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  1. I think it had something to do with three of the four kids from California that are all coming for a visit together.
  2. Should be a great weekend to be in Lincoln. Lets hope gameday atmosphere makes an impression on him and we push hard. at 6'2" 190 and wheels this kid could play anything from WR to safety to corner to LB to whatever he wants, probably. I am hoping our current commit coming this weekend, and hopefully soon commit will be in his ear!
  3. I have heard from several places that It was Nebraska who cooled on Sloan, not the other way around. If that is the case, then I assume there must be more promising targets who either have more potential, or less grade issues, or whatever. Here are the other CBs that show interest on Rivals. Derron Smith - 3Star, Offers from Nevada, UNLV, etc... OFFICIAL VISIT 9/11 Khiry McCay - 3Star, only offer is Duke Ciante Evans - 3Star, offers from most B12 North Schools...Official set to Utah Tony Hurd Jr. - 3 Star, offers from everywhere around the nation Adam Dixon - 2 star, no offers Jonathan Mack - 2 stars, offers from Nebraska, Iowa State, UNLV Joshua Mitchel - 2 stars, offers from Nebraska, Colorado State, Nevada... OFFICIAL - 11/6 That about sums it up...there are a few others, but If it was was Nebraska that cooled on Sloan I wonder if they are planning on replacing him with one of these guys. If not, then I hope we did not cool on him, but rather he changed his mind as any one has the right to do. Hard to know who will end up in our class. Oh yeah, 17-18 recruits may be a small class, but it isn't microscopic. 17-18 still gives us quite a bit of room to sign a variety of players. That isn't a good excuse anymore for going cold on recruits.
  4. I remember when the season ended last year.... I thought this week would never come! now all I want to see is a dominate secondary and a few plays over 25 yards and I will feel very confident about the season! Finally it is football time again
  5. lets hope he still gives us an official visit. maybe there is still a chance.
  6. hard to think a small recruiting class is the reason we might have stayed out of touch with this guy. it will be small, but not so microscopic that we start ignoring commits when there aren't any rumblings of anyone else. But last year I remember when Earnest Norman found out he wasn't going to qualify and I thought it was bad news...now we have Eric Martin, who is doing pretty well by most reports and no one knew his name until December or so last year.
  7. I am hoping this guy will commit here. He has to be one of the top guys on the board. Everything I have ever read about him is positive and I hope he commits during his visit or before.
  8. This conversation will be much more relevant come February, but I think people are lying if they won't at least recognize that we are having to work harder to get commits from kids than OK state seems to have to do. I think people are kidding themselves if they think this is completely unreflective of program perception and recruiting strategies. OK state's recruiting class seems to be very similar to our class last year, but they don't seem to have to work as hard to get commits. Everyone says that that is no big deal, since some of them might not end up there, but I am pretty sure we have one soft commit right now and have already lost a commit to another school. how many have reneged on OK state so far this year?
  9. So has it been confirmed that Terry has decommitted then? the last few posts are making it sound that way.
  10. any idea of when to expect these commits?
  11. Rivals said this guy picked up a USC offer... and he may end up at baylor...shows that baylor is not what I remember them being.
  12. Gotta Go with Jared Crick... Steinkuhler's playmaking allowed Suh to be dominate last year. A good Crick will allow Suh to be even more imposing this year.
  13. anyone know when he is visiting?
  14. Dream team already not signed...I definitely wanted all of the guys we have...sloan surprised me, but happy to have him come...the other three were all on wish lists. Justin McCay - to bad we are no longer on his schools of interest... Jatushan Beachum Curtis Carter QB - AJ Derby RB - Deontae Cooper Giovanni Bernard WR - Marcus Lucas OL - Dillon Bonnel DL - JR Ferguson - we got a great DE out of Maryland last year... Ronald Powell Jordan Allen - seems lsuch a big strong solid prospect Torrea Peterson But what do I know? Not much...Everyone else that has been mentioned in this thread would also be awesome.
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