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  1. I do not know about all time, but if I had to pick someone who just recently finished up their career...Jeremiah Sirles. He was a steady contributor on the oline and gave us a lot of solid football over his long career. I think some people forget that he started every game as a redshirt freshman with 40 career starts and played in all 52 games. Not to mention that he played out the final games of this season with a sprained knee and did not miss a beat. Its a shame he never got the any of the top honors he deserved.
  2. Arg I can't believe this. I thought out of all of the freshmen backs he had the most potential. I can't really blame him though, the coaches really screwed up this one in my opinion.
  3. How big of class should we expect this year?
  4. It is a book that Burkhead read and it is now circulating through the team.
  5. It seems like a lot of the prospects for the 2013 class have Nebraska ties. It could be a good recruiting year!

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    2. mitch7


      I was having a good day, thanks Dude

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      why worry mitch? it's hilarious watching UCLA players fail. He'll be no different.


    4. Foppa


      wow...wth is up with this?!

  6. Layne is a very good looking and an even better person. I have never met a more Christ centered-conservative person, but yet she is not one of those over the top bible thumpers. From what I have heard Khiry, is a pretty good guy and hopefully every thing works out well for him.
  7. I didn't realize josh williams was off the team

  8. Let's go VV! doesnt he announce now?
  9. Peat is wearing a cardinal red tie fwiw
  10. The Huskersonline teaser says something about the type of person he is....anyone have any information regarding his character?
  11. We need to get a move on it then, National Signing Day is just around the corner!
  12. Shelton isn't visiting Tenneessee he is going to Washington. And that visit is a heck of a lot scarier than him going to Knoxville IMO. Little early to throw the CJack to the JUCO route. Thompson will stay an Aggie. Smith is not a huge academic risk. Should be able to get into college. ouch...
  13. Yes he should be, he is the definition of a football player. Unfortunately, the scouts have him ranked as the No.6 LB and 51 overall, take that for what it is worth. I think he will prove them wrong and a team will take a shot on him early in the second round.
  14. Holy clock management

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      The end of that game had me scratching my head.

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