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  1. It’s this kind of delusion that makes the rest of the college football world love to see us lose. And Scott has contributed to it with his “make the B1G adjust to us” BS. We need a humbling. That can’t happen until our program and fans actually admit we aren’t any more special than any other team/university.
  2. Announcer dude was exactly right: “the one thing you can’t do in that situation…”
  3. blinky


    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a rotation of the stripes/no-stripes, gray face masks, big “NU” on the helmet, etc. Not Oregon-level variety. I though the unis looked good last week, this week, and of course the standard is good as well
  4. “Not a lot to add…” *Adds 7 paragraphs…
  5. So, hang on. This shirt is supposed to prove that Nebraska fans are not crybabies?
  6. This is what contributes to Nebraska football fans’ delusion that the rest of the college football world is out to get us.
  7. Except that it was the AD who was the one coming off whiny.
  8. We - the team, the coaches, the fans - should stop asking for respect and focus on earning respect instead. The rest of the nation is right. We’ve been acting like entitled babies for about 20 years now. If we continue to live in the glorious world of yesteryear, we’ll live in that world forever.
  9. This is called an “upgrade” for the board? I literally cannot see the words I’m typing in because this giant ad is covering all the words. While I was typing it switched to another, bigger ad! Congrats on making your money, I gues.......
  10. Certainly useful. Advertising for clicks on your website via your other, more recently acquired website? Pretty sure that’s been frowned upon throughout the history of the forum.
  11. Mad props for bringing up this super important point again. I especially love the part where you wrote 1000 words to get your point across.
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