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  1. I'm officially done watching the NFL. Just not worth it.

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    2. mrandyk


      I stopped watching the NFL because the over saturation just made me sick. It just doesn't end. Every day of the year I have to hear about it. Now it's time for 5 months of draft speculation.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I thought it was a good game, as superbowls go. A defensive struggle for sure but at least both teams were in it until the end. Of course I am a Broncos fan so.....

    4. GSG


      I will say this: I despise the donkeys. Always have. But I'm less pissed about them winning as I am pissed that the media is just going to fawn all over Peyton when they probably would have still won without him. The defense was that legit good.

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