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  1. Just as long as he gets here, I'm good. Saw Riley today said we're waiting on a couple of guys and that we're hopeful they'll join in the second half of summer classes. Is Andrew Ward on campus yet?
  2. https://twitter.com/_TheJoshuaMoore/status/871880764643713029
  3. Here's the question - has he already filmed the commitment video? And if he has, when did he film it?
  4. Sounds like Florida State fans think he will be visiting them again sometime soon before he decides. That could be the reason for these picks. We can only wait it out. Obviously would go crazy if he picks us.
  5. This is exactly why this whole discussion (at least on the UT side) is kinda silly - Texas won't join a conference where they can't just impose their will on everyone else. Have people forgotten the whole 'Exodus to the PAC' they were talking about in 2011? Texas said to them "We'll join you and bring a few other schools... you just have to let us have our own TV network." The PAC said "Aw hell naw," so Texas took their ball and went home. Literally the only reason the Big 12 still exists is because they're the only ones dumb enough to let Texas run the show. This is exactly why this whole
  6. Back to the topic, the more I think about it, the more I support adding OU and UT. The move would certainly strengthen the west division and potentially balance out the conference. Much like the old Big 12 North, the Big Ten West takes a back seat to the Big Ten East - rightfully so considering that the majority of the conference's talent and prestige plays in that division. We also would get two great rivalries back and we'd likely improve our Texas recruiting as well. Nebraska vs. Oklahoma and Nebraska vs. Texas was and would continue to be very appealing to recruits and national TV aud
  7. Looks they all started to move in this weekend. Can we get any conformation on who's currently on campus and who's not? Especially interested in Blades, Thomas and Watts.
  8. I'd rather take Wisconsin on Black Friday.
  9. **** this. I'm done watching the NFL. Same tired story.

    1. ZRod


      Don't hate greatness!

    2. Landlord


      That was an amazing story.

  10. Why would we "hate it?" Think everyone here loves having KJJ and his dad's support! I think you're right about Bookie though. Maybe Fuller or our 2018 QB commit could be a big recruiter for us too.
  11. How much did Oregon State offer his family for that commitment?...
  12. Glad to hear Collin Miller is doing well. We really need to get better at DE.huge need at that position.
  13. Ugh. I hate losing to Creighton.

    1. NUance


      Damned Blue Jays. We got a lot of payback to give to these guys.

    2. knapplc


      The all-time series is tied now.

    3. RunMickeyRun02


      I'm getting used to it.

  14. This is BS. Can someone start a petition?
  15. What time is the game next week? 11 am or 2:30 pm?

  16. Well... Russia's happy...

    1. ZRod


      And really that's all that matters. They're great!

    2. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      Come on, ya'll. Russia is fantastic. They're amazing. You won't believe how much we and Russia are going to win.

    3. ScottyIce



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  17. Might as well start saying it now - all hail supreme leader trump.

    1. commando
    2. Michiganball


      Why not , look at the way Mussolini acted, very similar.

  18. I saw everything I needed to about this staff last night. We were beat in EVERY facet of the game. To be brutually honest, we have sunk to a mid-tier status and we are being led by mid-tier coaches. Love my Huskers, and I'll still watch every game with my fullest enthusiasm, but I really believe we're going to have to wait for the next coaching staff before we can hope to get back to being a continual conference and someday playoff contender. Obviously it'd be ridiculous to fire Riley right now, but in 3-4 years when we're still in the same place, I hope we actually put in the money t
  19. Seriously, why are not playing our 2nd string right now?

  20. Haha. I was actually starting to believe in this team...
  21. You guys - I really think we're going to give Ohio State a run for their money on Saturday.

    1. Moiraine
    2. suh_fan93


      Northwestern, Penn State and Wiscy all have given them runs for their money already. They (OSU) returned like 3 starters from last year so if there ever was a year for us to play them close this is probably it.

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Seems like OSU is the one having to run the gauntlet this year.

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