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  1. Post fun names you've encountered for these dingleberries! So far, today alone, I've heard: Vanilla ISIS Y'all Queda (from Howdy Arabia, committing Yee-hawd) Gravy Seals Meal Team Six
  2. You don't even need to watch the video. The crazy eyes speak for themselves.
  3. Trump has the whole, entire ability to tell the country why the feds were there and what they were looking for. All on his own. It's not really fair to pin more of this on the government. They did their part and were exceedingly clear. The man himself has the ability to set the record straight, at least until 3 P.M. tomorrow. I'd lay a substantial sum of money down which way this is going to go. And his supporters are going to shovel it down and ask for more.
  4. He's busy cooking up a cockamamie bunch of crap his dumbass supporters will swallow whole. (Just found out I can say dumbass )
  5. This jackhole is just straight up lying here. Good thing his supporters are all studious critical thinkers who know to seek out multiple reliable sources before accepting anything as fact. Coulda been bad if they weren't!
  6. I absolutely think you can, if you exist in the conservative media echochamber. It's just constant conditioning to their worldview. I'd use the word brainwashing, although it's not all that different from any other lifestyle choice people really get into, so that might not be fair. Perhaps cons are just far bigger rubes than many other types of people. I was just complaining to my girlfriend earlier this evening about the pull of this kind of thinking: any time something occurs that jeopardizes their carefully cultivated worldview, they just insert some other insane crackpot conspiracy theory and it's accepted as true without an ounce of critical thought because it's so much easier and less troubling than accepting your entire concept of the world, the heroes and bad guys, right and wrong, etc. is utter bunk. It's a hell of a drug, man. I think of your last paragraph, they would probably say "That makes him smart."
  7. LMAO. The guy running to be the state's top law enforcement official could be charged with a felony. The Michigan GOP also nominated an election denier to be the Secretary of State here and the candidate for Governor was a conservative host on something called "Amercia's Voice Live." They're not sending their best up here in the Great White North.
  8. Biden has been quite good, even underrated, at delivering pretty much what he promised. Someone who could broker deals in a divided Washington for the betterment of the country. He won't get credit for it due to inflation rates and the average voter's penchant for wanting change, but his administration has actually quietly been pretty good within the confines of a stupid system that rewards intransigence. Gotta admit, I'm lowkey kind of amazed Congress was semi-functional with a tied Senate. Bonus points to Biden for being exactly who he said he'd be.
  9. Apropos of nothing, I just realized this fall Marylanders will have a very difficult ballot choice: Moore - Cox
  10. The point isn't about the freedom to do something. It's about them getting to force their way of life on others. Always has been.
  11. I read up on this. Here's him describing it in his book: I'm going to go way out on a limb here and suggest that maybe folks who attempt to IMMOLATE each other should not stay together for the sake of traditional family values.
  12. It's so jarring the way they try to market the man to appeal to their voters juxtaposed with who he actually is. He is not who they pretend he is. He's merely capable of saying the right applause lines and either kissing up or punching down at the right people to play the right role. He is, at heart, still a s#!tty reality TV gameshow host.
  13. We got to watch Trump slap a podium a bunch mad that he was screwing up canned prompter lines. He also couldn't bring himself to admit he lost the day after.
  14. Just like he has no clue how to protect athletes under his leadership! Personally I think he should try whining some more and see how playing the victim works out for him.
  15. Heck of a lot better than that bulls#!t "Be happy about the weather!" clip someone already posted. A good chunk of the country would rather just pretend this isn't a problem at all. Our be like Texas, where they took the "free-market" solution, privatized their grid to get that damn gubmint out of there, and now either ask people to brownout or force them to when the grid inevitably craps out under heavy load. Too bad for those folks not Texas tough enough to make it through the sweltering heat! Of course when appropriate presidents should not try to overstep their bounds. But when half of Congress is rife with deniers who don't even acknowledge the issue, I'd rather have them doing something than no one doing anything.
  16. I don't think it's awkward per se but I think it's incredibly apparent they f#&%ed up and the faction loyal to Trump is either hiding stuff pretty damning for him or more likely covering stuff up that makes the Secret Service itself look bad because, again, they f#&%ed up. Not expecting any accountability on this one. Ethics and rules in government seem pretty optional nowadays.
  17. Interesting. It'll bear watching if this will go any better than the Foxconn deal in Wisconsin. That was a MAJOR feather in the cap of Scott Walker while he was governor... until it turned out Foxconn was basically just shaking the state down for incentives without seriously planning to follow through on their end of the deal.
  18. I assume all the f#&%ing asshats on the front lines of SMEARING A TEN YEAR OLD RAPE VICTIM FOR POLITICAL POINTS will now line up and admit they were wrong.
  19. Honestly just f#&% these a$$h@!es. They spur on the radicalized morons in our society to become even more unhinged. People like this dingbat having a platform at all is bad for our society.
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