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  1. Who saw the move Brandon Jackson put on Urlacher? niceeeee

    1. NUance


      Great move!! Urlacher directly in front of Bjax, but didn’t lay a glove on him.

  2. Wow so much negativity. Im pretty sure if one of the Mizzou players delivered a hit like that on Taylor or Helu, a majority of posters would be saying why isn't Pelini sending this to the big12.
  3. Bosnian_Husker77

    Game ball goes to...

    does anyone know how many tackles David ended the evening with?
  4. Stewart bradley looks like a freaking monster!

  5. Bosnian_Husker77

    Anybody watching TX-TX Tech?

    both O-lines blowwwwwwww
  6. i got a feeling Taylor Martinez is the answer to "what is pwnage" for Nebraska footbal!!!!

  7. what do you guys use to upload the quickest? photobucket?
  8. Bosnian_Husker77

    DE Anthony Chickillo

    YES!! thank you sir.. haha
  9. Bosnian_Husker77

    **Official Western Kentucky Game Discussion Thread**

    Andrew Rodriquez getting PT! Hell yeah.
  10. Bosnian_Husker77

    **Official Western Kentucky Game Discussion Thread**

    David will make up for Niles' mistake.. you'll see
  11. Bosnian_Husker77

    **Official Western Kentucky Game Discussion Thread**

    Quincy Enunwa in!!! Hope he does something!
  12. Bosnian_Husker77

    **Predict the Western Kentucky Game Score, Rushing & Passing Yards**

    NU - 45 WKU - 6 passing - 322 rushing - 247