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  1. Frost seems to be giving McCaffrey an honest shot.  That, or he's a dirty liar.



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    2. Enhance


      @JJ Husker I agree with your take. Ultimately, I don't think Frost is full of crap, but I do think there's always a measure of coach speak associated with these kinds of things... trying to keep his guys focused by telling the media a certain thing or two.


      It's a win-win publicly if you're Frost. 

    3. Toe


      Coach speak, coach speak everywhere.

    4. admo


      Mostly coach speak, but I do think Frost is proud that both are competing and practicing at a high level.  How well QB1 plays under the lights will eventually speak for itself.  Play real well, keep it rolling.  Under perform often, make a change.  It's a great situation to have.  I like them both.

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