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  1. List of trick plays in every coach's playbook: Bootleg pass/run Play action pass Roll out pass/run Hand off to the blocking fullback Tricky, tricky.
  2. I just don't know how there can be such a difference of opinion when watching the same games. It's sad that Martinez could not be more successful this year, but watching the games made it obvious that he just didn't have it. Both McCaffrey and Vedral look to have more energy and confidence. I just don't see what you people are watching. McCaffrey's touchdown was not a trick play at all. It was a sprint out pass thrown perfectly for a touchdown.
  3. I want to believe that they play the best player/whoever gives them the best chance to win. I have been coaching all my life and that is the way it's supposed to be. But the eye test. Just watch the games and it doesn't follow. Martinez doesn't have fire, makes poor decisions, is very slow.
  4. Nebfan, If you can't see the difference in the entire team when Luke plays, then you have blinders on. The confidence that Luke shows is so evident when he runs the offense.
  5. Ales, Husker players for 1000 please.Slow runner, poor passes, poor decisions, no fire. Alex, who is....?
  6. ???????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Football needs to take a lesson from the Husker women. Down in set 4 22-21 and found a way to win the match.
  8. Muncha buncha muncha buncha muncha buncha muncha buncha....
  9. Let the common people decide who should rule. Fantasy Brackets has a bracket up right now that will tell us who should bwe the ultimate ruler.
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