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  1. huskerinacaveman

    College Football Is Weird - Example #872

    I'm with landlord here. To me it's weird that someone somewhere will brag about it, when it's not anything to brag about. Oklahoma wasnt, and isnt a regular schedule game. Ohio State isnt either as we might play them 2 or 3 times in a 6 year period. The most striking fact is how bad the losses have been when we do lose. OU, came back and took the BIG 12 CC from us when we decided to not show up in the second half, Oregon took it pretty cleanly, and tOSU, and Wis have absolutely dominated us. Another weird stat is the bottom feeding teams of the last 10 years that we've lost too.
  2. huskerinacaveman

    JD Spielman Concussion

    You're kidding right? Most issues with concussions dont really show their issues until 20 years down the line. Often times they can be small and not really be noticeable to you or others. My last one was at 14, since about 35 I've been a sever migraine sufferer. I have memory issues, and focus issues. Creates a lot of frustration for me especially when I forget something that I have no idea how i could have forgotten it within a matter of minutes. It affects my job, and it scares me to know what life is going to be like 20 years from now. There is plenty of information out there that show cause an effect of concussions.
  3. huskerinacaveman

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    I agree with the premise tOSU may not be what it has been under UM, but it's a fact that Ohio State has posted a win/loss % of .600 or lower in 7 seasons since 1959. And never in multiple seasons in a row. Nebraska only has one win over them as a member of the Big ten, and that was the last time they posted a subpar record for the season. Until Nebraska beats Ohio state when they are Ohio State, a win shouldnt be predicted....and should they win this year, they wont overlook Northwestern. That team has been a thorn to Nebraska more than any other team.
  4. huskerinacaveman

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    I realize that this isnt UCF, but while coached by SF, they didnt seem to get too high about themselves as the season went on. With the loss that we took from NW last year, I doubt they fail to show up to that game. I'm not sold on beating tOSU until I see it, and I'd put that as their first loss of the season.
  5. huskerinacaveman

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    Hey guys, all really really good replies. I stepped away to see all of this and its a lot of good discussions, and points. I think, its fair to say this. 1. Miracles can happen, and its possible, though unlikely that Frost and Co. will achieve NC type opportunities 20+ rankings. 2. Nebraska's scheme does put defenses in bad situations, and much like TO pioneered, won with the type of formula the Frost and Co. Is building. Frost did say that it still applies today, so maybe point #1 isnt as far reaching as we might think. 3. If we can mirror a defense that has the ability to make stops, and not hope for turnover opportunities, we'll be on to something special. 4. Winning does bring better kids into the program, and that could lead to better rankings. 5. Marry Christmas everyone. Hope it was a wonderful day for all of you.
  6. Just as the title says. Do we need to have a top 5 class, or classes to achieve success. Success (for me) is defined by beating who we should, competing for wins against the top tier teams in the conference and being in a position to make playoff appearances. Does the system allow for top 20-25 classes to have this that sort of success?
  7. huskerinacaveman

    Dont kill me for this, but....

    Never mind, as I started type it out, it makes sense to me. Had to do with depth and the amount of scholarships available.
  8. huskerinacaveman

    Dont kill me for this, but....

    Haha, yeah...well I do live on and island in the Caribbean...so I dont get to get on the discussion boards as much anymore. Brings up a different subject that I dont understand...for another day I suppose
  9. huskerinacaveman

    Dont kill me for this, but....

    I have never played a day of organized football. So those of you who have can blow up my whole idea....be easy on me. The Cornhuskers' offense is more than likely going to put a lot of stress on the defense. The defense has been pointed in the "we are going to go for the ball". Which is also going to tire out the defense. Would it not be prudent to have a (think hockey) line of defense that goes out there for a series, and then another for the next series? My line of thinking is the first line is if the Offense is going to run up and down the field, that's going to give a lot of extra reps to the defense to defend. In a year that is obviously going be growing pains on defense but the players are all going to be a little closer together in what they are capable of doing within the scheme. After a year of getting the second line out there on a consistent basis should give them a much deeper depth in the years to come of you continue pushing it as a scheme. The goal would be to have an offense that can score 35 or more or game which Scott Frost has demonstrated that his offense does, and have two squads that rotate based on how much time they've been given to rest between their last series. Pretending that we can go without injuries, is there a specific reason why defense can not innovate this into a scheme? Be gentle.
  10. huskerinacaveman

    ESPN Segment with Scott Frost hiking the Grand Canyon

    I've gone on two major hikes in my life. The first one was in Corado California and that was about a 1k foot elevation change, but was only about 10 miles total. The second one was an 18 mile hike through wooded barely any elevation change. But I hurt for days afterwords. I want out of shape, but there is a huge difference between the 10 to 12 miles I did a day at work, and 6 more I had to do that day. Cousin had a food fracture because of it. Much respect for what he accomplished at the GC
  11. huskerinacaveman

    Someone Hired Shawn Eichorst

    I didnt take the time to look if he was actually a player. Thank you for correcting that. Still lacks the knowledge to do what Alvarez does.
  12. huskerinacaveman

    Someone Hired Shawn Eichorst

    Don't forget he was brought up under Barry Alvarez. That dude micromanages the football program. That's pretty well known. In Wisconsin's case, it has worked out and it pretty much why any coach that has been hired there has succeeded after Alvarez took over, but he was a football coach before he was an AD. And a player before he was a coach. SE wasn't either of them, yet he attempted (presumably) too make coaching decisions with MR, and created a hostile environment for BP. Don't know enough about the situation he had in Miami, but I'd assume they're success since he left is because they've upgraded.
  13. huskerinacaveman

    Guess we're facing an Interim Coach this Week

    I came here specificlly to mention Les Miles to Purdue. His style fits the Big Ten.
  14. huskerinacaveman

    How much does Nike pay ESPN?

    Yeah, noticed that, and changed it. Thanks though.
  15. huskerinacaveman

    How much does Nike pay ESPN?

    Maybe it's just my marketing background ruining things for me, but did anyone else notice the close up of the show the kicker was wearing for Oregon for every kick off. Bothers me when that stuff rears it head in the game.