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  1. Lava

    S/LB Khaleke Hudson

    11 teams in his top 10. Good grief.
  2. Lava

    RB Aphonso Thomas [SMU - Signed LOI]

    "The NFL times their 40s rather conservatively, as far as I can tell." el oh freaking el. The NFL times electronically. Their times are 100% accurate. The HS times and your personal estimations are incredibly liberal, as evidenced by how they compare to the NFL times.
  3. Lava

    Recruiting Notes

    Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 8m8 minutes ago Anton Gill has committed to #Nebrasketball
  4. Well he is a 2017 kid so I think his HS team will be okay 2015 per Rivals and the thread title.
  5. Lava

    2014 Nebrasketball Schedule

    2 wins is the best i can see and that might be pushing it. This has just been one of those years... shots arent falling and the magic isnt there. If Shields and Petteway come back including some of the talent coming in(White, Morrow, Watson, Jacobsen) I think we have a chance to be a much deeper team but still have major concerns including the loss of Leslee and Moses. I think Petteway could play some point next year, but we need to rebound. Smith & Moses have not shown much this year, so Hammond, Morrow & Jacobsen can't hurt us too bad. Maybe Pitchford & Rivers can learn to box out during the off season. Rivers is a senior this year according to huskers.com
  6. I Know that they over sign but this is the first time I have seen the numbers posted like this. So will they basically cut ten or more players to get down to the limit after they see who signs? Potentially, but not necessarily when you factor in players leaving early for the draft, JUCO players, and attrition (players who transfer/quit).
  7. Lava

    Meet and Greet This Weekend

    Curious that he has a #BeatSparty since they aren't in the division. Shouldn't that be Wisky or Minn?Nebrasketball plays Michigan State today. The Football coaching staff is going to be announced at halftime. It's too bad they didn't schedule a team we could beat. lolololololololololololololol
  8. Lava


    Both can be important, and there's no doubt great point guard play is key. However, it's also tough to win when you get out-rebounded by 22 including 24-5 on offensive rebounds as we did vs. Michigan State. Winning that one was a statistical anomaly.
  9. Lava


    I wouldn't say that's the "ONLY" thing that we're missing. We could also really use a big man who can score consistently in the low post and dominate the boards.
  10. Lava

    S Willie Sykes [Arkansas - Signed LOI]

    Another reason locking the threads is silly.
  11. Is there still room for him after McVeigh's commitment, or will it take someone transferring/quitting/being kicked off to open up a slot?
  12. Lava

    GT: Nebraska at Iowa - 8PM - BTN

    An average coach who took Nebraska to the NCAA Tournament in his second season?