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  1. No but I remember a lot of people making fun of Bill Snyder for taking a lot of JUCO transfers, then it ended up working out pretty well for him. Either way it's a vastly different landscape now so what people made fun of before we had 24/7 free agency is irrelevant.
  2. We should start our own collective. The Huskerboard Hoard. Hmm. The name needs work.
  3. I'm much less worried about Fickell and Wisconsin now, knowing they're going air raid. Maybe we dodged a bullet afterall.
  4. I watched a lot of the Pitt film when he was hired. I didn't notice anything about his system that inherently put the QB in an abnormal amount of danger. In fact the QB faired quite well. I think the simpler explanation is the offensive line was bad. Like, really bad.
  5. I didn't know it was a sensitive topic. My apologies.
  6. I'm sure your grandson could hold his liquor a bit better though.
  7. We did it last year with our OL position coach and it nearly got Casey Thompson killed.
  8. Hiring good coaches is generally the better approach. Hiring your buddy's son can work, but it's a long shot.
  9. Yep that one. The one that's top 5 nationally. Imagine if they pulled the recruiting classes we can.
  10. Ehhhh if your QB is casually jogging into the endzone, following 2 lead blockers who don't even need to block anyone, then that has basically nothing to do with superior athletic ability and everything to do with the defensive scheme being exploited.
  11. I don't think it works exactly like that. All of the coaches that decided Casey was the guy last year are gone. The new coaches brought in their own guy. He could just as soon be the starter. Maybe even the favorite to start.
  12. I'm not sold on the staff he's assembled. Lots of question marks if not downright red flags. Not just on the offensive side, TCU's 3-3-5 was thoroughly exposed last night. D+ maybe? Seems like we could have gotten a lot more proven guys with all the money we're throwing around. The recruiting efforts have been solid, but I've read Colorado currently has the #1 transfer class in the country. Colorado! So I hesitate giving a A here. Maybe a solid B. A+ on winning the press conference.
  13. Barney Cotton got a bad rap. He probably had a lot more influence over the offense during the Pelini years than many would like to believe. Not to mention the offensive line has only gotten worse and worse and worse since he was railroaded out of the OL coach position.
  14. Wait, I thought Deion had no business coaching in P5 because he was a flashy black guy or something. Now we're preparing to lose to the godawful team he took over? I mean, have a little faith Rhule is, like, vaguely competent at coaching football.
  15. Of course he's not. Apparently he's not even a good enough football coach to barely improve an underachieving football team with an entire offseason to do it. Nobody is expecting miracles here. It's literally 2 more wins than last year. If Rhule considers bowling the minimum, then we should as well.
  16. If we paid that much money for coach to do as craptastic a job as Scott Frost, then we all have plenty of reason to be disappointed. There's only reason it should take years to get to a freakin' bowl game is if your coach is really crappy. It doesn't necessarily mean that neither.
  17. I saw what the team lacked the last 5 years. Coaching, mostly. For $74M we should get at least a little of that.
  18. Then we should have hired a better coach.
  19. Did we line up with 3 safeties or a nickel? That's the main difference, I think.
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