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  1. 100%. Lots of heads should roll on the offensive side of the ball if Frost stays. It's kind of a Cally-Cosgrove situation at this point and will be telling of whether he'll succeed here or not. But for this class in particular we should be OK with Stenger type guys since they seem more likely to succeed in spite of the staff and will be less likely to just bail immediately.
  2. Not to be the resident sunshine pumper but some of those guys had no interest in being here and would not be N if we were undefeated right now.
  3. Domino's Pizza CEO says U.S. needs more immigration to address nationwide worker shortages Lack of immigration is hurting the economy. But yeah let's seal up the borders. Feel free to cancel the Domino's guy now. There's any number of s#!tty pizza places to scratch that itch. Unfortunately Papa John's is also out as they've proven themselves a bunch of snowflakes some time ago. What do you specifically think are the failings of the BIden FoPo? Be detailed, I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
  4. NU fan writ large is one miserable sumb!^@h right now, huh?
  5. Also I'd argue flipping Stenger was a good move and the correct thing to do. He's an underrated baller. You want more Garrett Nelsons out there playing their hearts out? Because he'll be one of those guys. Stars be damned. At this juncture this staff needs more lower rated guys who outplay their measurables and are easy to coach because they just ball out on Saturdays because they've proven their incompetence coaching up the opposite type of recruit.
  6. I'm certainly no expert as I don't pay much attention to recruiting these days, but IIRC this class is a bit of an exception because several of the top in-state kids are relatively recent transplants that never had any intention of putting on the scarlet and cream. They're not from here and never wanted to be Huskers. It's not like we just peed them down our leg like another Burrow situation. I don't feel panicked looking forward. We've already got commits from two of the top 4 in-state guys I can find next year in Gottula and Brahmer. We were the first to offer Noonan. We just recently offered Malachi Coleman who is raw but looks to have some crazy physical gifts. Tuioti's kid is also in this class and offered. Beyond that? Idk. In 2024 we've got an offer out to the BelEast QB and his teammate WR Dae'vonn Hall who seems like the other big recruit in that class. So it's not like they're just neglecting in-state kids. This year might just be a blip due to the specific crop of recruits having other interests. But most of this discussing is moot because the single biggest drive of crootin is winning on Saturdays. They gotta do that or this problem never goes away.
  7. Their guy asked them to do this. Many of them didn't understand or care about the consequences and took the advice. You almost feel bad grown adults could be this clueless and gullible. But then you remember his vote(s) affect everyone just like yours.
  8. I like that Trev will be the one supervising Frost's decisions this offseason. He seems like the type of guy to list certain criteria for specific changes and improvements that need made for Frost to remain coach. One of those should absolutely be helping him find a competent OC and OL coach who aren't yes men and complement but challenge his tendencies rather than just reinforce them.
  9. Development is this staff's single, most all-encompassing weakness keeping the program stuck in the mud. People forget sometimes exactly how players were perceived as recruits once they've been here awhile. If you buy crootin' ranks - Smothers, Corcoran, Benhart, Jurgens, Manning and Betts were all guys. Benhart and Smothers were top 200 nationally. Betts and Corcoran were top 100. Manning was the 2nd best JUCO WR. None of these guys lack talent or potential. And yet they've been here years and have all had serious growing pains with varying levels of development. Clearly the staff didn't feel comfortable rolling out Smothers for ONE start. This staff is terrible at developing the talent they do get.
  10. Big Oof. If our politics is rapidly, irreversibly becoming more akin to Reality TV lite, it doesn't behoove anybody to go easy on clowns like Gaetz or Jordan. Might as well remind them they're the circus to their faces.
  11. This team's personnel usage is just... weird. Obviously Frost lies about players being hurt. Whatever we think the motive is, it's hard to tell whether it's a net positive of negative in terms of competitive advantage. 2AM is clearly the unquestioned leader of the entire team. Clearly they thought him rolling out with a bum wheel still gave us the best chance to win. But it's just mind-boggling that in year 4 Frost's system is still so reliant on everything running through the QB1. A competent staff teaching a good system would be able to adapt to their personnel and still be productive with another starter. But this one either can't or won't. Don't get me started on the usage of our RBs and WRs... or TEs for that matter. This staff is not competent in developing and effectively utilizing and maximizing the talent they do get. If Frost stays I'm on Team Replace (Upgrade) All Offensive Assistants.
  12. Not that it's particularly important, but Greenwald is a holier-than-thou bad-faith asshat, and has been for some time now.
  13. Smothers is a bit more like Martinez in that he's always been a legs-first guy who seems to have had trouble developing his arm. Haarberg seems a bit more of a hybrid between those guys and the mould of huge, laser rocket armed QB with a bit more mobility we're moving towards. Probably the best thrower of the bunch from what I've gathered. To Frost's credit, they seem to have identified this offense can't work with run-first QBs who can't throw well. But presumably if either of those guys were better at running the offense than Martinez they'd be out there. They're not ready.
  14. My memory is a bit fuzzy but didn't Martinez overthrow Liewer on a surefire TD?
  15. The couple of times he decided to tuck and run it worked out pretty well. He's just never going to develop into a better passer who can run through multiple reads and deliver accurate dimes to his 3rd or 4th option. It's on Frost and Co to figure out how to make that type of QB succeed this year.
  16. I'm definitely still encouraged by the trendline shifting to bringing in huge, physical receivers and getting away from the undersized jitterbug types. The latter have to be exceptional to succeed in this conference. I think it was Martin who caught a jump ball over a defender in a one-on-one situation yesterday that got some play from the announcers. With that type of receiver and a better passing QB, sometimes that much separation isn't required if they've got the ball skills and physicality to go up and snatch jump balls. That could open up the downfield passing game a lot down the road.
  17. No sugarcoating it. We still suck. Still the same stupid mistakes being made in year four beating ourselves. It's mind boggling this staff still can't iron those out. Frustrating as hell. So as long as we all agree we're gonna have to fight and scrape to get to .500 now... what encouraged you yesterday? I've got a few: They incorporated a little triple option it looked like. That was cool. Ervin looked good. The OL was inconsistent to my eyes but I can see why he is getting the hype he is. He seemed like the most complete back we saw. As a true freshman that is pretty encouraging. Some of the passing schemes they ran got guys open and running free. With a QB that is a more gifted passer this offense could be a lot more dynamic and attack all levels of the field which should help open up the running game. Martinez still has wheels. It's on Frost and Lubick to scheme an offense that can be effective around that because he's never going to be a consistently good passer. Saw a lot more pressure from the defense. Loved to see the ability to get after the QB again. Garrett Nelson is a monster and we need more dudes like him. What do you think?
  18. Use your eyeholes, man. Tell me Moore didn't strike out at least twice here: No Moore on base, no big inning, dollars to donuts.
  19. This is one of the few times griping about officiating is warranted. Those calls directly pushed the game in favor of Arky. It's a damn shame after the season this crew had some jag behind home plate can unilaterally decide they needed to lose. Heard on 1620 this morning that ump is from 45 min outside Fayetteville, too. Straight garbage.
  20. Oh for sure. No argument about the future of the program. If we can keep Bolt around Husker baseball has the sky as the limit. I just feel bad for this team. They got a raw deal in so many ways by so many different forces out of their control and they just said f#&% it and went down fighting their hearts out.
  21. Team Robot Umps for sure. This crap has gotta go.
  22. Shrinking the zone in the 8th is a neat trick. Love this team. They got hosed. And they still hung in like champs. They deserved better. But they never backed down and they're all heart. GBR!
  23. I'm pretty sure Cam Chick welcomes the choice of a true freshman who is reliant on their fastball... Took a peek last night and they had a couple lefties with 4+ ERAs but each had at least a dozen starts. Thought they'd roll with one of them.
  24. Alright y'all, as promised, in the garage to stay dry. Made my choice based on what we gotta do to their mouth tonight. GBFR!
  25. The shirt I wore yesterday for both games isn't getting touched. If my girlfriend washes it before I get home I'll leave her. And if I have to go out in the rain to smoke my victory cigar I'll do it. Got to keep the good juju alive. GBFR!
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