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About Me

Been a husker fan since before I could remember. My parents have been going to games since long before I was born. I have fond memories of spending my youth on husker game weekends at my grandparents house, being spoiled on junk food and saying "Mom and Dad go play Football!!!"


As I got older and came to understand the game more, so grew my appreciation of the game. This turned out to be a very fortunate time period for me, because I came to appreciate Husker football in 1993. Quite a time to start rooting for the game itself and not grandma's home made cookies. I have been regularly attending games since 1995, and have only missed a few home games since 1999.


I attended UNL from 1999-2004, graduating with a degree in business and making special husker punch. Currently, I have season tickets in the South end zone with my parents and wife, and can usually be found pre-game doing some tailgating in the champions club. Stop by and try the punch.


My favorite part of football is watching a great running game, and I will always be a loyal supporter of the option. Watching a great defense is pretty nice too - the only thing than can give me the chills more than the tunnel walk, is when an opposing QB gets sacked for a loss in third down.


I have recently taken up the job of Big Red Recipe Book compiler, and spend a lot of time on the thing. I would really appreciate if you would stop by and proof the page, check links, or give your suggestions! Thanks guys and gals!

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