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  1. Wonder how much money Sims is making by deliberately throwing games.
  2. When Raiola was hired I didn't expect much development on the offensive line since he has never proved he could develop linemen. I just expected it to be a long shot gimmick to get his nephew. And hey what do you know, not much development on the offensive line the last couple years, and no nephew. It's not so much that he's not meeting impossibly high expectations. The problem is we're getting precisely what we should have expected.
  3. He's scoring 6s on and off the field!
  4. I think we can fairly object to the notion that Haarberg is as bad as Sims. They have some similar limitations to be sure, but Sims is much more of a liability. Haarberg can at least manage the offense well enough the pull off the occasional sustained drive. Sims can't even be trusted to take a snap or hand the ball off correctly; things that should have been mastered in 7th grade. That's not even getting into the extreme turnover rate. He puts the team in holes too deep to climb out of.
  5. The Husker radio guys were saying Purdue was averaging about 24 points a game coming in. The defense held them to 6. Sims gave up as many points as the defense. Also consider all the bad spots the offense has been putting the defense in, yeah, they're playing out of their minds. The complainers are probably Chinander fans.
  6. Buschini is our best offensive weapon.
  7. 5-1 since moving on from Sims. 1 away from bowl eligibility. Making it to a bowl game with this offense would be borderline hilarious. Especially after being told for so long that it takes at least 4-5 years to get a program to that level.
  8. They don't suck equally. Sims is a complete liability. We can string together a winning streak with Haarberg.
  9. Haarberg gives the team a significantly better chance to win games. It's not up for debate, really. Pining for Sims to play only makes sense if you want Nebraska to lose.
  10. This might by the worst 7-5ish team of all time, but it's still better than being the best 3-9 team. Remember how hyped a majority of you used to get about close losses.
  11. Nebraska might not need to score again to win.
  12. How on earth is it Purdue's ball???? The call on the field makes no sense at all.
  13. There's no question the offense is bad. But you should have realized how bad it was a month and a half ago instead of just coming to the realization now. How is this still surprising people? Look, I'm a fan of Casey, but even if he tried everything to keep Casey, Casey would still be the injury case he's always been and we'd very likely still be rolling with Haarberg.
  14. 4-1 since moving on from Sims. People still arguing for him to play either have suspicious motives or didn't watch the first 2 games at all.
  15. The output from, say, offensive line and receiver positions have been about what you should expect if you hire position coaches who haven't demonstrated they know how to do the job. I get that Rhule has done this at other places, to varying degrees of success, but he has the resourses to hire the best position coaches money can buy now, so there's really no good excuse. Of course people are going to be more skeptical of the more questionable hires. It's kind of on those coaches to prove the skeptics wrong. So far I don't really see that happening. Might as well shut down the message board if laypeople can't have opinions.
  16. He isn't exactly proving them wrong.
  17. It's good people are now getting mad about ugly wins against bad teams, instead of getting mad about close losses to bad teams. Trending the right way. We'll be mad about 10 wins again in no time.
  18. Wild people can get themselves worked up about the offense every week. We know going in to every game the offense is going to be lame. It's an easy prediction to make. And it's like maybe 2% Satterfield's fault. You'd suck too with this roster and questionable assistant coach hires/retention. Rhule did him no favors by making several headscratching decisions.
  19. Grant's fumble issues arose this season, though. Seems like he's been coached in the wrong direction.
  20. Haarberg faked me the hell out on that zone read. And Illinois.
  21. Need a 8 minute drive and points in the 3rd.
  22. Maybe don't hire a 6-year-old to coach your wide receivers.
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