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  1. I wouldn't exactly say that we stole one, his three biggest offers besides ours were Cincinnati, West Virginia and Pitt. I think time will tell if he's a steal or not. I'd have to say Mich St was his best offer that I see above... For a team that coaches great defenses, I'll take that!
  2. I'd put it at about a 6.5... Great weapons and schedule like others have said, turn overs a problem obviously... But my question is... Where are the gloves!?! There was a noticeable drop off of fumbles when he put them on last year... Bring em back Taylor!
  3. I also read that someone or multiple people were talking stuff from their bench... As in coaches... I haven't seen any proof of this, but did notice Eric Martin talking directly to one person frequently...
  4. Actually, correct me if I'm wrong... But I think that was loudmouth griffin that they were congratulating for causing that fumble on martinez... Which is even more comical IMO...
  5. Shows an offer on rivals, am I missing something?
  6. Don't know where you guys get the other stuff to start these threads...but didn't see this guy posted anywhere...Feel free to delete and start a new one like the others. http://sports.omaha.com/2011/12/12/recruiting-huskers-hunting-yet-another-california-cb/
  7. Here is the article... Very cool... http://sports.omaha.com/2011/10/11/recruiting-nu-closing-in-on-devin-fuller/
  8. Looks like Wisconsin is going to be down a start on the defensive line for Saturday... Leading the team with sacks.. http://m.host.madison.com/mobile/article_52f2791e-ebc3-11e0-94df-001cc4c03286.html
  9. He actually already committed... Or am I missing the sarcasm?
  10. The Oklahoma drill was my favorite part of practice... It was a reward for dealing with the other stuff.
  11. Anybody catch the interview? Did it happen?
  12. I think rivalries are based on history and what happens between them during actual played games. For instance, a heartbreaking loss or repeated poor sportsmanship. However, I also think rivalries can be personal, as my name states. I live in Denver, so being out here, I hated CU and their fans. Just because they may not be NU's rival...they were indeed my rival. I think that's why many NU fans think of IA as such. Actually, I may just change my name to IA Sucks...
  13. I personally love the fact that when general college football is the topic, we are in the forefront...speaks to national relevance that has been absent in recent history.
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