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  1. Ben Roethlisberger.   THAT'S who Amy Schumer reminds me of.  Took me years. 

    1. admo


      Supposedly they are brothers

    2. admo


      @The Dude did you hear, when Norm did his final show, it will be aired on Netflix soon??.... genius chuckleshuffle

  2. This is why I kind of hesitate when people claim so-and-so would have been a great QB in Osborne's offense. It's one thing to have the physical ability. It's another thing entirely to have the brains. In a lot of ways the game has been tremendously dumbed down over the last few decades. Especially at the college level. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I guess. It comes with its own advantages. I do appreciate how Coach points out the obvious absurdity in having the players all look to the sidelines to audible. There's really no advantage to it. I always thought that for the exact reason he points out.
  3. 1-3. I think we beat Minnesota this year. And I think we'll lose to either Illinois or Purdue to give us a 2nd loss before hitting this part of the schdule.
  4. I suspect we'll get him here one day as a free agent. Just the way of the world now.
  5. I f*ing hate the Eagles, man.
  6. I have a Twitter account but I don't really use it. Checked it out a little yesterday and loads of people seemed to be upset about Musk buying it, but were awfully vague as to why they were upset. It was like they were trying to make him the bad guy without really having a reason other than he's rich. I guess being rich is bad now.
  7. It looks so much better without the alternating greens.
  8. It's all relative. It would be one of the least barbaric things the Russian soldiers have done.
  9. Watching 2014 right now and it's not 2-hand touch at all. They're even tackling the QBs...
  10. Last year was the first time I ever heard of Nebraska playing 2-hand touch for the spring game. What other years in the last 15 did it happen?
  11. So are we to understand, that in year 5, we don't even have enough depth to run a scrimmage? Excellent.
  12. If that "potential" doesn't even want to be here then yes we can absolutely do without it and we won't even notice it's gone.
  13. I dunno, he seems to have dipped out pretty quick once he got a legit WR coach. I wonder how much Mickey's recent comments about guys needing to earn roster spots had to do with this situation.
  14. Interesting. We'll see how that pans out.
  15. Meh. 20 catches and 200-whatever yards is replaceable. This isn't like a Spielman or Robinson loss. We always hear about "potential" for the guys who hardly contribute on game days.
  16. That does seem to be Frost's M.O..
  17. Not just head coach, he was the offensive coordinator to boot. It was literally his system. If the offensive linemen weren't blocking how he drew it up, it should have been addressed in fall camp in year 1. It should have never made it to game day. It seems like he's just trying to throw his former assistant under the bus after the fact, which he has a track record of doing.
  18. In terms of play calling we pass it more than half the time. So the linemen are pass blocking more than half the time, whether the QB takes off running or gets sacked or whatever else counts as a run play. We also relied heavily on draw plays where the linemen were also showing pass. Of course they aren't going to fire off the ball like they did in Osborne's offense.
  19. Um, coach . . . they ran the damn ball when you played here. Of course the linemen aren't going to fire off the ball like that when you're passing it more than half the time.
  20. I think it's a rather privileged perspective to say poor people "want to complain". Maybe $4 gas hurts them more than some of us even realize. I know I can't travel to see loved ones as much as I could a year ago. Which is a bummer. I'm certain there's poorer people than me. It probably hurts them more.
  21. What is Bruno Mars doing with Josh Freeman's girlfriend?
  22. I was 50/50 on whether or not he was being sarcastic. Still not sure.
  23. Frost probably should have tried Smothers earlier in the season. Based on the Iowa game, he and Martinez seemed to be more or less interchangeable as players. Based on what Thompson has put on film, he's head and shoulders better than any other QB on the roster. So yes, the keys were likely dangled in front of his face for him to even consider coming here.
  24. No need to manufacture a QB battle in the free agency era. He was brought in to start, barring injury he'll start. And you know which one I'm talking about.
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