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  1. You can try www.watchespn.com if nothing else works. You have to have the right service provider but it's awesome if you do. I get around 30 games every saturday.
  2. This thread had nothing to do with husker football. I shall be reporting it to a mod and knapplc will be vanquished. Bobaganoosh.
  3. +1. They would hang 50 on us without a doubt.
  4. Shaggy bevo is laughing at us right now.
  5. I found this while looking at cyclonefanatic.com. I found it quite funny, actually. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=286UlugVW40&feature=player_embedded
  6. likes huskerjock's status.

  7. This is the East-West Shrine Game, not the Senior Bowl. Edit: He isn't on either roster.
  8. Agreed. I'm proud of the Husker defense. The offense isn't up to par this year. Oh well, more excitement for next year.
  9. jbarnum

    Suh site

    It says copyright UNL at the bottom so it is University made.
  10. DocNice, you aren't talking about the same Va Tech team that passed for over 300 yards today and 2 tds. I know that you will say its against Duke and anybody could have done it, but you played Furman and anybody could have passed against them too.
  11. They are in alphabetical order if you read the whole article.
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