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  1. blinky

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Mad props for bringing up this super important point again. I especially love the part where you wrote 1000 words to get your point across.
  2. blinky

    2018 Blackshirts vs. 2017 Blackshirts

    Defensive stats showing total yards given up are a little skewed. The defense is on pace to play about 80 more snaps than last year. Also, I would suggest that there has been significant improvement over the course of the year, largely because a) Lamar Jackson has improved, and b) the players are more used to the scheme. We should continue to see improvement next year.
  3. blinky

    Buy Low, Sell High

    We have no choice but to trust frost and his plan, and allow time for the plan to take shape. It’s what he asked us for, and what he told us to expect. As hard as it is, we need to be willing to wait.
  4. blinky

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    I agree, but we can’t allow excuses like this to permeate what should be a culture of winning. Rebuild or not, that effort and attitude needs to be seen by the players on the field. Not just in press conference answers.
  5. blinky

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    That’s what we said when Riley was hired. “Until the toxic culture is gone, we won’t be very good.”
  6. blinky

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    Can’t put too much on bunch. The issue is the receivers have very little ability to separate, and out perimeter blocking on screens is poor.
  7. blinky

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    We are: 1. Slow as a team 2. Undisciplined as a team 3. Still lacking offensive creativity 4. Not really the attacking defense we’re said to be 5. Not capable of generating turnovers 6. Going to be disappointed a lot this year
  8. blinky

    Over/Under - Pre-Season Edition

    Under. Thinking there will be lots of rotating for ILBs. O/U scoring defense avg for the year: 25.5
  9. blinky

    Keith Williams Article

    Nice little article from Sipple. Keith's a good guy, and it's awesome to see him step back and enjoy his situation. Great perspective, and a good reminder of the humanity of football coaches. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-keith-williams-feels-blessed-that-son-s/article_59149763-85f9-58c3-b8cc-629f49631e25.amp.html
  10. blinky

    Spring Game Rosters

    Pretty sure Callahan did this his first spring game. But....
  11. blinky

    Keyshawn Jr. Gone if Riley is Fired?

    Or you could read before posting hypercritical assumptions and blaming others for your inaccuracy.
  12. blinky

    WR Joshua Moore [Texas - Signed LOI]

    That is cool. The story. The graphic. Really cool.
  13. blinky

    What Did We Learn - Wisconsin Edition

    btw, not sure if it's been mentioned, but Stanley Morgan is a baller. Dude makes tough catches, runs hard after the catch and clearly takes pride in his blocking.