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  1. Where did you hear he was visiting Texas? Brandon Cavanaugh said his brother Jordan was visiting UT: https://twitter.com/eightlaces/status/875774695815163909
  2. "He is open to all schools and is welcoming new scholarship offers. However, as things stand today, Alabama, Florida and Georgia are the three schools that have separated themselves from the pack."
  3. So no one really has a clue where he's going haha. Hamm's explanation: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spv7lq
  4. Wondering if the development is that his brother Jordan is now apparently visiting the longhorns this weekend.
  5. Apparently visiting UT this weekend: https://www.burntorangenation.com/platform/amp/2017/6/16/15815172/tom-herman-texas-longhorns-massive-visit-weekend-bj-foster-anthony-cook-brennan-eagles-jalen-green
  6. That's big coming from A&M guy Hamm just changed his to "foggy" and Wayne McGahee, an FSU beat writer from USA Today, just put in a CB for us.
  7. I don't think it's the case that Nebraska fans won't accept anyone not named Oklahoma as a rival. Remember how when we first joined the Big Ten, we had Penn State as a protected cross-division opponent? Quick survey: how many of you would rather have Penn State as the annual regular season-ending matchup, and how many would rather stick with Iowa? And does anyone think that the game would ever be stuck on Fox Sports 1 if it were against Penn State? I really liked that series. Would have loved for Penn State to become our rival. We already history to build off of. Absolutely hate the East and West division alignment.
  8. This! He could still choose us! Sure hope so, but I don't like that he's wearing maroon socks and that this video is releasing the day he's visiting an aTm recruiting event...
  9. I've looked more into it, I can't find any solid white husker gloves. Nearly positive he's wearing these aTm ones...
  10. They look like Texas A&M gloves to me, but it's really hard to tell. I think the red looks too dark to be ours. He's also wearing maroon socks - wasn't in the other tweet. Thoughts?
  11. I'm confused. The Moores are visiting both on June 12 and June 23?
  12. The folks on Husker Max seem to think he was waiting on a grade for class, not the ACT. Anyone what the situation is?
  13. Anyone have any idea when we'll know about Blades and Watts?
  14. Well, pot should not be legal. Pot is not currently legal (most places). So don't smoke pot. If pot shouldn't be legal, neither should Alcohol. In fact it impairs you worse than weed and serves no medical purpose... Should we go back to the prohibition days then? Throw cigarettes in there too - they kill nearly a half-a-million Americans per year. And over 88,000 Americans die from alcohol poisoning every year. However, there are zero documented cases of people who've died from marijuana overdose. Sure there are certainly thousands of deaths caused by marijuana impaired drivers, but how is that any different than alcohol?
  15. This is a OSU move for Babb. If they get Babb, maybe we can get back Brown later down the road. Depends how their class fills out.
  16. Sucks, but if we get Moore I'll be be fine. Confident K Williams will put together another solid WR class.
  17. Really not a big deal. It's not like he was putting himself or someone else in an unsafe situation. Marijuana is far more prevalent in college athletics (and even the pros) than you might think. He was just unfortunate enough to get caught - seriously, did they search his room? Would we have the same reaction if they found a couple of beer bottles in his room? Doubt it.
  18. Please... give the kid a break. It's no less safe than alcohol or tobacco...
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