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  1. N! https://twitter.com/AjRollins__/status/1299436639568244741?s=20
  2. 1,517 miles 22 hours, 29 min drive
  3. I have viewed Wisconsin as our most important game every year since joining the Big Ten. I care way more about them than Iowa - and so do college football viewers (look at the ratings). Regardless, true rivalries are built over time - all of this talk is meaningless. Future games and standings will determine who our rival is - right now we don’t have one.
  4. You can do it for $1,465 with their pick-3 plan. Then just try to sell off the 5 for the other two games.
  5. Looks like you can avoid the $200 ralphie donation if you buy tickets via CU's 3-Game Mini Plan - I wish I would have done this... Under this plan, they're charging a fixed $190 per ticket for our game + minimum $40 for all others at Folsum (including USC and Stanford games). Could probably sell off two other games for half the price and save some cash on going to our game. Could still look into season tickets too, but I'm not seeing a lot of details on the website - would think you might be able to snag two endzone seats near the student section for $600 total for the year.
  6. https://twitter.com/jo_moore23/status/1077016778088300545?s=21
  7. Any update? Thought he was supposed to commit at 10 a.m. CT.
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