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  1. No...he said "Trump said a President can do this" meaning...it is okay for Obama to do it...meaning that he is saying that Trump was correct, that a president can do it. He is agreeing with what Trump said to now use it against him. It is brilliant because he is "agreeing" with Trump and now used it to show that Obama didn't do anything wrong, according to Trump's words.
  2. Yeah, that was not impressive. The guy is admitting that he feels Trump is right. Kind of odd.
  3. I am not asking them to do that. If they don't want to play, they should not play. But every practice and game they are putting themselves at risk of getting hurt (really badly) and they still go play.
  4. Yes, I agree. But most people that get Covid don't have permanent organ damage.
  5. Yeah...but no one (yes I know not no one) goes back and looks at that stuff. It is all about the here and now. Young people won't care what Joe did/didn't do 30 years ago...and the working class wants what we all want. Less taxes and more money.
  6. Is this a nice way of saying that the D's don't like Nancy?
  7. Poor form here. Yes it is true and clearly Biden doesn't reach working class or young people but that is pretty much true for most old people. Bernie needs to be like "What the working class people and what young people need to understand is that Joe is working FOR YOU, he has dedicated his life of service to YOU, but in his role the last 8 years as VP he did not get the chance to act on that passion as often as he would have liked, and people have forgotten just how much he connects with the working class and the young voters" If Trump doesn't pardon them they will just get a pardon from Covid.
  8. I worked at a Brown's Chicken, sort of like a KFC...does that count as high end? Ha
  9. Haha...were you being funny here! That is awesome! It's my party and i'll cry if I want to...cry if I want to...cry if I want to... I agree, it is ridiculous. Maybe it is just how she copes.
  10. Like, cried like a child or whining? I can see crying for a minute, as a reaction to just the stress and dealing with things and mental health issues/release. But whining for 20 minutes? Kick her the F out.
  11. I get not wanting to wear a mask...I just don't get going to a place that requires you to wear a mask and then getting mad about. I mean...Costco also makes you wear pants...which is why I shop at Walmart instead.
  12. If you are in education, especially with little kids...it has been non-stop parades, drive bys, more parades, driveway chalk, zoom parties, ticktok, videos, on and on and on.
  13. Probably should not have reopened Steak N Bat, McBatties and Chick fiBat.
  14. Well, voting by mail may not get much bigger...but voting from home will get bigger. In 10 years 75% of votes will be "from home"
  15. Hahaha! If they debate it should be mandatory that they each have to answer one basic history question and one riddle. "Mr. Biden, we will start with you...a plane flying over the border of the US and Canada crashes, right on the border, where do you bury the survivors"
  16. My god...Biden vs Trump is essentially going to be like watching a documentary . on nursing home patients with dementia and alzheimers.
  17. Just do American Gladiators again!
  18. I get it...but 33 and "a runner" is a totally different animal than 19 and in the best shape of my entire life. But I get the point you are making.
  19. JC Penny closing another 30% of stores.  Sears stores are basically gone...I can still remember getting dragged off to those stores when I was a kid.  

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      That's exactly what it was.:lol:


      The lingerie section of the Spiegel catalog...:eek:

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  20. I bet the Amish look at the "environmentalists" and think "What a bunch of wannabes"
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