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  1. Im starting to wonder if people watch college football outside of Nebraska. Burrow is doing well because he has a good oline, a good rb, and the second best wr corp in college football. Jordan Jefferson is also a top 5-7 wr.
  2. Here's the problem: Everyone was drinking the kool aid. All the predictions were pretty illogical. We lost oz, Stanley, farmer and foster. We had no proven second wr and spielman, while a good wr, isn't a game breaker. We moved a freshman to center and that kid never played center before. our defense was horrible last year but their progress would be canceled out by our offense not being as good. We have no depth and not much talent. Anyone who uses rational thinking knew this would be 4 to 5 year rebuild. The only people that are whining now are the people who drink way too much kool aid or they just don't use rational thinking when it comes to Nebraska football. To sum this up: im.a cool 1, not even close to being concerned and frost is the right guy for the job.
  3. This whole vedral better than Martinez is insane. If vedral wasn't from Nebraska then the tune would be different
  4. We had the right play calls on offense but horrible execution. Our defense played well but Chinander got outcoached. Day was always one step ahead.
  5. Adrian missing the hb on the hb screen on the first drive. That would have been a 20 yard gain and could have produced some confidence. Fields qb sweep on their second drive. I believe this was on third down and stopping them to a field goal would have been huge. We were in man, they motioned a wr to the other side and thats history. Martinez throwing behind wandale on the out route. If he leads him wandale would have had the catch and would have been 4th and 1, we would have went for it and who knows what would have happened. Ohio state having a 30 yard gain with the slot wr. We had a lb on him and just stood no chance in staying with him on the seam route. -martinez overthrowing wandale for 1st and inside the red zone and the ball magically going to DB-who was on the ground. -having a lb spy then fields audibles to a pass play with a slant and we have no hook zone to defend it. To sum it up: day was always a step ahead of Chinander. Frost had great play calls but poor execution. Another stat: Nebraska had only one drive that was over 3 plays in the first half and ohio state at least tripled, might have quadrupled our plays ran in the first half.
  6. Martinez must be your friend because anyone that watches the games can see hes missing open wrs. Hell, he got his wrs killed against Illinois.
  7. No it's not. There are wrs running open. Martinez overthrew a screen pass, he threw it behind on the out route and he missed a wide open wr. This is a jurgens and Martinez issue
  8. I have a good feeling about tonight's game. It will be close with Nebraska possibly pulling the upset. 38 35 Nebraska! I had a bad feeling about the Colorado game and expected us to only win 6 games last year. I think we can pull this off! GBR!
  9. The sun may come out during the Day but the Frost comes out at night.
  10. Usually that's reserved for boosters during the games. Didnt know if that was the case for gameday on Saturday morning
  11. I'm assuming we can park in the parking garages? Like the one across from Harper, schramm, Smith dorms?
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