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  1. Well of course we are. Just ask us!
  2. I think they want him fired because he's lost twice to Illinois. I'm still on the fence though.
  3. Amazing, a week ago we thought the sellout stuff was behind us. Only took one massive bedwetting to bring it back. We all stick together in all kinds of weather..... but..... it's been raining for 20 years.
  4. Is he serious or is he patronizing? That was arguably AM's worst game of the year. I don't like Fleck either, but I admire the way that he can do more with less. We could use a bit of that.
  5. Haven't we figured out by now that there's never a guaranteed easy win in this conference for this team? Well, maybe Rutgers.
  6. I just don't think this style of offense will work in the B1G. Execution aside.... and it's terrible.... I kept getting the feeling during the game this week that we were moving the ball too quickly. When you are dealing with an opponent who keeps putting 7 and 8 minute drives together, it just doesn't seem smart to go up tempo. We'd finally force a FG or a punt and we'd only run 4-5 plays on the next drive - even the successful drives were the result of one or two chunk plays that moved us into the red zone quickly. Perhaps the coaches would say "well we are most comfortable being up tempo" - but I think to stick to a philosophy stubbornly you need to be able to impose your will onto the game, and we so rarely do that.
  7. I love that era so, so much. I miss it. It's my childhood.
  8. Maybe we oughta take those off the jerseys for awhile.
  9. I don't even care at this point, but if you're gonna drop the bomb, then make sure you find someone better and have them lined up. I don't want another Riley.
  10. I suspect Trev's making a pros and cons list as we speak. I also wonder if outside influences may force his hand eventually - they propped up the sellout streak once; how many times can you keep doing it? Is it worth all the transfers that will probably happen? Is it worth wasting a recruiting class (posters on another forum seem to think it's a bad one anyway)? This is a tough one, because we all wanted this to work. We wanted it to work badly, and we sure thought it would. I guess I'll just have to sit back and watch.
  11. You can't keep doing exactly what you are doing now. You have to change something. I don't know if that means Frost, or if it means no Frost. I feel like it's turning into that situation we always end up in every few years where we begin to argue if it's the head coach that needs replacing, or a couple of assistant coaches, and whether or not the head coach will show blind loyalty to problematic staff. Program is at (another) crossroads, and needs some serious introspection. Again.
  12. I don't envy Alberts right now, I'll tell you that.
  13. Maybe actually win a game against the guy before starting threads like this. Same thing with all the Twitter stuff this week. It was turning into a reverse Chuck Norris thing, and it was fun.... but.... beat the MFer, or you kinda look stupid. We can't beat the guy.
  14. This is a losing program with a losing culture.
  15. Harsh, but kinda tough to argue with
  16. Nobody to blame but ourselves. Our O-line is bad. Our special teams is bad. Our quarterback is bad. And our head coach is bad.
  17. I think the most Frostian thing to happen here would be to successfully recover the onside kick and then fumble the next play.
  18. Funny how easy the TD comes when it's too little too late.
  19. Yay, let's score so we can lose by one possession.
  20. What a difference a week makes. Suddenly nothing that happened before today seems to mean anything at all.
  21. I just.... I can't believe a player with that much experience would make such a profoundly stupid decision in that situation. I've gone on a lot in the post mortem threads about his game management..... well..... it doesn't get much worse.
  22. That is one of the single most idiotic pieces of quarterback play I have ever witnessed.
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