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  1. mitch7

    Most under appreciated Husker....?

    I do not know about all time, but if I had to pick someone who just recently finished up their career...Jeremiah Sirles. He was a steady contributor on the oline and gave us a lot of solid football over his long career. I think some people forget that he started every game as a redshirt freshman with 40 career starts and played in all 52 games. Not to mention that he played out the final games of this season with a sprained knee and did not miss a beat. Its a shame he never got the any of the top honors he deserved.
  2. mitch7

    Aaron Green rumors

    Arg I can't believe this. I thought out of all of the freshmen backs he had the most potential. I can't really blame him though, the coaches really screwed up this one in my opinion.
  3. mitch7

    Husker Draft Picks 2012

    Congrats to Marcel Jones
  4. mitch7

    Big name recruits

    How big of class should we expect this year?
  5. It is a book that Burkhead read and it is now circulating through the team.
  6. It seems like a lot of the prospects for the 2013 class have Nebraska ties. It could be a good recruiting year!

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    2. mitch7


      I was having a good day, thanks Dude

    3. Foppa


      why worry mitch? it's hilarious watching UCLA players fail. He'll be no different.


    4. Foppa


      wow...wth is up with this?!

  7. mitch7

    Krihy Cooper quitting

    Layne is a very good looking and an even better person. I have never met a more Christ centered-conservative person, but yet she is not one of those over the top bible thumpers. From what I have heard Khiry, is a pretty good guy and hopefully every thing works out well for him.
  8. I didn't realize josh williams was off the team

  9. mitch7

    SIGNED DT Vincent Valentine

    Let's go VV! doesnt he announce now?
  10. mitch7

    OT Andrus Peat [Stanford Commit]

    Peat is wearing a cardinal red tie fwiw
  11. mitch7

    SIGNED RB Imani Cross

    The Huskersonline teaser says something about the type of person he is....anyone have any information regarding his character?
  12. mitch7

    Updated Recruiting Board

    Shelton isn't visiting Tenneessee he is going to Washington. And that visit is a heck of a lot scarier than him going to Knoxville IMO. Little early to throw the CJack to the JUCO route. Thompson will stay an Aggie. Smith is not a huge academic risk. Should be able to get into college. ouch...
  13. Holy clock management

    1. Animal_Mother


      The end of that game had me scratching my head.