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  1. And the last post says it all. It is all about me. F everyone else. This board endorses quitting, maybe all the fans do. Why shouldn't the kids.
  2. Well the only positive on this Rutgers game, is we won't waste a Saturday morning. Will miss the game, training day for me.
  3. Yea and that dickweed isn't going to worry about it for a second. We just finalized on property in Southwest Utah. Start building at thaw. Anything to get out of this suck hole state. Locked down since the start and no evidence it has done a bit of good.
  4. Robinson is a great player, no question. With others around him he would be even better. Overall speed he might be as fast, but he is not the star of the college football season. The Jet was a generational player. He was the best in college football, no one else close to what he could do. Faster than everyone else and had moves that no one had seen at that time. And he played on a very talented team. He stuck out like a sore thumb. Greatest Husker of all time athletically and the old boy still has the flash. He overcame his problems and has shown his dedication to Nebraska his whole life.
  5. This site needs to decide it it wants to be a forum or not. Narrowing, functions not working and more adds than an add magazine. Charge for it and make it something you want to go to rather than try to figure out how to use it. Downhill fast.
  6. I don't think geographic area is the answer. It is the kid you recruit. I was a Marine recruiter for 8 years, in the field. The Marine Corps success meter is not the number you put in the Marine Corps, it is the overall attrition rate. Meaning the number you put in that successfully completes basic training, MOS training and promotion record. Each Marine is tracked to their recruiter for four years. (This was a long time ago, so may be different now). Initially you are graded by enlistments, but promotions above E-6 your attrition rate played a much more important part. Meaning what you put in the Corps, made it and the Marine Corps was more successful for that enlistment. IE, you did your job the way it was supposed to be done. Stars are not the only part, is what I am saying. The kid has to have the heart of a lion. He has to want to compete from day one. Not expect to be given what ever he thinks he deserves for past success. Each day has to be his best, on and on. I have said for ever, we do not have the talent that the major programs do. You used to see it on the field, lack of effort, lack of concern for the game. Lack of concern for the offense if you played defense and the opposite. We needed to instill team instead of Me. I truly feel we are seeing that change. I do see kids that want to win for their team mates. But when one of these diva's leave we as a fan base give them a pass, it is okay because we should not hold up his development. That in my mind is total bulls#!t. You finish what you start, work harder, adapt and overcome. Not tuck tail and run. I know I am old school on this. But standards have to be set and maintained. But you have to start with the right pieces. I think Coach Frost is working towards that base. It just takes time. I have been waiting 20 years to see what I was used to seeing for many years before. I can wait a few more, not happily but feel we need Coach Frost to succeed more than anything else.
  7. We end up with good kids, but I think overall we don't ever end up with the pick of the litter. We really never have. Some very good classes under Osborne, and what were considered good classes by Callahan. I have always asked the question in recruiting, do the stars reflect heart, dedication, loyalty and other traits needed to rebuild a program. The want to, not just the ability to. It does seem we lose the top kids rather easily after they once arrive. Not all but a large number. Maybe every program has this problem, but it doesn't seem like to me. I have never really coached football, other than my son's Pop Warner team as an assistant. Played football in high school and in the Marine Corps for a couple of different base/unit teams. My claim to fame was Ed Podalak running over me as a Sophomore in high school, breaking my collarbone. I have coached Olympic and World class athletes in Mountain Biking and motocross. All individual athletes. I never had the problem of buy in. Either they did or I didn't mess with them. Lines drawn in the sand from day one. I can not comprehend the difficulty of coaching 100 kids, on their own, away from home and the main guidance system they have had their whole lives. Getting them to all to march to the same drum beat has to be extremely hard. Especially today with the way kids expect so much because they have been told they deserve it since they started playing. I met Scott Frost during his Junior year. I know the drive he possesses. I know the guidance and the love Coach Osborne gave and has for him. I know the love he has for this program. I know he gives his all to this program and state. He has for a very long time and I don't see it changing. I have watched this board change so many times, over and over, good to bad, bad to good. Many saying things that truly hurt the team and the staff. We have a good coach, who is trying as hard as he can and you can see the disappointment he is going thru. Far more than any of us without doubt. He needs the fan base to support him, give him the time he thinks he needs. He sees the process every day. We see it for a few minutes a few Saturdays a year. He and his family live it every second of every day. Lets give him the time he has given us. He has sacrificed a lot to be here, yea we pay him a lot of money, but if we run him off, Nebraska as a program will be doomed. No other big name coach would come here other than to take the money. Patience I guess. I know it is hard. But it is what is needed.
  8. Quitters quit. Not worried about any of them.
  9. That is somewhat what I remember. Thought we got more than we deserved so to speak. I gave up hate after Viet Nam. I try to keep that word in check. Not a Iowa fan, never have been, even though I lived there for awhile. Nebraska fan, but I don't hate other teams. I want Nebraska to win every game, but getting older and somewhat getting used to not doing so, I accept where we are at. I think all of us tend to think that Nebraska is the only program that can improve, but almost every team improves from year to year. We look at others and don't give them credit for their hard work, recruiting and coaching. I think Coach Frost has to stick by his guns. Washington was a problem and it created far more than he was worth. The kids cannot run the program.
  10. The question was to BRI. He lives there, has for a long time. I know they hated that we were so successful in the Big 8 and 12. Comments used to be we never played anyone but Oklahoma. Yada yada. Iowa may have been a road block for Nebraska, but not the other way around it seems by the record. Do most Iowan's feel that Nebraska is the main game of the year for them. Do Nebraska fans feel that way? That is a rival for me. Personally they never fit as a rival, Wisconsin did almost instantly. I never respected Iowa, really was not concerned about them until we got to this conference. I have grown to respect them and their solid football. Building good teams with out what is considered top level talent.
  11. BRI, Does Iowa consider Nebraska a rival. I think they want to beat us everytime they line up, but is the calendar circled for this game? Do they seem to hate us. I haven't been in the area for many years. Just wondering if this a one sided hate fest that we have lost time and time again. To me the real question is does Iowa consider Nebraska a rival. The past is the past, means absolutely nothing going forward. My guess is they think of us as more of an ahole neighbor. I don't think we have proven in the last 20 years we are a rival to anyone. Win some games, get out of the basement of the BIG and we might deserve a rival status.
  12. Well if it came to an end, maybe they could put real seats in and make 20th century restrooms. Do something for the fans rather than just a 17 year old that thinks he owns the world because he can play a game. Tail is wagging the dog. I keep sending money, have been my whole life, but can't convince my kid to do it. He won't even watch football anymore. When this sucker croaks so does the family donation I guess. Depending on the success of the vaccine, next year could be tough. A lot of those season tickets are held by people with blue hair. When they quit the streak ends guys no question.
  13. The most important message of the weekend for sure.
  14. What I see is, we don't recruit QB's. We recruit running backs that can throw the ball. Not pass the ball. I watch Division two QB's that hit receivers on the numbers on crossing routes, lead them on deep routes. I see our QB's throwing passes that the receiver has to stop and turn around and wait in the route. Or so under thrown. This is not development, this is failure to recruit true QB talent. Still say it and have for many years, this is not just a coaching problem, it is a talent problem caused by poor recruiting, or evaluation. I am beginning to think that this is going to continue from now on. We are just not a destination team for the talent in the country. We need to possibly lower our sites and evaluate the kids that end up at division 2 and make it into the pros. It happens. We do not develop pro level QB's and haven't for many years. Go back to basics, and if it is running the ball with monsters on the line, and it works, so be it. This is not working and it does not seem to be changing much.
  15. Things are bad, I am going to look at a 1955 De Soto Fire Flite to restore. Has to be more fun than watching this.
  16. When the team shows the intimidation factor of the black shirt history, I will worry about them. Just because you are first team defense currently does not measure up to being a black shirt in my thinking. You guys will argue over anything. Now put your masks back on and go to the basement.
  17. I heard last night that the Michigan Governor shut down all amateur athletics in Michigan. Will that include the college level athletics?
  18. Easy for outsiders to decide who was the better player I guess. But this is football, not a beauty contest. Which one displayed the heart of a Husker, which that of a problem child. Which helped on the field and in every game, which missed games for no apparent reason. Only one answer. Primadonas destroy teams, coaches that allow them are just as guilty.
  19. The turd that just won't flush.
  20. Where has 84 gone. I know he has different ideas than the gods of this site. Has he been banned?
  21. Honestly they were the last time he was there.
  22. Eventually this type of conference will happen. It makes the playoffs much easier and more meaningful. But this has been talked about for a few years now. Nothing new here.
  23. A lot of Nebraska fans would love to go back to the Big 8. Some the Big 12. Personally, I have been to every stadium in the Big 12 for quite a few games. I have never attended a Big 10 game, other than Nebraska home games. I would prefer for the history of the program, to be playing teams we have long time rivalries with. Financially the Big 10 made sense. Are we truly part of the Big 10? I don't think we really ever have been. We as a fan base talked a lot of crap about the Big 10 for years. Then we joined and we were going to show them what real football was. Again a lot of talk. Would the Big 10 be sorry to see us leave, I don't know. Would the Big 12 be happy to get us back. I would guess yes. It would make being a fan a lot easier to attend away games, which I think are the real part of college football. But never forget this is about money, not college football. So we will remain where we are no matter what the fans think. I don't think this board represents much of what Nebraska fans think.
  24. Good to see you back BRI. Missed you around here.
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