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  1. Southerners/Confederates invented participation trophies. Celebrating coming in second since 1865.
  2. Was it at a party? No. I am not wasn't that cool. Lets hear the story! I used to ref intramural basketball. One night I drew an game where about 14 of the 18 players between the two teams were Husker football players. Joe Walker. Dave Volk. Octavius. Etc. They were all getting a little chirpy during the game - at each other, not at us - and I spent most of the game hoping it didn't go any farther than that because I was not about to try to step in the middle of it to break it up. But I really didn't think anyone seemed to have that much of a problem with our officiating. Until after the game when I turned around and found McFarland right in my face. He said something to the effect of "If I ever find you outside the rec center, I'll bury you." So that was fun. You still in there?
  3. I'm for them up to the age 30 years. After that only in extreme cases.
  4. For some reason I watched that whole video.
  5. Don't mean to derail a thread, but "assisted suicide" would need to be passed first. Many people would go birzerk (sp?) if a convicted murderer had a say in how/when they die and a 70 year old terminally ill person doesn't. Good point! ^^^ Has that phrase ever been typed in the Politics and Religion forum before?!?!
  6. Heard from a player not named Nate Gerry that he makes all the throws. So there's two.
  7. If only there was a website where someone could go to find X-rated pictures and videos!
  8. We all said this last year then beat Sparty. Anything can happen.
  9. McCain is going to outlive everyone...that guy is freaking hardcore He may be hardcore, but he's not a hero. He got captured. Your post is an idiot!!
  10. Everybody Love Everybody!

    1. NUance


      Wouldn't it be nice?

  11. i think its social media. It has given a highly visible playform for undeserving asshats to voice their extreme, unthoughtful opinions without accountability. Im guilty of it myself at times. I get it. This isnt a high horse almighty talkdowm. And theres guilt on both sides of any argument. Folks are so hellbent on their opinion that they do t care what facts are. Theyre gonna stand by it. Why? Cuz nothing matters on a monitor. Its sad really. Having intellectual convo gets harder everyday. Cuz so many dont wanna think for themselves anymore. I will plus one u as soon as I'm off mobile. Well said.
  12. I don't know what the worst part of 2016 has been. The fact that so many good people have passed on or the fact that I have realized so many people are ignorant, racist asshats.
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