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  1. List of trick plays in every coach's playbook: Bootleg pass/run Play action pass Roll out pass/run Hand off to the blocking fullback Tricky, tricky.
  2. I just don't know how there can be such a difference of opinion when watching the same games. It's sad that Martinez could not be more successful this year, but watching the games made it obvious that he just didn't have it. Both McCaffrey and Vedral look to have more energy and confidence. I just don't see what you people are watching. McCaffrey's touchdown was not a trick play at all. It was a sprint out pass thrown perfectly for a touchdown.
  3. I want to believe that they play the best player/whoever gives them the best chance to win. I have been coaching all my life and that is the way it's supposed to be. But the eye test. Just watch the games and it doesn't follow. Martinez doesn't have fire, makes poor decisions, is very slow.
  4. Nebfan, If you can't see the difference in the entire team when Luke plays, then you have blinders on. The confidence that Luke shows is so evident when he runs the offense.
  5. Ales, Husker players for 1000 please.Slow runner, poor passes, poor decisions, no fire. Alex, who is....?
  6. ???????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Football needs to take a lesson from the Husker women. Down in set 4 22-21 and found a way to win the match.
  8. Muncha buncha muncha buncha muncha buncha muncha buncha....
  9. Let the common people decide who should rule. Fantasy Brackets has a bracket up right now that will tell us who should bwe the ultimate ruler.
  10. So even though "Tomorrow Never Dies" was an awful movie, it seems as if the idea has a lot of merit these days.
  11. You call it simplistic, I call it realistic. I listened to every game and watched those that were on TV back in those days. Nebraska was very similar to Wisconsin and Iowa of today. They had strong, home-grown kids with other regional players thrown in. Thus, they were able to win 9-10 games a year in a weak conference. Look at the bowl record of Osborne and his record against Oklahoma. Yes, the change to the 4-3 was huge, but the change would not have mattered if he didn't pull in the players to be able to compete. And you misunderstand. I am not saying he went 'dirty', but he was willing to take risks on kids that were not in the mold of the "Nebraska way" in order to compete with the elite teams around the nation. Also, Nebraska was well known for having an advance strength and conditioning program so that we were able to use our home-grown kids and still be competitive, but when teams caught up with our program, we were left in the dust because of lack of athleticism.
  12. No, we didn't compete nationally until we got the players to compete nationally. We were embarrassed many times in bowl games until we finally recruited speed and athleticism. It's amazing how much better a coach gets when they get elite players. Obviously some coaches are better than others, but without talent, it doesn't matter. A coach will win the games that he should win but never get over the hump. For example, people on here want Nebraska to model themselves after Wisconsin and Iowa. Wonderful, we will win 9 or maybe 10 games a year but will never compete at the highest levels because that takes elite talent. It was easier for Osborne to recruit players during his tenure since scholarship rules were different and he could use Prop 48 for many players. I just don't understand the insistence of people who don't understand that any system will work as long as the athletes are elite.
  13. Season Coach Conference Division Season results Postseason result Final ranking Finish Wins Losses Ties AP Poll1Coaches Poll2BCS/CFP Poll13Nebraska Old Gold Knights 1973 Tom Osborne Big 8 — T–2nd 9 2 1 Won Cotton Bowl Classic (Texas) 19–3 7 11 1974 Big 8 — T–2nd 9 3 0 Won Sugar Bowl (Florida) 13–10 9 8 1975 Big 8 — T–1st 10 2 0 Lost Fiesta Bowl (Arizona State) 14–17 9 9 1976 Big 8 — T–4th 9 3 1 Won Bluebonnet Bowl (Texas Tech) 27–24 9 7 1977 Big 8 — T–2nd 9 3 0 Won Liberty Bowl (North Carolina) 21–17 12 10 1978 Big 8 — T–1st 9 3 0 Lost Orange Bowl (Oklahoma) 24–31 8 8 1979 Big 8 — 2nd 10 2 0 Lost Cotton Bowl Classic (Houston) 14–17 9 7 1980 Big 8 — 2nd 10 2 0 Won Sun Bowl (Mississippi State) 31–17 7 7 1981 Big 8 — 1st 9 3 0 Lost Orange Bowl (Clemson) 15–22 11 9 1982 Big 8 — 1st 12 1 0 Won Orange Bowl (LSU) 21–20 3 3 '1983 Big 8 — 1st 12 1 0 Lost Orange Bowl (Miami) 30–31 2 2 1984 Big 8 — T–1st 10 2 0 Won Sugar Bowl (LSU) 28–10 4 3 1985 Big 8 — 2nd 9 3 0 Lost Fiesta Bowl (Michigan) 23–27 11 10 1986 Big 8 — 3rd 10 2 0 Won Sugar Bowl (LSU) 30–15 5 4 1987 Big 8 — 2nd 10 2 0 Lost Fiesta Bowl (Florida State) 28–31 6 6 1988 Big 8 — 1st 11 2 0 Lost Orange Bowl (Miami) 3–23 10 10 1989 Big 8 — 2nd 10 2 0 Lost Fiesta Bowl (Florida State) 17–41 11 12 1990 Big 8 — T–2nd 9 3 0 Lost Florida Citrus Bowl (Georgia Tech) 21–45 24 17 1991 Big 8 — T–1st 9 2 1 Lost Orange Bowl (Miami) 0–22 15 16 1992 Big 8 — 1st 9 3 0 Lost Orange Bowl (Florida State) 14–27 14 14 Two years where we actually competed nationally. The rest of the time the records are fine and the rankings are fine, but the game was different back then. There were no Boise States etc. that could compete at all. We usually had two tough games a year. Oklahoma and the bowl game. Yes, there were times when other Big 8 teams were good, but nothing consistent. We did not compete nationally until we broke this "Nebraska way" in our recruiting and discipline practices.
  14. Okay, but that didn't cover the fact that we were a mediocre team until we started to recruit players who did not fit that mold. Osborne did not follow these beliefs with many of the things he did. And I grew up with all of the teams in the 70s and 80s and although we usually finished high in the polls, we could not compete nationally until we got away from this "Nebraska way". That's just factual. And even though we did finish high in the polls, there were only a handful of teams that were consistently in the polls because of the different scholarship rules back then.
  15. I would just like to understand what all of you mean when you say the "Nebraska way". Before Osborne recruited speed nationally, Nebraska won 9 games a year in a pathetic conference.
  16. http://www.si.com/vault/1995/09/25/206647/coach-and-jury-nebraska-players-charged-with-crimes-have-a-steadfast-ally-in-the-man-who-runs-the-program-tom-osborne For all of the people who remember the "Nebraska" way.
  17. How about 8 sixteen team conferences divided into two divisions. Play your seven division opponents and 3 out of conference games. Then the division winners play each other to create the 8 team playoff. The rest of the teams could play an additional two games if wanted. So, win your division, beat your division opponent, leave nothing to chance or discussion.
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