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  2. Thank you Jacksonville Jaguars for trading up to take Blaine Gabbert so he didn't fall to the Vikings : )

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    2. Pedro Guerrero

      Pedro Guerrero

      He’s no Christian Ponder that’s for sure.

    3. Marf


      Gabbert will be the best QB in this draft. Not saying much, but he will put together a good career.

    4. fearandloathing


      Uh...last I checked, the Jaguars had a serviceable vet at the QB position. Their defense last year was the only thing that held them back. Probably the worst pick I've seen in some time.

  3. we.are.husker.nation

    What I'm most looking forward to on Friday

    Colorado needed a new mascot and Mangino needed a new job....a match made in heaven I can't wait to see this new CU tradion on friday Sorry, I had a little fun with photoshop and thought you guys would get a kick out of it
  4. we.are.husker.nation

    WR Bobby Swigert

    I must say, Red just may be his color I'm glad we made a good impression on him
  5. we.are.husker.nation

    WR DeAndrew White

    Well Crap.
  6. we.are.husker.nation

    OT Kody Innes

    Glad to see us listed ...and plus, these all seem like beatable teams on the recruiting front
  7. we.are.husker.nation

    WR Bobby Swigert

    I hope we can get this kid, I really like him a lot, seems like a great get from a football and personal perspective. Also, Thanks for the insight basselope
  8. we.are.husker.nation

    CB B.J. Christmas

    I heard they were 2nd cousins but not from a very reliable source.
  9. we.are.husker.nation

    FAU burns a Big Red "N"

    I think the pep rally is cool A way to get fans together and maybe aquire new fans in the proccess. I would of loved to watch Bevo burn!!
  10. we.are.husker.nation

    Chi Town watch site review, Kirkwoods

    I'm not a fan either. Covercharge, and just a very bland atmosphere. I go to The Bird's Nest...it's about 1 block north of Southport and Fullerton. The waitstaff isn't terribly friendly but it seems the crowd is friendlier and the food/drink reasonably prices. No pretensions either. Btw...am I the only one that is surprised there aren't more Husker bars in Chicago? I know there are quite a few Nebraskans in the city...you would think there would be at least a few more places to go. Does anyone know if any of these places may have the Florida International game because its not nationally televised?!?!? Thanks in advance.
  11. we.are.husker.nation


    I'm in no way blaming the coaches, and whatever happened is definitly Q's fault, but I would love to still have him around. He had a great game in the gator bowl and I believe he was going to have a great year as our number 2. Helu and Castille were the perfect combo imo. Helu talked Q up a lot in camp a lot. So this sucks, but that just means its time to step it Burkhead and others.
  12. we.are.husker.nation

    SIGNED DE Donovan Vestal

    Welcome Donovan, you are a welcome addition!!!
  13. we.are.husker.nation

    SIGNED S/LB Harvey Jackson

    C'mon Harvey!!
  14. we.are.husker.nation


    "Minus Castille, Pelini said true freshman Rex Burkhead has emerged as the backup for starter Roy Helu." http://www.journalstar.com/news/opinion/bl...1cc4c03286.html