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  1. Sam making it family friendly haha. Whipple's presser was great. "You're in first place. Act like it, and play like it."
  2. Georgia Southern looked tiny. I know it's been a little while now since they were in the FCS, but they didn't look much different than North Dakota's guys. They looked like a bottom-half Sun Belt team. Indiana also has a win against Illinois that's looking like a pretty good win as of right now.
  3. Odd time to get a promotion when your defense just gave up 86 points in the last 2 games.
  4. I don't remember the last time our offensive line basically took over a game to close it out. The performance was far from perfect but a lot of fun to watch. It was great seeing a lot of new faces. Big step in the right direction. That backup RT needs more snaps.
  5. I don't get the hang up on trying to categorize this as a bad win. Isn't it better to win than to lose and then be fed a line of bulls#!t about being "this close"? Oh, that's right, it's okay to lose to the likes of Indiana when you're the golden boy.
  6. Paul Chryst is available. He has Big Ten experience. From the Mike Riley coaching tree though.
  7. We also lost to 2 of the 3 worst teams we've played this season. Any win going forward is comparatively a good win.
  8. It might be prudent to pull the reigns on the chatter about bringing in an outsider. That would do nothing but generate an unnecessary distraction. This team, not to mention athletic director, appear to be 100% behind the coach currently in place. Mickey has shown we can beat FBS teams. That's a huge monkey off the program's back. Not to mention it was a P5 opponent. What I want to see going forward is for Mickey to find the 4 wins needed to get the bowl game monkey of our back. That would be nothing short of miraculous on such short notice. If we finally knock off Wisconsin and/or Iowa along the way, even better.
  9. We have a real shot at finishing 3rd. And whoa boy it's going to feel great!
  10. Or a loss to f#&%ING GEORGIA SOUTHERN.
  11. Mickey's arguably done more to improve the team in 3 weeks than Frost did in 5 years.
  12. Thompson is a transfer. Grant is a transfer. Palmer is a transfer. It's like all our best players are transfers so it would be weird to try make some bizarre anti-transfer point. But it's a free country.
  13. Not necessarily. Not if you consider all the transfers who don't.
  14. What about all the transfers who don't lose their cool and all the non-transfers who do?
  15. Playing Indiana is what it must be like playing Nebraska.
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