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  1. garn

    Fighting Erstads vs Purdue Games 30-32

    Cool, today's game is on ESPNU
  2. garn

    Erstad Gets Win #250

    Now to get some wins in late May and June....just saying.
  3. garn

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach

    As a life long Iowan (I grew up in SW Iowa) and Husker fan, gotta admit it was awkward at first seeing Hoiberg in Husker gear. I'm roughly the same age as Hoiberg and very much remember his playing days at Iowa St. Moos continues to prove he wasn't a homerun hire, but a grand slam hire.
  4. garn

    Tim Miles Officially Fired

    I'm not the world's biggest college basketball fan, but I watched every Husker game this non conference season into the conference collapse buying into the hype of a 3 or 4 seed in the Tournament. Those records are eye opening. Even though I live in Des Moines, I listen to Lincoln's 93.7 The Tickets Early Break With Sipp and Jake driving to work and Sipp was right when he said why can't that be Nebraska as a 3 or 4 seed every year? The attendance and facilities (both PBA and practice) are in place to make it happen. Just need the coach to make it happen.
  5. Meah, the wave was fan inspired and created, not school created. I doubt every Iowa, coach, player and trainer does the waive during the entire 2:30 commercial break as there is a game to be played.
  6. As an Iowan and a Husker fan, I LOVED doing the wave Friday afternoon.
  7. garn

    When 4-8 isn't the same thing as 4-8

    Damn, 5 losses by 5 points or less, that stings. I was at the game yesterday, it was LOUD when Nebraska had the ball. To come from 15 down yesterday says alot about the players, coaches, and culture. The future is VERY BRIGHT.
  8. garn

    Husker Nation - Troy fan here

    NavarreTrojan, thanks for the kind words, hope you had a safe trip home and best of luck to Troy the rest of the way
  9. garn

    *** Official Akron Game Thread ***

    At looooooong last, GameDay!
  10. garn

    BTN Bus Tour

    Not much talk at all on the RB's, s little bit on Bell, but that's it. Thought they would've gone into the depth at that position.
  11. garn

    BTN Bus Tour

    Debuts late this afternoon and repeats numerous time today and all morning tomorrow.
  12. You'll probably see Barett Ruud on the list in a year or so as well. It's going to be neat to see how the Scott Frost coaching tree branches out and grows in the coming years.
  13. garn

    Fall Camp

    Would've loved to have been a fly on the wall during that pep talk.
  14. garn

    Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll

    I'm guessing before
  15. I have Hulu's Live TV, have all I need including BTN for less than $40 a month and couldn't be happier.