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  1. Sadly, it also shows just how often this can and does happen. If she lied in s situation like this, with one of the most well known people in America, just imagine how much this (possible) lying happens in average situations.
  2. Well...if you hope in one hand and s#!t in the other...hahaha
  3. I am all for piling on Riley and how horrible of a coach he was, how normal-nice he was (not some saint), how lame he was with team rules... but I don't think this is some Frost "shake out". I think it is a kid that just doesn't know what he wants to do right now. It happens.
  4. Man, this virus coupled with the media is going to make Trump end up in an insane asylum! Ha... Dude has zero chance of pulling it together.
  5. Oh man, I erase stuff all the time because I know the crazy reactions it will get.
  6. Well, if there are games going on in Lincoln...I will be there for at least one of them...hitting up 4-5 different bars with my friends and maybe a tailgate. That is not me being macho or a tough guy, it is not me fighting for freedom or my rights. It is me wanting to enjoy a Saturday in Lincoln.
  7. This is tough because the original is probably a top 10 all time (80s) hit but I like this version a lot And this is creepy AF and I know for some people touching a Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Smith, Wesson, Jones song is a no no but I love this.
  8. Yeah, that was when Bob still had probably one of the most "Rock N Roll" voices in history. I know it is shot now but what do you expect.
  9. I get it and I remember all that too but do you really think that NU was going to be left without a conference? I get it is more money (but that doesn't directly impact me so I don't care) academic prestige? I mean...there is a reason I don't watch Ivy League games.
  10. Sure...how about we make this easy though... If your team wins 10 games...are you a 10 win team?
  11. Sort of...but remember everyone was like "Oh my gosh all the conferences are going to explode and the Big 12 will be gone" but that didn't happen, not even close. Respect? I mean, maybe? But the Big 12 seems to make the playoffs each year too. I guess I don't know how you measure that for sure.
  12. I am one of those odd people that sort of think records say a lot about how good a team is...
  13. Iowa State will set capacity at 30,000 for home games.  Interesting. 

    1. macroboy


      Isn't that more than normal?


    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Doesn't seem fair that they could increase attendance due to a pandemic while others have to scrimp and suffer.

    3. Waldo


      Late to the party on this one. They surprisingly averaged around 60,000 last year. 

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  14. Like I said, I thought that too but I really underestimated just how truly unlikeable she is as a human. I don't know, if in the history of elections, if there has been a person that was so disliked by women and men, and had almost no ability to relate to people. Which is odd, considering her "husband" could sell ice to an Eskimo. Like I said, Trump is 0/3 now.
  15. Joe is not losing...this is going to end up as one of the biggest beating in election history (I also predicted that Hillary would win in a landslide, so keep that in mind) Trump had it all...Stock Market was bonkers high, unemployment was bonkers low and the economy was humming. He was 3/3...now he is 0/3. If I was Joe, I would have the unemployment numbers included in every single ad/appearance I did.
  16. Only good thing to ever come from Kentucky...booze.
  17. I don't know about better but amazing... Taken by Trees: Sweet Child O Mine Disturbed: Sound of Silence
  18. Yes... I think if he had 5-6 more wins during his time here...he is still here.
  19. Yes! I think a lot of people posting about how everything should be shut down are still working, still getting paid.
  20. He literally had the same record all the time, regardless who was on his team. He also recruited RG and LD. Compton too, right? Burkhead? Ameer? VV? Collins? Those guys are all in the NFL or were in the NFL. He didn't regress, he stayed the same. That is what pissed off fans. As far as switching conferences, that was a huge mistake.
  21. Thank you! Yes! That was the bit the dorks tossed out all the time "A monkey could win 9 games" No! Look...morons (not you) it is really hard to win games and it is even harder if your non-con has teams that are even with you... I have coached football forever...winning games IS HARD! If Frost did in his first 2 years what Bo did...we would all be having Frostgasms
  22. Super late on this but my cousin played tennis against his parents garage door growing up...he freaking beat the s#!t out of that thing...fast forward years later and he makes crazy a$$ bank teaching private lessons and running his own tennis club. The ironic part...he hates tennis now...for him it is a job.
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