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  1. Forgot that the championship game was on tonight. Never thought that would happen, but now I see it, I don't really care to watch it.

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    2. BigRedBuster


      @ZRod I agree.  My attitude was slightly better.  Still not an ideal situation,

    3. funhusker


      I also forgot all about it.  I got home from my daughter's BB practice and was just messing on my phone and happened to see a halftime update.  I thought, "That's right!  I'll watch."


      I watched the 3rd quarter and went to bed.  Wasn't worth staying up for me.  I know it was a good game, I just realized I didn't care at that point.



    4. admo


      @SECHusker Yeah I totally understand, just giving you a hard time lol.  Pretty sure the vibe everywhere is that the Alabama Championship Game is getting tiring.  And typically we see the playoffs having the usual suspects - Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, OU, or another SEC team.  So the excitement is getting dull.   And I agree with @ZRod that you really shouldn't be in the playoffs without winning your conference.  But as I watched the season, Georgia really was the best team all year, and the slightly better team in the national title game too.



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