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  1. He's the top rated senior in Minnesota this year by 24/7, right? I'm exciting about adding him to our class!
  2. We should have hired Alvarez as TO's replacement. If we did, we likely would have won another title.
  3. This seems like a slap-in-the-face to a significant number of Husker fans. We have a 30+ year history of Black Friday games, and now we're losing that special tradition.
  4. Ahman Green is a steal for $2. I picked: Gill Green Fryar 97 Devaney
  5. BREAKING: WR Antonio Callaway among 7 Florida players suspended for season opener vs. Michigan (by @Andy_Staples): https://t.co/pH28ZJt7lA https://t.co/OzGTQpWGG3

    1. Redux
    2. teachercd


      How many are starters? Anyone know?


    3. Mavric


      Supposedly Callaway is the only starter.

  6. Before everyone gets too crazy, just remember that Bookie still will likely take an official visit here. If he really is leaning to Florida right now, we can still pull him back. Cam Brown decommitted, and we pulled him back. Recruiting is a long battle, and this one evidently far from over. He hasn't been here in a few months, so maybe just getting him on campus again can re-solidify things for us. There are a couple of factors that still play to our advantage moving forward: Tyjon (his cousin), Coach D. Williams, his Calabasas friends, and Josh Moore.
  7. That would be .... a break with the norm. He actually usually tweets on an 'N' right before the announcement. Couldn't this post have been about Cam's commitment today?https://twitter.com/bookie_44/status/894527106092331008
  8. Jones' injury really makes this situation sting now. Would have been huge to have him available to play this year.
  9. What's the likelihood Jones takes a medical redshirt?
  10. Man, Bookie is an incredibly exciting recruit! What a great class we're building this year!
  11. Meh, I really don't think it's that big of a deal. We can easily build him up when he gets here.
  12. Seems like you're making a lot of assumptions about a person you've never met. If he qualifies, what would lead you to think he'd leave a year later? We aren't close to the situation and frankly don't know what's going to happen. But if he gets here, we'll all welcome him with open arms.
  13. Sorry, but some of you guys are being ridiculous. Of course we want him here. Way too much talent to not want him here. All we can hope is he gets the grades and makes it on campus.
  14. Do we even know he's for sure not coming? People on HuskerOnline and HuskerMax were pretty confident on Friday that he is going to be here next month.
  15. Apparently his dad pulled him out to get him into shape and straightened out. Got it - makes a lot more sense. Hopefully we can get him back in January.
  16. If this is about him getting caught with weed, its total BS - especially since Morgan will probably only get a minor half-game or one-game suspension (and rightfully so - anything more would be overkill).
  17. Vague tweet today. Hoping this is good news...
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