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  1. I know some of you do home brewing, anyone ever try doing vodka?

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    2. RedDenver


      A buddy of mine got a personal batch license a number of years ago. He said it wasn't hard, just took a long time to get through the process.

    3. huKSer


      So, say a certain chemistry teacher, to be un-named, had a class demo on distillation - that would have been illegal? Asking for a friend. (Seriously, we never consumed a drop because the beakers had all sorts of nasty chemicals in them previously. They, I meant they never ...)

    4. Huskerzoo


      @huKSer I think technically you would be in violation of the law. Additionally, if you're only distilling a little you would mainly get the foreshots/heads and the tails, you would have less ethanol and more methanol, acetone, acetaldehyde, and acetate. You really need larger batches to get the good stuff. 

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