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  1. That’s assuming Mickey is staying…
  2. Those 90s teams had lots of blue chip recruits too though - Frazier, Green, Wistrom… Let’s not forget we had classes ranked as high as 5th and 6th (Allen Wallace’s rankings) in the nation in the mid-90s.
  3. If we don’t get Urban, Kiffin, Whittingham, Petersen or some other big name coach out of left field, I don’t really care at this point.
  4. aTm had the #1 ranked recruiting class in the country last year. They are top 15 this year and will probably finish higher. With the talent they are pulling in, I’d be shocked if they finished outside of the top 10 in the next 2 years.
  5. Us fans that remember the blue blood days are getting real sick of our support being taken advantage of by our athletic administrations too. If the commitment isn’t there from our decision makers, why should it be there from us. I for one am not aboard the train that’s ok with settling with finishing in the middle of the big ten every year
  6. And that’s exactly why we’ve slipped into irrelevancy in the last 20 years. Too many key decision makers have the wrong mentality. Bama, Clemson and Ohio state aren’t regretting sparing no expense for their staffs… we can empty the check book for 8-9-figure facilities every 5-10 years, but we aren’t willing to for our coaching staffs - which is probably the most important expense in the program.
  7. If that’s the case, we’re skimping on the check.
  8. Yikes… Not a good look behind the curtain of our athletic department. I can’t see why an admin would think its ok to divulge the Manning and Yant stuff to media - even behind a closed door.
  9. Middle of the big ten west here we come!
  10. Honestly we’re bracing for another bad hire and drifting further into irrelevancy…
  11. You’re right. At some we’re enabling the behavior. The sellout streak is meaningless if we’re a mid-tier program or less…
  12. Yeah because Frazier, LP, Green, Peters bros, Wistrom, etc weren’t blue chip recruits…
  13. If the comments that Stai said we’re not even considering Urban are true - I know everything I need to about this admin’s commitment to winning. How on earth can you not even consider a coach that’s won NCs at two different universities?! Expect another underwhelming hire and expect more Nebraska fans to find others things to do on their Saturdays. Either act like a blue blood or concede that status. I can’t imagine half our fan base will be willing to put up with aspirations to plateau as a mid-tier program.
  14. N! https://twitter.com/AjRollins__/status/1299436639568244741?s=20
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