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  1. I went on Saturday and there were many open seats in the north and south stadiums. I was shocked and bummed
  2. You should really contact a physician. I’m pretty sure you had a stroke before this post. For what it’s worth I do hope you’re right
  3. The grammar on this board is on point. Especially when people are whining
  4. The D has definitely quit. Our Oline is embarrassing
  5. What a feeble attempt at a burn. Enjoy being atrocious at trolling and that whole douche bag thing you’ve got going on
  6. Take my upvote..I laughed out loud
  7. When you’re down by 6 TD’s in the 4th quarter...it’s ok to put in your back up QB. How will they know of Vedral is a difference maker if they don’t play him?
  8. I didn’t want to list any names that had already been used. So..Judd Davies. The names I would have used were already listed.
  9. Randy Gregory, Kenny Bell, Jared Crick, Barrett Ruud
  10. If that’s the case....what a bum out.
  11. Upsetting? It’s in our house. I doubt NU is the underdog at home.
  12. Pornhusker

    3-5 yrs

    I’m drinking a little too much Kool Aid...but I think Big Red will easily compete for the West. The player talent was there. Now we have the coaches to springboard the program right back where it belongs. GBR
  13. Damn, The Huskers only B1G wins were the worst of the worst. FTS!!
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