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  1. Mr. Bateman got taken out like, well, Mr. Bateman taking out a ball carrier by the second dose of his shot today. Worst pain I've been in in a while. Anyone else?

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Which brand of vaccine did you get?

    2. Decoy73


      It could mean your getting a good immune response.  Did you do pushups, dips, arm rolls, etc afterwards?  Won't prevent the pain, but can help.  Too late now, I guess.  My number 2 is tomorrow.  Pain was there on the first one, but not until the second day and not too bad.

  2. I just realized this but Duval deserves some kudos. Doesn't seem like we have players missing games with derpy soft-tissue injuries as much anymore and a lot of the players actually look halfway physically imposing compared to other Big Ten teams, as if they've reincorporated f#&%ing SQUATS back into the strength program. Crazy stuff.
  3. When it comes to this subject it seems like people decide the end result they'd prefer and kind of reverse engineer an argument that supports it. One person, one vote to win any union makes sense, be it a state or a nation. I still think if you dropped an alien into our country and tried to explain to them how we run our elections and why, it wouldn't make a lick of sense. Or at best would come off as needlessly convoluted.
  4. Totally, utterly shocked to see Lindsey already asking Biden to take responsibility for Trump's bulls#!t.
  5. I do think some of the decisions being made on defensive playcalling, when to bring pressure, etc. boil down to talent. Riley just left the cupboard bare in too many spots. Perhaps we just don't have the dogs at OLB or in the secondary to bring the heat like he'd like? We are still pitifully low in sacks despite other improvements and I know OLB has been a sore spot in recent recruiting classes. Hopefully this kid from Hawaii actually gets here and can help. I do think given his druthers and the right pieces on defense he'd like to be more aggressive.
  6. I've thought some about this the last couple days and despite all the crap we've given him, Chins has steadily improved the D year over year. They're no longer the reason we're not competing like we should. The special teams is atrocious and Scott's offense is stuck in the mud. It's funny to me how the one guy we were so sure didn't deserve to be here has steadily improved his side of the ball towards respectability. If we continue trending like we've been could a top 30 unit be out of the question next year? It would be a huge boon if we got Stille back for another year.
  7. This is silly. They both ran their elections lashing themselves as tightly to Trump as they could muster. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Perdue pretending he couldn't pronounce the new vice president's name. Nothing irks me quite like reveling in bald-faced racism. I just can't believe they pulled it off. I'm normally very into politics but I've disregarded a lot since November, completely ignored the polls here and assumed the R's would win. Wow. What a crucial W in terms of the start of the Biden administration.
  8. Honestly f*ck anybody who reached their line in the sand in the past couple days. Either you weren't paying attention at all or it's all about saving face. Gotta be at least 95% grifters in self-preservation mode now that the joyride is over.
  9. Not sure about the chances but you definitely don''t go around talking about self-pardons because you're *not* concerned about criminal liability. And I will say after yesterday, if any group - mob or otherwise - tries to take matters into their own hands like vigilantes to screw with the legal process, law enforcement has to clamp down HARD. No more of the pu&&yfooting around and letting the good, god-fearing Trumpers do whatever they want cuz 'Merica. That's another bridge we don't wanna cross.
  10. It's been so long since I've felt unbridled joy as a Mets fan. Uncle Steve rocks! What a great trade. Gimenez appears to be legit and maybe Rosario just needed a scenery change. The prospects are utterly meh. What a crazy haul in return. We haven't had a position player this good since the Wright/Reyes days back when I was a wee lad. But honestly pairing a nucleus of superstars like those with some high-priced free agents might be how this new squad gets constructed, too. Springer next?
  11. Wayne County Republicans being some serious dips#!ts up here tonight
  12. This is all true. I'd still rather have a mandate not getting enforced than no mandate. Strong leadership setting an example is better than some lame drivel about not infringing on personal freedoms. Of course we probably wind up with what we're seeing in MN or Omaha anyway but if a mandate gets even a few more people's heads out of the sand it would still be beneficial.
  13. I just scanned Trump's Twitter. I only made it through the last couple hours. Holy s#!t.
  14. Progressive ideas are no doubt popular. Progressive politicians are all too often easily caricatured and demonized. It's a stupid contradiction.
  15. In large part most people just tuned out the VOTER FRAUD stuff after Trump's sham frauds commission found bupkis and fell apart. They're only touting it again cuz their guy lost.
  16. Yeah me too I'm in favor of doing popular stuff people want, however we can do it. If this stuff gets done through legislation it's bound to be more durable. But it can't happen unless the Turtle capitulates or gets his power taken away. Passing bills that put the ball in his court and doing some stuff via EO can help produce one of those two outcomes. And if they try to do stuff popular stuff people like that would help the economy, and the Turtle blocks it, and voters reward the GOP... well hell, I don't know what to do with America at that point.
  17. Also dammit this is awesome. Man is it ever refreshing.
  18. Getting it started right. This should've been done long ago. Finally we have a leader taking this seriously so we can get back to normal.
  19. I think it's hilarious this is supposed to scare or unsettle us. Big time "threatening us with a good time" energy. I suppose it's Russia or some other adversary working overdrive trying to sow discord. Maybe it works on disappointed on angry Trump supporters, idk. Not sure why the rest of us would care.
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