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  1. “He’s buried on the depth chart. He’d play more if he wasn’t buried on the depth chart.” I mean… sorry man, but, that’s ridiculous.
  2. Dude, chill. He just said there's a chance that some won't qualify. That's always the case with every school every year.
  3. True, but that’s also the case in pretty much every profession
  4. You do know that by posting that you "know" there is "more to the story" that you are definitely "fueling the fire," right?
  5. If you think huskerboard can get through more than 2 pages of a thread without derailing the topic then you are delusional.
  6. This swing of emotions makes me think of a 4 year old kid begin given pumpkin pie, looking at how weird it looks and saying he hates pumpkin pie, screams and rolls on the floor, crying that he wants something else (probably cherry) and that mom is the worst cook ever, then mom plops some cool whip on the pumpkin pie and the 4 year old takes a bite and the tears dry up, he looks around the room with a huge smile and tells everyone that pumpkin pie is the best, its his favorite pie ever and no one can ever cook better than mom Long story short, its funny when adults act like 4 year olds.
  7. Gonna go ahead and guess that most of the people commenting that Rhule won’t succeed are the same people who said Frost was the best hire since Tom Osborne.
  8. Calling Deion all flash and no substance basically means you don't like touchdown or interception celebrations and you'll judge a player simply based off whether he celebrates or not. People who think Deion is too flashy probably think Barry Sanders "did it the right way." Deion is literally one of the best corners to ever play the game, and that was while he was also an all-star caliber MLB outfielder. He has more "substance" of success than almost anyone to ever play sports.
  9. Regarding Deion's abilities as a recruiter... I think the issue of Deion's recruiting at JSU is a bit more nuanced than what people think. HBCU interest and enrollment in general has increased since 2020, largely due to the increased discussion and aftermath following high profile events in the country around that time. It sends a significant message for a big-time recruit to choose an HBCU. Nebraska is about as far from that school/community culture as possible. Equating Deion's recruiting success in the south with young men interested in their cultural heritage with his supposed recruiting success here is an assumption with pretty flawed logic, I think. That doesn't mean he couldn't succeed recruiting here. It means he has not proven any ability to recruit outside that lens of HBCUs and the resurgence of interest and enrollment at HBCU schools.
  10. It was clear in the stadium that frost was more involved in the sideline huddles at the beginning of every new drive. More than once Whip was on the sideline while Frost sent the offense in during the second half.
  11. Remind us again why there isn’t a downvote button?
  12. FSU’s line looks worse than ours!
  13. I see you didn't share your vision for Miracle Whip's success as an offensive coordinator at Nebraska, and I appreciate that.
  14. Excited for Coach Donovan! High level playing experience at an O Line factory, got to be in the NFL O Line film room and on the field for everything with that group... Learned from veteran coaches and players... Raiola nasty streak... what's not to be excited about? Other than y'all's fear of the unknown?
  15. My favorite hobbies include: - Cooking - Woodworking - Board Games - Asking tall people if they're in the NBA - Speculating on what person might possibly be on a flight from one city to another - Jumping to conclusions
  16. Godd*** liberals. Bunch of snowflakes if you ask me.
  17. It’s this kind of delusion that makes the rest of the college football world love to see us lose. And Scott has contributed to it with his “make the B1G adjust to us” BS. We need a humbling. That can’t happen until our program and fans actually admit we aren’t any more special than any other team/university.
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