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  1. If I want doom and gloom, I'll turn on the local news.
  2. I went back to work February 24 after being off work since last September 9 recovering from a stroke. I was sent home to work the Thursday of Holy Week. Hated the idea as I was getting back into the swing of going to work. You know what? I love WFH, 30 second commute, showering and shaving are optional, and shorts are mandatory. Once this crap is over, WFH will be a permanent option. Sign me up!
  3. That was awesome last night. What I forgot was 1) How AWFUL Krause was and 2) how bad Pippen wanted out.
  4. Did it when I was a kid using a Walkman, loved scanning the dial and seeing what I could find. It got me interested in radio/media and fueled my decision to major in broadcasting. Fast forward to 2020, I don't have a radio in the house, dxing via TuneIn or the iHeart app just isn't the same. Not to mention the 50,000 watt blow torches are all the same.
  5. Make sure you aren't subject to data caps. You will be streaming HD quality video and will eat up data in a hurry.
  6. I've been using YTTV now since December after 2 plus years with HuluLive and couldn't be happier. Better user interface, better cloud DVR and not to mention MLB Network. For sports junkies, especially MLB Network, there's not much difference. Both have BTN, the ESPN networks including SEC and ACC channels, FS1 and regional sports networks. In my area that is FS Midwest/Midwest+, FS North and NBC Sports Chicago.
  7. How does the B1G do it's conference scheduling? Interesting that Iowa and Minnesota isn't on the schedule but a cross country trip to Maryland is.
  8. From reading the press announcement, all 3 games will be on ESPN+.
  9. I've been a streamer nearly 3 years with DirecTV Now, now called AT&T TV Now, HuluLive and now YouTube TV and YTTV is by far the best streaming service on the market. I love the interface, on screen guide and other on screen graphics. For those not interested in sports, I highly recommend Philo, no sports, 50 plus channels for $20.
  10. I have rabbit ears hooked up behind my TV, they are completely out of sight for the 30 plus Des Moines channels.
  11. I've had Hulu's Live now for the last two plus years now and have been perfectly happy with the service. I was going to ride out the Hulu price increase until I saw a comment from a Disney executive about needing a price increase in order to make $$, which I call bs on. Even at $54 a month it's still way cheaper than cable TV, and at least in the streaming world, there are options available. That said, Sling doesn't carry BTN and AT&T is a mess right now with their streaming services so that narrows it down a bit if you need BTN. I'll be switching ove
  12. Been a Hulu Live subscriber for over 2 years, was going to ride out the price hike that was announced last week then I saw this tonight. Give me a break on the having to make a profit bs. Will be looking at YouTube TV at the end of the month when Hulu comes due. https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/disney-says-they-have-to-raise-the-hulu-live-tv-price-to-make-a-profit/
  13. Hulu Live announced a whopping $10 price hike effective the middle of December, will definitely be looking at YouTube prior to the end of December when the price hike kicks in for me.
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