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  1. Watched the first half again. If Vedral doesn't bounce the ball off his knee, does this game take an entirely different trajectory? It could so easily have been 31-9 or even 35-9 at halftime.


    What is it about one stupid thing triggering an avalanche of negative momentum that buries us in the end?




    1. 4skers89


      We're not good enough to recover from turnovers, penalties or even shanked punts.  Given our weak run game, a single dropped pass seems to kill drives.  Combine that with a porous defense, our margin for error is quite narrow.  I think the staff is pushing the team to reduce penalties and turnovers because of this narrow margin.  Hopefully this becomes habit so if they can get better on offense and defense in a few years, they'll be hard to beat.

    2. CheeseHusker


      It feels like watching a golfer who plays 14-15 great holes and then makes a quadruple bogey that ruins everything.


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