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  1. So I'm not going to dig through 306 pages.  But, my info says we finalized with Frost in writing on Tuesday.  Happy day.

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    2. ZRod


       Things really seemed to die down Tuesday.

    3. Horace


      The contract is signed and the ink is dry? Frosty is coming home. Yes!

    4. knapplc


      The reason there hasn't been any "noise" in the Nebraska coaching search has more to do with attention focused elsewhere than anything.  Florida's search got messy, Tennessee's became a generational disaster, Florida State's situation became precarious, and the the need for eyeballs on articles really took care of itself. 


      If this had been a quiet year for coaching changes, the Nebraska "story" would still be churning out headlines. But the reality is that our situation has been taken care of for weeks.  The media has just turned their attention to other, easier-to-sell stories.

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