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  1. HuskerMoon

    Another Reason to Hate Iowa

    That was pretty funny. It's nice to know how much Nebraska's success still gets to Iowa, even when we are rock bottom. Don't worry, the tables will turn like they always do and they'll still be b itching about how much better we are than they and dreaming about our 5-7 season in 2018.
  2. All I know is that Tommie and I share a similar build. The difference is I was never a college athlete, or a Heisman contender, nor did I ever run a 4.4 forty.... And come to think of it, Tommie always had a little bit of a tude... even when and perhaps especially when he was a player... Anyway.. He'll get over it.
  3. HuskerMoon

    Tanner Farmer on Buying In

    You hit it on the head! What Farmer was talking about might not be why we lost, but I am convinced it's why we got humiliated!
  4. HuskerMoon

    Support Frost

    He has the support. Fixing a broken culture takes time. It's going to be a long season.
  5. HuskerMoon

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    Remember when I said Nebraska at it's best isn't terrible. I am going to recant that a reserve further judgement until proven otherwise. Obviously I was wrong about a win today.
  6. Hell no!! Let no such evil set foot in our hallowed ground. Be not fooled by sugar coated words spoken by certified Douchery! With the exception of a handful of truly repugnant criminals, I would prefer pretty much anyone associated with the sport of football over Lane Kiffin finding his way on the Nebraska football coaching staff.
  7. HuskerMoon

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    Michigan's Caliber is overstated. There has been just as much Kool Aid passed around about how great the Wolverines are supposed to be as the notion that Nebraska might knock them off. Football is a fluid sport, so the outcome is always in question. I have seen some truly s#!++y football teams knock off great teams. Nebraska at it's best is not a terrible team. Nebraska at it's best is more than capable of beating Michigan. You can talk about Michigan's talent and Nebraska's lack of talent until your blue in the face, what you think you know doesn't always play out in the field. No matter what coach speak you might want to throw out about being prepared about an opponet, I believe there is a good chance Michigan players mentally overlook Nebraska after the horrible start. At the same time I think Nebraska players will mentally play at a higher level because they are sick of losing, sick of their image getting tarnished, see an opportunity to prove themselves and aren't on the pedestal anymore to get knocked off of. Michigan is very much on that pedestal, and if there is any team who in recent history we've had there number, it's Michigan. I say we walk into the big house and knock off the Wolverines!
  8. HuskerMoon

    Ok....go on record.....are we done???

    This loss is just what the doctor ordered. This is still a division champion caliber team and that tough playing despite all of the obstacles of yesterday proved it.
  9. HuskerMoon

    Screw you complainers

    Hey now, TIME OUT!.... My only complaint is that we let a highly pressured, slightly frazzled, and poor time managing BYU team regroup not once, BUT TWICE in the final seconds of the game.. Doesn't make me give up on the team or Riley.. It makes me frustrated.
  10. HuskerMoon

    ***Predict the BYU Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Nebraska 37 B.Y.U. 25 225 Rushing 220 Passing
  11. HuskerMoon

    Bo's Hires vs. Riley's Hires By the Numbers

    If it took firing Bo to get rid of the two weakest links John Papuchis and Tim Beck (In that order) on the coaching staff then so be it. Bo was all about himself anyway.
  12. Kansas State coach? That's a great get! In the very least we know Bill Snyder can say the word "Mentor" correctly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcHMMHL-tP8
  13. I'm sure despite this rant there are still plenty of "Bolievers" buying up all the Youngstown State garb online and willing to genuflect to S his D if the opportunity should arise.
  14. HuskerMoon

    Mike Riley's Staff

    and I don't know about you, but that one coach from OSU doesn't sound like such a bad pick up.
  15. HuskerMoon

    Mike Riley's Staff

    Keep that half rate Oregon State defensive coordinator away from this football team.