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  1. Watching a game online is a last resort for most people. Unlike last week, it appears that everyone will get this one on either ABC or ESPN-but there are no guarantees when dealing with these clowns. For all we know, it may end up on ESPNU everywhere. Their maps & their decisions are a real crapshoot.
  2. I tell it like I see it. If I'm gone, I'm gone.
  3. Nebraska has a law that any minor(u21) can be cited for driving with any alcohol over .02 in their system. They don't call it a DUI, but Texass apparently does. He didn't get a DWI (being over .08 or .10(?)), so it's not what you consider a DWI.
  4. If you only read the first article about this that I had, it explains it pretty well. Otherwise, it's really easy for it for it to do nothing but confuse the crap out of you. DUI vs. DWI in Texas mean entirely different things-it really is just semantics. Knapp has a problem with me, and the other guy who went on and on about the hit. Oh well, not sure why he thinks I'm happy about it, I just suspected that it was coming.
  5. What it comes down to is the equivalent of Nebs .02 limit for drivers under 21.
  6. In Texas, if you're a minor and you've been drinking --at all-- it's a DUI. http://espn.go.com/blog/big12/post/_/id/20203/osu-nebraska-face-player-suspensions I just read that, and you are correct. Boy, good luck to the kids driving to school with a cold after taking some cough medicine. Leave it to backasswards Texass.
  7. Their terms are different. He could send in $375 and it would be over. That's not a DUI by and standards that I've ever seen.
  8. No-it wasn't a DUI. Read the story again. It may have been crooked (I have my suspicions), but he was not charged with DUI.
  9. Look dikhead, I knew that it was a very good possibility given the recent outrage over any headshots. If you look at my original post, all I was doing was asking a question. My gut told me that there was a pretty good chance that it was coming, and yes-he put the top of his helmet into the lower left side of the OSU players' facemask & that snappen his head back in a nasty way. It probably should have been flagged. Suspension? Uhhhhh, maybe-maybe not. Tough call. You're just butthurt because your know it all attitude got beat down by the Big Texasss's decision.
  10. That I will 99% agree with. The timing couldn't have been worse considering everything that has happened in the NFL and NCAA the last couple of weeks. That is exactly why I was worried that he might be suspended. I don't know why it took until today, but I figured it was about 50/50 that he would get slapped.
  11. Wrong. They both decommitted. Snap them in half
  12. Well, we're the home team and we're favored by 7.5, so that doesn't apply here.
  13. Just wait until Gabby gets Crickrolled
  14. The D-bags bailed because they saw the rest of the QB recruiting classes. Kinda makes sense now considering that neither one of them will ever be as good as Martinez, or were as hyped up as Green.
  15. Read the (badly written) article. He can pay $375 for the fine and it's over with-and no, he wasn't cited for DWI (leave that up to your own judgement). Texas, 4am-yeah, the speed limit should be 90+.
  16. He looked great last Saturday, but he still scares me to death. If a public beatdown is what it takes to get him to perform like that, well-Niles, you still suck!
  17. LOL! TM wins Offensive player of the week for the whole country, but only ties for it in the Big 12. What a bunch Big 12 media morons. You can't make this sh!t up, but nothing having to do with the Big 12 would surprise me this year.
  18. You do realize that hell would have to freeze over about 3 times for Texass to get in it, right?
  19. Considering how badly things have gone for KU this year, and now the fact that they are down to their 3rd string QB, I wouldn't worry too much.
  20. Okay, somebody watch the Youtube video and tell me that he didn't put his head down and plant the top of it into the facemask/helmet of the OSU player. This is comical
  21. Do you know the rules regarding helmet to helmet hits?
  22. Yeah, that was pretty filthy also
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