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  1. Harbaugh certainly has the better track-record in both the NFL and college football. Have to say it's him until Riley proves otherwise.
  2. Ok. I'll try to take a stab at a positive outlook. Bo had games like this against McNeese State, Wyoming and South Dakota State.

    1. It'sNotAFakeID


      Man that game was frustrating too

    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      But to me, that's part of why Bo was fired, because of games like these and the MSU/UW losses

    3. zoogs


      Little has changed, I suppose. Not just yet.

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  3. Southern Miss abandons run. Southern Miss starts scoring touchdowns...
  4. Sure. Just dance around him instead of trying to make a tackle. That'll work...
  5. Completely agree. There were so many times in the first half where it was 2nd & 6, and we would drop back to pass only to get an incomplete and set up a 3rd & long instead of a 3rd & short. That tells me the coaches have no confidence in our running game at this stage in the season. It's on days like today where I miss simple plays like ISO, Counter, Toss Sweep (41/49 pitch), and yes...the option with Wing-T & Wishbone blocking schemes. Amen. Preach it brother. The play calling is th telling point. No faith in the RB's..... Or do they lack faith in our o-line?
  6. Coach Banker < slants...

  7. I really think the scheme is helping them. Way too many man-on-man match-ups.
  8. We're up three possessions and we know they're going to be launching it. Why do we only have one safety in the backfield?! Using this defensive scheme right now is stupid.
  9. Ok, be honest. How many of you had Jano as today's breakout player?

    1. ZRod


      Nice to see the full back trap more than once a season.

  10. Need to establish a running game again. We had one early and we were scoring. Let's not be one-dimensional.
  11. We're getting too cute in the red zone. Just run the ball. Make them prove they can stop it!

  12. Did we use many stunts in the last few games? Was paying that close of attention.

    1. Mavric


      I haven't noticed any.

  13. Has Charles Jackson been hurt this whole season so far? When's he expected to come back?

    1. Count 'Bility

      Count 'Bility

      Never. Time to move on from the Cjax hope train.

  14. We can build from this. We're 0-0 in Big Ten play. Ultimately, how we do in conference play will decide how successful we were this season. Our players didn't give up today, neither should us fans.

    1. ladyhawke


      Absolutely!!! I'm hoping we just keep getting better and better as the year goes on.

    2. BigRedN
  15. I refuse to believe the gap in talent between our two programs is this large. No way.

  16. To any Bronco fans out there - could please work your magic for us here today against Miami? Thanks!

  17. Throw on 3rd and 1 may have been a bad decision, but Tommy not throwing it away was an even worse decision.
  18. Do we even have a winning season this year? Jesus...
  19. Go into freaking zone coverage!

  20. KC Curse strikes again. Unbelievable.

  21. Gotta say, it's not Kaaya that scares me - it's Joseph Yearby. Last week he ran for 146 yards and also had 97 yards in receptions. It's a tough assignment to cover a dual-threat RB like him.

    1. NUance


      Well, let's oblige.

    2. Igetbored216


      Miami's run game will not be a factor. Huskers will be stout against the run game all year long. Take it to the bank!

    3. Igetbored216


      (no promises for RBs catching out of the backfield though)

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