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  1. At least skets was able to lighten the mood with that post. Thanks man, I'll sleep better with a belly full of laughter.
  2. Progress = beat Buffalo a 3-4 team 3rd in the MAC East; beat Fordham hahahahahahahah; Beat Northwestern a 3-3 weak sister. Lost to Illinois 2-5 Lost to Minnesota 3-4 Competitive against decent teams, but not a single win.
  3. I usually just like to read what people have to say and maybe throw something out here and there, BUT this has gone on long enough. Frost is being paid a ton of money to get results. He is given everything he needs to succeed and yet he cannot even make a bowl game. I just want to hear the argument for why he should be kept on for another year. Not trying to rile anything up. Just would like to hear the argument.
  4. Pelini 67-27 Callahan 27-22 Riley 19-19 Frost 14-23 Please explain why we shouldn't be panicking now.
  5. That's why I'm asking the question that got my hand slapped by a poster that refuses to answer the simple question. I don't want to hear the emotional stuff or the 'can't keep resetting' stuff. What has the man done? Someone please answer that. ND?????
  6. Waiting..............Waiting.....................Waiting............................ Also running up my post count.
  7. ND, just explain to me what the justification for retaining him is. Don't just say "I don't want another reset, blah, blah". Why should Frost get more time with the record he has?
  8. Hey, I'm up to 60 now. I'm sure I've reached the 'have an opinion' level at this point!!
  9. But...but...that is what a message board is for. To give our opinions. Of course no one in charge cares what we say, but we as fans care. I am tired of watching the product on the field especially when the head coach is earning 5 million a year. I'm confident that many people on this board could equal Frost's win total up to this point.
  10. I didn't know number of posts had anything to do with what I can/can't have an opinion about.
  11. Not advocating for firing. Just asking what is the justification for retention?
  12. Just checking coaches who were fired/resigned in 2020. There were a few with worse records than Frost, but no many. Also, most of the programs don't have the advantages that Nebraska has. What is the justification for retaining him?
  13. How can there still be Martinez apologists? I don't know what they are seeing.
  14. Line was fine, He just held the ball way too long again.
  15. No, we're not. He is just not a winner. It continues to happen.
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