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  1. Yes keep Diaco but langs has to go he is terrible. We have good talent bad play calling
  2. I was feeling good after 2nd half last week but this is almost unwatchable. 

  3. Banker needs to go!!!!! Bring pressure on 3rd down

    1. ZRod


      Don't play 10 yards off when they need 2...

    2. Decked


      He needs to get fired

    3. husker ponsler

      husker ponsler

      Yes 3rd and 10 and can't get offs the field

  4. Fyfe is terrible

    1. ZRod


      OCDL is doing him no favors. Never tried to get him a rythme in the first quarter. Now it's too late and they're bring pressure.

    2. ZRod


      Plus O line BLOWS!

  5. What the hell was that

    1. ZRod
    2. teachercd


      Welcome to a west cost offense for the second half.

  6. Let's go not over yet!!!!! Go Big Red!!!!!

    1. NebraskaHarry


      All game. We've had chances. Coaches don't want them.

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      This game was over when Armstrong and Langsdorf showed up.

  7. Go Bigggg Redddddd!!!!!!

  8. How do you not attempt the field goal to put your team to scores that play call was ridiculous this coaching staff is ridiculous

    1. Blackshirt39


      I think this is the biggest thing that kills me. One more run of 5 yards and attempt a long field goal. This just further shows this staff doesn't understand fundamental football.

  9. Fire Riley now don't wait!!!!

  10. kentucky Iowa ST. Arizona Wichita ST Sparty Dayton wofford Eastern Washington Valpo
  11. Bo hasn't left the cupboard empty. lots of talent on this team. the only mess is how some of you think about BO.
  12. Seems like 2003 all over again

  13. I agree unless the rumars of BO flying to South Caralina are true then he had to make a statement.
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