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  1. craigsker

    Hello, Mike Riley

    I just don't understand why the rush to hire someone so fast? Why couldn't the AD take a little more time? I hope I'm wrong, but I think we'll be seeing this again in 3 years.
  2. craigsker

    To the Bo Pelini Haters

    I support the decision to terminate Bo Pelini because 9-10 wins is no better than 6 wins; which is all you need to get to a bowl game. His record is 5-20 against ranked teams and he has never won a conference championship (even though he should have against Texas after them getting one second on the clock). The football program has always been a source of great pride for the state of Nebraska and over the last several years it has become completely irrelevant in college football. If mediocrity is what you want, then Pelini is your guy. As for me, I want Nebraska to return to the once great program it was and that was never going to happen under Bo.
  3. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Just had to vent. Bear with me.
  4. craigsker

    The Richie Ingognito situation

    Maybe Ndamakong Suh is no longer the alleged NFL's bad boy?
  5. craigsker

    Bo's Reaction to Win

    Bo, I want you to be successful. There's so much to like about you.
  6. craigsker

    Ron Kellogg, the Third...

    Congrats Ron! Good things happen to those who wait. You deserve it!
  7. craigsker

    Bo's Reaction to Win

    Did anyone notice Bo's reaction to the win? Was he in shock? Was he wondering if it would be reviewed? Was he copping an attitude? It was kind of odd.
  8. craigsker

    Way to give up a shutout

    Maybe my "pissed" comments was a little strong or maybe not the right word, but I said that because I wanted it for the defense. They've been scrutinzed and criticized (myself included) and I just wanted it for them. I was "pissed" for the guys who fought to earn it and to lose it with under a minute left, well, kinda sucked.
  9. Just curious...Who's ready for T-Mart to come back?
  10. craigsker

    Way to give up a shutout

    Great win no doubt, but I gotta rant. Giving up the shutout pissed me off. Did anyone want the shutout as much as I did?
  11. I also admit the UCLA game was the breaking point for me too. It's how they lost and just another in a long list of losses in big games to ranked teams.
  12. craigsker

    Return to mediocrity

  13. craigsker

    Thank You BO

    I genuinely want Bo to succeed. There is so much to like and that is admirable about him. But sadly, I think his ship has sailed.
  14. craigsker

    Return to mediocrity

    Some of the lowlights of Bo's record over just some of his tenure with Nebraska: 2013: vs. UCLA 21-41 Loss 2012: vs. UCLA 36-30 Loss vs. tOSU 38-63 Loss vs. Wisc 31-70 Loss vs Georgia 31-45 Loss 2011: vs. Wisc 17-48 Loss vs. Michigan 17-45 Loss 2010: vs. Texas 13-20 Loss vs. TA&M 6-9 Loss vs. Oklahoma 20-23 Loss It appears his teams have a history of losing big games and/or getting blown out. Frank Solich was fired for the same thing. Have we returned to the mediocrity that was trying to be avoided when Solich was fired?
  15. craigsker

    Why would any player choose Nebraska?

    Nebraska makes the best Runzas in the nation?