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  1. refs didn't help, but we don't have enough speed or players who can understand a snap count! Grrr
  2. I know that most Blame Wats, and I carry no brief for the guy, but I am not certain he really is at the heart of the trouble and changing the name of the OC will solve things. I believe we have a world class defensive coordinator that is still not comfortable as a head coach either understanding or developing "his" offensive scheme. I think we have had an offensive direction by committee and of course is only my guessing. Watson prefers a more wide open passing attack with perhaps a 50 50 mix. TO I would bet has strongly suggested to Bo with Bo wisely given his background on D, that Bo should adopt a run heavy offense with emphasis on the option. Using that scenario, I can envision Watson being told of the direction Bo had chosen to go. Recall last year that Watson it was reported had told T Gabbert that they were going away from an offense featuring the passing game. I think that was not his decision. So they cobbled together an offense around a running qb, TM, not by Watson's choice, but because he was told to do it. Blocking is changed, receivers have a limited role and it comes down to timing and making the right option read AND keeping the one qb we had that could run it sound. The a chillies heel came when TM was hurt or a D could stop the read option. We has a terribly impotent offense then. So we try a wildcat a lot and basically make it up. I truly believe this quite possibly could be the result of Bo not understanding offense and thinking with or without TO's imput he could design a ball control rushing offense to compliment a D with Suh in 2009 and be very effective. So you end up manufacturing an offense to please the HC on the fly. You don't necessarily believe in it. The head coach doesn't understand the limitation or the problem of building an offense with one qb that can run it, but backed by an option guru from the old days who is AD, insists on implementation. So now we are master of nothing on offense, Jack of no trades, and likely back to a drawing board. Whether hiring a new OC will change anything or not I don't know. I do believe that part of the problem is that Bo doesn't really understand building an offense. There is a big difference in being a coordinator and being a head coach. Hopefully Bo is learning and regardless who is the OC he will know when to intervene and when to let the coordinator roll. Not an easy job.
  3. Sorry, but that is total paranoia. If any of this bs about a conspiracy to use officials to keep us out of the CCG were true , the logical thing to do would have been to use it in the Misery game. They had 7 for 40and the big red had 6 for 50. They could have easily called a hold on a couple of Roy's TDs. Let's quit this junk. It makes us look like whiners. Next year when we lead the big 10 in penalties and we probably will because of style of play, will we whine that they are trying to keep the new kid from winning? Geesh Most of the penalties were on the offense. Illegal formation, false start, holding, etc. What "style of play" are you referring to? The Same style of play that has had us averaging more than seven per game (over 8 this year) and having markedly more than our opponents each of the last three years ..the Bo era. Aggressive defense has given us many penalties, but a price you can afford if being one of the best scoring Ds. We are not the victim of a big 12 conspiracy and it is time to stop acting like cry babies with every loss.
  4. Sorry, but that is total paranoia. If any of this bs about a conspiracy to use officials to keep us out of the CCG were true , the logical thing to do would have been to use it in the Misery game. They had 7 for 40and the big red had 6 for 50. They could have easily called a hold on a couple of Roy's TDs. Let's quit this junk. It makes us look like whiners. Next year when we lead the big 10 in penalties and we probably will because of style of play, will we whine that they are trying to keep the new kid from winning? Geesh
  5. Do not ascribe to malice or diabolical genius, what can most easily be explained by just doing something dumb.
  6. Although it would be nice to see misery lose anyway, truly if we lose to CU and go to the CCG by default, it will almost certainly give us another loss. If we cannot beat CU at home, we will likely be embarrassed by osu or ou in Dallas.
  7. Actually if we are ever 5-7 and Bo and Carl act like that, there would be no rumors, they would be fired. And I dare say that half the members now claiming the did nothing wrong on Sat. Night would be leading the charge to "dump em". Tolerance these days for coaches acting badly is a far cry from what it was even a decade ago, but what has not changed is the lack of tolerance for shinanigans by a losing coach. Mangino would not likely have been fired in 07. Leach would not likely have been fired if the espn whiner's kid came up right after crabtree caught the pass that beat Tejas. last year Mac Brown could have backhanded Colt McCoy and most of the fan base and half their crooked athletic department would claim he was just getting his attention. This year they would give him the pink slip. Where Bo screwed up is that there will be no "on the other hand" if he has a cluster f of a season and IMO regardless of performance, a meltdown again that ticks off the administration will be the end. One should keep their "get out of jail free card" as long as possible. A lesson for all who have a position where others control your length of employment.
  8. Getting a highly sought WR is going to be very difficult. They want to catch the rock and not spend most of their time blocking. Last year I believe Wats told Lil Gabbett that we were taking the offense in a different direction and whether by mutual decision or not Gabbert a passing QB decommitted. I think it was right after that we had a couple WRs decommit. My chronology may be wrong but the basis I believe is true. With TM when healthy emphasizing the run, I don't see it changing. We have some talented qbs in the pipeline but with TM a freshman, I see little promise of a top WR coming. And with Starling being the top pick in bb draft, I doubt he makes it. That kid is special.
  9. I agree, while its too late to burn a redshirt, at least TRY SOMETHING.. Will the magnetometer catch the explosives or will they have to pat you down. . somehow in the unfortunate aftermath of the ATM game and the many pics of Bo being "somewhat belligerent" I have thought about the other big news story, the TSA patdowns. Can you imagine the thoughts of the guy who knows who Bo is, has seen the vein bulging photos and has drawn the short straw and has to do his pat down.
  10. the last thing we have to worry about if we make it to the CCG, is being intentionally screwed by either the big 12 minus 2 or the refs. The only way this will be a topic is if we lose and some paranoid fans cannot accept that beyond illegal or unethical treatment our Huskers can lose. The second to last thing we have to worry about is Bo going off in a manner ethat keeps the team from doing their best and invites bench calls and causes us not to be given any benefit of doubt. If you look at how our D covers routes, only an idiot would complain about the PI calls when the scheme is very effective. Want fewer penalties, play D like Okie Lite. We're going to be the most penalized team in the big ten next year. deal with it. it will not be a conspiraccccccy. The biggest problem we are going to have in a CCG is scoring. I can't see TM being sound enough to be effective. If the opponent is OSU, I'd say with Cody we might score in the 20s, but that won't get it done. Against OU, I think it will be in the teens or less. TM gimpy, I believe will be the same deal. With our staffs probably wise misinformation, who knows about Lee? I think if he is healthy and can throw, he along with ten or fifteen Wild Rex...with Rex throwing at least once, has the best chance of victory. If he could play the game he did against AZ last year, we can get it done. My guess is that he is hurt and only being used to cause foes to scheme for Lee as well. If we can somehow limp thru CU and the CCG...a huge and improbable if right now...TM should be ready for a BCS bowl and the team will have some much needed rest and healing.
  11. Assuming this is true, it is nothing to delight in. Sure he has made some critical mistakes, but he is a playmaker on our offense that has very few with TM hobbled. His ability attracts more attention and thus helps our run game. He is a legit threat to take it all the way on any play. And he has spent his college career helping bring the Big Red back. I would love to see him on the field Friday for his sake and the team's coming into the game banged up, more controversy than needed and facing a team that sans a terrible coach is playing much better.
  12. it was more than obvious Bo (and Carl) were out of control Saturday night like few coaches in recent times. It will be obvious when it happens again. Only apologists didn't find the behavior way beyond the pale. Now tell me how many of the other coaches you mentioned behavior was so off the charts it rated comment in the Washington Post. That is what has people who are alums, faculty or simply care deeply about the University concerned. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/early-lead/2010/11/nebraska_chancellor_to_address.html
  13. Are you assuming there was an ultimatum, or you have info on this? Pelini said there wasn't one, and if there was it was between the three of them. Fans' expectations of how this situation should be handled is much more extreme than those who actually make the call. I doubt that any poster was at the meeting or phone conference where bo's actions were addressed, it doesn't take a genius to understand there was an ultimatum. When the chancellor who we all gave great credit to handling our conference switch, feels it is necessary to make a public statement condemning the coaches actions before discussing it with him, it doesn't take a genius to know he's poed. You don't have to be an expert in athletic department or university politics to understand what Bo got was an ultimatum. Why do you think TO included that paragraph about what he expects to never happen again?? idle chit chat? If you have ever been on either side of the desk as the boss or the employee called into the office for behavior that reflects poorly on the organization and the you or the boss says "We don't expect this to ever happen again". Unless you are dumb as a fence post you know you were just given an ultimatum. Expect to lose your job if ther is a repeat. Pretty simple stuff and quite obvious. I am not at all sure that Bo can control himself from season to season. The chancellor will not forget and if similar behavior occurs late next season, Bo will be let go. vaunt on it.
  14. fair enough, opinions are like noses and ah's, everybody has one. And I do believe many previously sane fans have bought into a "conspiracy" of one sort or another. One has only to peruse these threads to see how wide that fan base has become. We had threads droning on and on claiming Carl P was in the right and the Aggie journalist was lying when it was pretty obvious from the gitgo that Carl was telling a whopper that Bo repeated in the Press Conference. The weakass excuse this afternoon when Carl came clean was that Bo didn't know the circumstances of the "assault". There would be only two reasons for that. Carl lied to his brother who was equally out of control on Sat. Night or they had a "conspiracy". that is how every fan outside of Huskerland sees it and that is how Perlman and TO see it. It is beyond what UNL will tolerate and the message has been sent. As to the conspiracy that the refs have decided to screw us, has anyone offered a rational explanation as to why the discrepancy of calls for and calls against began with Bo's regime? To me it seems obvious that he plays an aggressive D, which is fine and obviously WORKS. But a byproduct is likely twice as many calls against you as an opponent with a bend don't break cover two D that most opponents run. I have not seen the calls broken down as to O vs D vs opponents. We likely have and deserve more procedure penalties because we have been sloppy on O for the cast three years. If the league thru the refs were wanting to screw us, they would have called many of our long TD runs back. It is easy on nearly every play to "see" a hold. A flag and they wipe out a td and put us in a long situation. Why didn't that happen? now we had some bad calls Sat night, but a conspiracy? get real. perhaps the most deserved and the most untimely penalty went to Bo Sat. Night. Do you honestly think it wasn't earned? We need to get back to football. If we play the same in the big 10 we will lead the league in penalties. As long as we Aldo lead in scoring D and don't have too manta flags on an inept offense we will be fine. Why not stop this we were screwed whining and beat our opponents in the last two or hopefully three games we play as a member of the Big 12. Go out as winners not whiners!!
  15. That declaration of "support" was a lot like one from Jerry Jones. It is essentially an ultimatum from or through TO from Perlman, to both Pelinis that they are gone if they embarrass the university with out of control behavior again. It had to be said. I hope the two can conform to the ultimatum, because we certainly don't need a coaching change in this program now.
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