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  1. Anyone else find it interesting in the halftime talk with both coaches they knew what happened in the first half on both sides of the ball. Frosts responses thru the season, "I don't know what happened I'll have to watch the tape". This is the difference between a coach who is engaged fully in the whole team compared to Frost who is paying attention to his offense, and letting his defensive coaches pay attention to the D. Head coaches are responsible for all aspects of the game
  2. Lol and he smacks the field in a childish tantrum. f#&%ing worthless
  3. Adrian Martinez is a worthless c***, jesus christ use your eyes you pathetic excuse for a qb
  4. Lol our identity is more bipolar than a mental patient
  5. Frosts playcalling is the epitome of stupid
  6. Lol comical, too bad our offense is a f#&%ing joke
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