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  1. LMAO. Not a lick of self-awareness in this one.
  2. This Syria pullout is the first instance of Trump's foreign policy dumpster fire that's really caught hold with the general public. A shame thousands of our allies had to get slaughtered for the country to notice how much of a compromised boob the president is.
  3. Probably the same reason Blitz doesn't trust Warren one iota. Some people just don't like specific candidates all that much. Or they like them personally but don't want them running the country.
  4. Right? It has long bothered me to no end how arrogant these corrupt criminals are in thinking that because they are famous and close to the administration that somehow the law doesn't affect them. Toss even one of them in the clink and the rest of the rats will panic - and hopefully scurry to comply with the law again.
  5. I don't particularly care if there is a lot of overlap; if this is generally where most candidates wind up I think we're in good shape.
  6. Finally a reason to feel good about Biden. This appears to be a direct shot at Trump. Not sure how anyone would criticize him on this plan because it sounds universally popular.
  7. Oops. Parody really is indistinguishable from real life at this point.
  8. LMAO yeah the Kurds betrayed us. OK. It's a minor quibble but I'm getting really tired of the idiotic way this guy phrases things. "They greatest sanctions the world has EVER seen." WTF.
  9. https://www.vox.com/2016/7/9/12135292/hillary-clinton-public-option-bernie-sanders
  10. I'm just not one to go out of my way to find reasons to really dislike any of the Dem candidates. If they give me reasons that are glaringly obvious, I'll noticed them. Any of the lot are preferable to Trump. They all offer things I like and don't like. Just my two cents, and obviously everyone can do as they like, but Warren is roughly equivalent to Bernie for me. Considering health, I've got to give her a tiny edge. I wish Bernie didn't have these recent heart troubles.
  11. Hillary supported a public option, which is not about profit, because it would be funded by the government. This is just factually incorrect.
  12. 100% my thought as well. Protection is very lucrative, for the mob.
  13. 110% sure this was teh same lady that said we're headed for a civil war... and then introduced the brilliant Steve Bannon.
  14. Couldn't have said it better. I get the impulse to "fight," because anymore in politics it seems like that's what everyone wants - a fighter. But progressives cannot do it on their own. They've got to build coalitions and win people over instead of disparaging allies.
  15. It's fine if you disagree. We'll just have to agree to disagree. What makes you think Bloomberg wouldn't accrue 1% of the vote? Perot pulled nearly 19% in '92 and Nader almost 3% in 2000. Both show what a viable third party option can do and how they can swing an election, even if they can't win. And besides, he was only planning to hop in during a general where he perceived the only two options to be too extreme, not early on during the primary like Schultz did. I think it's entirely plausible Bloomberg could've tossed an election to Trump and most of us would've hated him for it.
  16. @Apsu We disagree on a lot of fundamental stuff, but I find that's the case with myself and a lot of progressives. I hold a lot of progressive ideals, but I also disagree a lot with the current leftist consensus. I guess I'm kind of a bit of an odd liberal, in a lot of ways. As far as this goes: The bolded is where you lose me. I think you're just completely misguided and overconfident if you think beating Trump simply requires nominating a progressive. TBH I'd disagree that Bernie would easily have beat Trump in 2016, even though it's easy to look back and say anyone would have been better than Clinton. If you recall, Bernie & Trump in the general was rumored to have prompted Bloomberg to jump in as a third-party centrist ala Ross Perot. IMO that situation winds up with no one getting to 270 and the Republican House sure wasn't going to pick Sanders over Trump or Bloomberg. They'd have to pick Trump or their base would've revolted.
  17. I'd love to. I'm not anti-progressive by any means. I share a lot of their beliefs. But like I said, I see a lot more value judgments and criticism flowing from progressives to moderates than vice-versa. It's become a pet hobby of mine to try to argue that there should be room for people to be moderate and center-left within the American left without being called bad people.
  18. Anyone who claims "Oh, maybe Turkey didn't know who they were bombing" when it's very clear we let them know exactly where we were is laughably naive about what's going on in Syria. To the point where it's utterly reasonable to wonder if they're just providing cover for Trump f#cking up very badly in Syria.
  19. You posted a story from a Russian-owned news service's Ukraine branch to support your call to investigate Biden in this very thread.
  20. Alright. I'm gonna drop some thoughts. I fully expect to catch some flak because it's probably going to rustle some jimmies, and I'm fine with that. First, let me spell out some political axioms about which I feel we should all agree. If we can't agree on these, I have a hard time taking you seriously because you seem unreasonable to me. Trump is bad. Voting against Trump, irrespective of candidate, shouldn't be demonized, because again, Trump is bad. Having a reasonable politician with flaws typical of politicians would be better than having Trump. Including Clinton. The two-party system sucks. No one on this board, to my knowledge, has defended it. At the same time, it is the confines within which our politics occur, and it isn't very likely to change any time soon. It's reasonable to be a Democrat and criticize Dems. As well as a Republican and criticize the GOP All those positions are where I start from. You can disagree, and I'm sure some do, but if, for example, you tell me "Trump is actually better because now progressivism is more viable" I'm liable to not take you very seriously. Now, this said, it seems to me progressives calling anyone who is more moderate than them or doesn't spout progressive groupthink wholesale a corporatist, neoliberal shill who loves the status quo and doesn't want to help people is counterproductive. Perhaps people hold those positions because they feel some progressive ideas are inefficient or not backed by evidence or not very feasible within the confines of our sh#tty two-party system. Having these beliefs does not make them corrupt, selfish shills standing in the way of progress. Also, I think the assertion that Democrats hewing moderate or centrist somehow gave us Trump is... weird. Republicans gave us Trump because of the gradually growing extremism of their voting base. There are plenty of reasons he beat Clinton. Very few of them have to do with the Democratic party being too moderate. Not trying to attack anyone in particular. I've just noticed that in most places where politics is discussed anymore it's exceedingly easy to defend progressivism and more moderate liberalism gets sh#t on quite a bit. I'm not sure why that is, because holding more moderate positions does not inherently make one ill-advised or inferior.
  21. This is correct. Turkey knows where they are and they're bombing at us because Trump has proven he's not going to do anything and they want to encourage him to pull out all U.S. forces from the region. As much as some people don't like to play world police, there's a price to be paid if our leadership is MIA. Turkey knows that and they want us out ASAP. They're playing Trump like a damn fiddle because they have financial leverage over him.
  22. No, it's because they resort to them sometimes, because some progressives seem content to demonize Republicans and their moderate allies alike. My experience has been that these progressives seem more interested in criticizing everything and loudly proclaiming how much better and smarter they are than everyone else than getting things done. Which is obviously not productive.
  23. LMAO. "I did those crimes at the direction of the president, you can't charge me!" It's like watching a pile up in slow motion.
  24. The reason you've been accused of having Republican sensitivities is because of things like this. It seems you're willing to bend over backwards to use logic sympathetic to Trump and the GOP, while heavily criticizing the Democratic establishment. I firmly disagree about the Democrats being as pressing a problem as Trump's GOP. I just don't get that logic. The former is clearly the lesser of two evils right now. Not that I'm all that invested in defending the Democratic establishment - but it's clear to me they're at worst generally just incompetent while the GOP is malicious. It's fine to dislike the Dems. They deserve criticism when it's due. I just think we should render the same unto the GOP when it's due as well.
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