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  1. the Red Zone advertises a Blackshirt with his number. If you want his name you'll have to wait til he graduates, NCAA rules.
  2. NEBRASKA! I guess Bo & Co. must have stopped by and said something, cause Chase Rome is N! Thats to major Missouri talents heading to Nebraska. Now hopefully he'll stay commited. Question now is who's next?
  3. Flapped my arms like angel wings. It works I swear, last year for the 57 yard field goal. Also, I guess if u face elephant statues backwards to a door (thats their butt facing the door), it brings good luck. The elephant thing worked for Clemson and this, but it only works when my sister arranges them.
  4. Mr. Suh lose in Mizzou! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. How bout this? "Mizzouri Your Short Term Succcess Has Now Entered the Black Abyss!" then we could have a tiger getting sucked up by this black hole looking thing with the skull and cross bones above it. or "Meet the Gate Keeper" the have a pic of Suh standing infront of a a gate that reads "Prestige". just throwing ideas
  6. Johnny Carson was when he was alive, he donated a bunch to our arts programs
  7. Im assuming u mean 1986 on right? Yes 1988 we only won by 4, 1991 we only beat OU by 5, 1994 was closer than CU, infact it was one of our closet games of the season (wyoming, miami, and Ksu were the others), 2000 we started with a 14-0 lead but then blew it, 05 we lost by 7, 06 we had a huge defesive battle in the Big 12 championship, but after that they just to good for us. But if your not Then Johnny Rodgers punt return TD in the Game of the century, or even just the GAme of the Century 1978 osborne beats Ou for first time as HC and inspired for title hopes (only to get crushed by
  8. First off i didn't see anyone bring up them being our rival, so I don't know how the conversation came to this, i said they see us a rival but i did not say we felt the same. Anyway They are a rival of ours just as missouri, Kansas State, and even kansas our considered our rivals. Much like these other teams they are a minor or mid-major rival, whatever you want to call it. Oklahoma is our only game that has really had tradition and a sense of equality between games (most seasons exclude half the 90's and half the 00's). The truth is Nebraska has a 76 winning % agianst CU and similar %s agian
  9. Heres my story I live in Colorado and a few years ago I went to that OU-CU game (were OU was upset), because my friend and his family are major OU fans (which is kind of ironic), and they were just absolutely awfull to us. Of course I was wearing Husker gear and everywere I went they just were real dipp Sh*ts. At Arbys they pretty much threw my burger at me, during the game in the OU section I was getting yelled at by some middle aged couple, and at the end of the game we accedently went through the dorm areas and they were trying to pic fights with us and were screaming obscenities left a
  10. I want to see us play Penn State every year!!! Just think their perfect for us 1. The tradition between our programs... JoePa v Osborne, 5 NCs to 3, the red sea v the whiteouts in happyvalley 2.The importance/Bitterness/Tradition of past games and seasons... the old Kick-Off Classics, the 1982 bogus inbounds catch call that ruined NU's title hopes and the 1994 season were NU was chosen over Penn State for NC while both finish undefeated. 3. no definitive mutual rivalry for either team, (Im scared to think that Texas may have filled our shoes with the help of the Big 12 and our dropoff aft
  11. You must be tough. How do they treat you? Not to bad Actually, First of all I live about an hour and a half to two hours away from Boulder, so their fanbase doesn't have as big of a following here. The State of Colorado is more Bronco Country than anything, but after that its the Avs, Nuggets, then Rockies. CU is about 5th or not at all on most peoples priority. But usually the few CU I do see aren't to bad, th older fan (although they somewhat a resentment to nebraska) they are pretty respectfull. Now of course you get a few Dumb A$$es from time to time who are completely inknowledgable
  12. COLORADANS 4 NEBRASKA is in the house
  13. Sounds like Gabbert is gonna do some recruiting of his own! In one of the rivals articles he said the first thing hes gonna do is call Keeston Terry, to help with a tag team effort to pull in some more talent (hopefully Marcus Lucas). Now Im assuming his main focus will be out of Mizzouri, but who knows maybe he influence some other guys' decisions. Whatever the case it looks like Nebraska is up for a pretty good class, unless some Decommiting Masacre happens.
  14. OKLAHOMA!!!!!!! As unrealistic as it seems, it still is the victory I crave the most. Ever since Crouch left we have been repeatedly beaten by these guys (usually by an overwelming amount) and I am just sick of it! Lets Restore Justice to the meaning of Nebraska vs. Oklahoma
  15. Wow not one person showing some love to Blake Lawrence! My first pick would have been "The Prince of the Backfield", credit me for this nickname and by all means start spreading it, but since noone has picked Blake Im gonna go with him. The kid showed a lot of promise at the end of last season, especially at the Gator Bowl with 4 tackles and that very helpfull INT, and since the losses of Glenn and Wortman he will see great time probably at the Sam spot. On O, despite the DUI fiasco, Im going with Niles Paul to be our break out player considering he had a great summer (until the DUI) and d
  16. Nope he's now committed to OU, hes cancelled all his visits
  17. I think Keeston Terry, also big time WR from Missouri, is comming
  18. this is y (sorry if this seems its a bit on the attack but I was writing to CU fans and just pasted everything on this board, I only changed a tad of the wording) CU vs. Nebraska is a rivalry (just not a very significent one, at least to us), just like Oklahoma vs OSU is a rivalry, or Michigan vs MSU, or Georgia vs GT, or CU vs CSU, or Teas vs TAMU, or KSU vs Nebraska, or KSU vs Kansas, or Florida vs FSU, and many more. The fact of matter is that these games all are rivalry games, just not major ones. This is because one sides sees this game as the top of their list every year and the oth
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