 2016. Everyone knows he's a fake tough guy, but people are going to hear these words and it's going to have real-world effects that are bad.
  4. Now he's talking about trying to criminalize burning the flag. Which is constitutionally-protected free speech and solves a problem absolutely no one is having. This dude's completely losing his mind. I thought she was a dark horse at first but given the recent events I've been wondering this too. It would make too much sense.
  5. Meanwhile... This man has no idea what he's doing. He's flailing right now and trying to not look weak. But it just comes off as incoherent and unhinged. HE appears to recognize this is bad for him but he has no solutions. He has no answers. So he just unloads on others and tries to pretend it's not his problem. This is who he is. It's who he's always been. He's an empty suit. What a loser.
  6. Trump is chaos personified. It's hard to run on order when you're that guy (also when you're hiding in a bunker). If anything Biden is the order candidate.
  7. Trump can't work with those mayors, because he'd rather call them out on Twitter than help them. Because he's a clown.
  8. The president has ceded leadership and Biden is filling the void. I keep hearing how this stuff is good for Trump but I'm not so sure, man.
  9. This guy compiled a HUGE list (WAY more than 10 - I think it's in the 90s now) of suspect behavior from police. Interesting to peruse if you've got the time. They range the gamut from "I don't think that's really what that shows" to straight-up police brutality and unnecessary escalation. Enhance stated this well - there's right and wrong on both sides going around. But I personally hold the police to a higher standard. I expect a lot of protesters to be knuckleheads: many are extremely emotionally charged right now and of course there's separately people who are just out to break as much s#!t as possible and loot. Our police are human beings too and probably have emotions running high right now too, but they should remain professionalism under pressure or find a new career. A lot of unprofessionalism in this thread.
  10. I appreciate your belligerent perspective In this thread, even if I disagree with you on a lot of your takes. Since the conversation eventually spiraled into what can be done better... I mean, I would hope our police would have the mental fortitude to realize that freaking MSNBC reporters and other media members out reporting on events are not the problem. They’re not looting, they’re not lighting s#!t ablaze or vandalizing it. They’re working for the benefit of the rest of us. If all they’re guilty of is being somewhere an officer doesn’t want them, then firing rubber bullets right at them or throwing them to the ground and macing them is not an appropriate response. Escort them where TF you want them, don’t attack them FFS. It all goes back to the expectation needing to be using the minimum necessary amount of force and prioritizing de-escalation, IMO. Trump’s whole “rough em up and f#&% the media” shtick has not been helpful in this regard.
  11. I thought one of the staffers who helps Joe with snack time put a bell on him. You have no idea how much paperwork it's going to take to get this straightened out.
  12. Good stuff, JJ. Hit the nail on the head here. Being a cop is a tough job. I'm sure they put up with a lot of s#!t on a daily basis. But our society's culture re: police is sick and and to change. It pains me because the vast majority of them like @BIGREDIOWAN do a great job and take care to do things the right way and want to hold their own accountable. But there are still too many Derek Chauvins out there. And I get the sense far too many cops across the nation don't want to see Derek Chauvin face a serious reckoning for his actions because that means dealing with all the other Derek Chauvins out there. Too many don't want things to change because that means change for them too and they could be the next Derek Chauvin. Seeing reports of cops turning off body cams and seriously troubling misconduct from them dealing with the insanity tonight. I get they're out their in the thick of things with a bunch of crazies, but it's horrifying seeing they way some of them are engaging peaceful members of the press and protesters. And of course our crazy a$$ president encourages this sh#t. I'm kind of rambling now so sorry. But the thrust of what I"m trying to say is the deeply entrenched system that dictates interactions between police & the rest of us in society is a sickness that badly needs reform for the benefit of both sides.
  13. Or they're making a reasoned argument you don't like and don't know how to refute so you choose to attack them.
  14. I'm not sure now is the time to get picky with our allies in this fight.
  15. Who are these people who don't enjoy a good tuna fish sandwich? Tuna melts are fantastic!
  16. Oh it's passed but it will get laughed out of any courtroom it ultimately winds up in when they get sued on 1A grounds. In order to actually enforce what this EO indicates Trump wants to do, it would require an act of Congress which quite simply would never pass the House.
  17. During the primary lots of folks talked about the key to winning in 2020. Lots of different strategies abounded: Turn out the base, turn out nonvoters and unlikely voters, appeal to disaffect Republicans. Ultimately the winning strategy is finding a way to do all of the above. But it's a very narrow tightrope to walk. I think Biden is doing a pretty good job so far. Take the situation in Minneapolis right now. Hard to imagine a starker contrast between the two men on this.
  18. IMO she made the right decision at the time. At least as far as this guy is concerned.
  19. Glad you're doing better man. Rest up and keep that recovery going strong! Be well.
  20. Twitter appears to be... actually enforcing it's terms of service on Trump. You have to opt-in to see his tweet now because it glorifies violence. But you can still choose to see it. He's losing his mind about it this morning. This is a stark contrast to Facebook, who wants to cosplay as First Amendment guardian but really just wants to keep making money and letting all garbage fly. You wonder where this goes now that it's set in motion. Feels like a game of chicken now...
  21. s#!t's crazy, man. Haven't been following super closely but so far I've seen they lit an evacuated police station and an Arby's on fire, pulled down a traffic light to vandalize it and I've heard unconfirmed reports of people being arming themselves. Can't say I'm terribly surprised people have once again finally lost their cool after the umpteenth this happens to someone with no justice. Thank goodness we have this guy to douse everything in gasoline! This guy gets it.
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