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  1. Maybe BYU is a little dirty. Anyone see their one player punch that Boise State player in the no-no zone?

    1. suh_fan93


      I swear I got a cold shiver up my spine while that game was going on. Pretty sure it was because of that play.

  2. I thought our coaches said our secondary was the strength of our defense this spring?
  3. Newby is having a great day. Think we see Wilbon soon?

  4. Anyone else think this QB looks a little bit like Sam Bradford with his helmet on? Doesn't play him - just looks like him.
  5. Dedrick Young and Josh Banderas are not playing tonight. What is happening?!

  6. That makes sense. When did we offer Gregory?
  7. I'm really nervous about DE next year. We lose Gangwish, and it sounds like Neal, Davis and Stille will need sometime to develop. Anyways, I'm really curious as to why we haven't gone after any JUCO DEs. This seems like one particular case where that'd be a good route to go. Does Riley tend to stay away from JUCO guys?
  8. Our depth is scary thin at DE and TE...
  9. I think we are really shallow at DE. They were almost nonexistent yesterday.
  10. It's a game of seconds and inches. On our last drive, we attempted a field goal with 3 or 4 seconds left on the play clock. If we let it tick down to :01, call a timeout and then kick the field goal, we win today.

    1. Moiraine


      Yes, it is. But those 3-4 seconds would have changed BYU's final drive. They may not have attempted their 2nd to last play (the incomplete pass) and then the outcome doesn't change at all.

    2. NUance


      Or if we could just make a field goal. :shrug:

  11. Apparently OU tried to get in the Big Ten in 2010. Wonder if they'd still be interested... http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/outkick-the-coverage/oklahoma-nebraska-texas-a-m-kansas-and-iowa-state-sought-to-join-big-ten-in-2010-072615
  12. Anyone else getting a little nervous about our lack of DEs in this year's class?
  13. Does anyone know if these are alternates or modifications to our main uniforms?
  14. Gotta say, it's pretty awesome to see how Blackhawks fans react to the song "Chelsea Dagger". We should have a song like this we play every time we win!

    1. Enhance


      I was in at bar in Chicago during their 2013 Stanley Cup run with a few hundred other Hawks fans. The place just erupted into choruses of this after every goal. It's a very catchy tune.

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