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  1. For the record, being "High AF" can arguably increase one's intuition. Subjectively of course. 11-3 Finish #14. (Not High AF, so there is a mathematical chance that I could be wrong)
  2. That would certainly add to the tradition of douchey personalities who coached at that School. IE: McCartney, Nueheisel, Barnett etc.
  3. 1995 - Washington State 35-21 Win 1996 - Colorado State 65-9 Win 1996 - Texas BIGXII Title - 27-37 Loss 1997 - UCF Win 1997 @ Missouri (Yes, that game ) 45-38 OT W 1997 Iowa State 77-14 W 1998 Louisiana Tech W 1998 @ Iowa State W 1999 @ Missouri 40-10 W 2003 Troy State W 2004 Colorado 26-20 L 2006 Nicholls State Win 2008 Kansas Win 2009 Texas Tech 10-31 L 2012 Minnesota Win 12-3
  4. Something rare compared to the entire generation. Since only a select few people play college football and some of them (IE: Lindsay, Gebbia) would not fit into the "rise above" in regard to integrity IMO, this and analogy applies aptly. I'd like to remind everyone that this side discussion began when I insinuated there was once a time when integrity and someone's word meant something, even to 18 and 19 year old kids. Proving that if there is a bad behavior or soceital flaw,, someone will always be there to justify or defend make an excuse for it. Reaffirming my general cynicism and generational criticism.
  5. Adrian Martinez, like a great deal of College football players due to the nature of the game, is a Diamond in the rough.
  6. Teenagers and twenty somethings in the 1960s set the precedent for what we have today.
  7. Perhaps you are one of the professors and who have helped this environment to flourish, thus you have a difficult time identifying poor behavior? Ask yourself, have you ever graded on a curve? Given a grade out of pity? Apologized for offending a student by stating a fact in class? If any answer to this is yes, then that would explain a lot. The one academic example I have is one of the more amusing examples I have of dozens, just at the academic level. Hundreds if not thousands otherwise. It's always funny how there is this attempt by those with certain ideology to demerit "anecdotes" because since you weren't there there is no way to prove it happened. You don't have the empirical evidence to quantify that Snowflakes have a serious problem. You can't look around and see it in the way they act and the way that impact our ever eroding culture. The truth of the matter is that life is made up of anecdotes, and they shape every single person's worldview. So in my opinion you are either being dishonest about your experience with Snowflakes or you fundamentally have the same mentality and don't see a problem.
  8. Did you ever walk into class eating a full breakfast, fall asleep during lecture, make smart remarks when you were awake, then bawl out the professor for giving you an D- (on a curve!) on a quiz in the middle of class, followed by a complaint to the Dean saying you were discriminated against? No? I saw it live!
  9. I'm afraid I have to disagree. The current generation is acutely entitled and lacking in constitution. I too have abundant experience with them as well, in every role you have described. Two years ago I finished my degree surrounded by them as a non traditional student. There were diamonds in the rough, but by and large they expected professors to conform to their whims, thought they were all entitled to an "A" for showing up (or not showing up), and academic dishonesty in every form was rampant. So I'm far from removed from the topic at hand. You're right though, you can't blame everything on them, they have adopted the worst attributes of the X'ers (their parents) and Boomers (their grandparents) and molded it into their own mixture of fail. Then again, when you find one of them who has persevered over the constraints of their generation, they can be really special, and not special in the way every participation trophy winning snowflake believes themself to be, but truly special. For they have overcome the odds and are the sole hope of the future. We have some of those guys on this team.
  10. I stand corrected, they could be playing Pokemon go.
  11. That would involve them putting their smartphone down and going outside.
  12. You're right. They shouldn't have accountability for their actions or commitments. Only the crotchety and foolish should have such expectations.
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