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  1. Not worried at all. Then again, I'm 46 and 5 week stroke survivor and it's funny how perspective changes after something major like a stroke happens. A fist pump or a Tom Osborne dadgummit is about all the reaction you'll get from me. Frost can, will and has to adjust his coaching and style of play to the Big 10 and not the other way just like Osborne had to adjust.
  2. This was a complete hit job by the Des Moines Register that came out of nowhere. Doesn't matter if your a Husker fan like myself Hawks, Cyclone, or whoever, everyone feels that way. This state supports Carson, his project and more importantly the kids who are patients of the hospital (current and future).
  3. garn


    That is AWESOME!
  4. garn

    Let Us Pray

    If we should win
  5. garn


    At long last, the most wonderful time of the year has arrived! Hope my HS senior son of mine is awake by game time, otherwise it will be a rude awakening for him, LOL. Now to try out the Prairie Meadows sports book app.
  6. I've had Hulu's Live TV for nearly two years and couldn't be happier. Has everything I need like the ESPNs, BTN, FS1, NBC Sports Chicago, FS Midwest/KC/North and Fox News.
  7. All summer, I was hopeful for an 8-4, 9-3 season. However, after what's came out of camp this past week, I'm starting to buy into the national hype, 10-2 might be a reality this fall.
  8. Thinking out loud here, I think Moos knew this was coming and if it was going to be Childress or anyone else, an announcement would've been made over the weekend and it would be all over the bottom line during the super regionals. What if Moos' guy is still coaching?
  9. Today is why the B1G parked the baseball tournament in Omaha, that stadium will be rocking this afternoon
  10. No question the west is wide open this fall, but I just can't put Nebraska as the favorite in the west. Would I love to have Nebraska win the division? Hell yeah, but this team as 8 combined wins the last 2 years. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-with-mills-likely-in-fold-picking-nebraska/article_3a442ac0-d3fd-593c-a86e-5a474f443c65.html
  11. Seriously, 9pm Wednesday night? Eyeballs will be in the back of my head by that time.
  12. 12-2 Arizona St 17 ASU hits compared to 4 hits for Nebraska.
  13. Heard on Early Break this morning Arizona St, as team has 71 HR's, including one with 21. Nebraska as a team has 21. That's a Lee Corso yo stat.
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