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  1. huskerfan333157

    B1G to Target Texas, Oklahoma when Big XII GOR Expires

    I would be okay with Texas joining, they wouldn't be able to throw their weight around like they could in the big 12. Plus, we could start owning them.
  2. huskerfan333157

    Look back at Suh and the erroneous Hypesman

    Suh should have won the heisman that year but I feel like there's too much kool aid drinking with Frazier. George had 2400 total yards compared to Frazier's 1976 total yards. Are you saying Frazier should have won it because he was on the most dominant team(the best team in college football history I might add).
  3. huskerfan333157

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Online seems amazing. Also, you and your posse get to decorate the campsite!
  4. huskerfan333157

    First-Year Coaching Grades

    I go with a b+. I predicted 6-6 due to our lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball and how complex Frost' s scheme is to grasp. I saw major improvements in all 3 phases of the game as the season progressed. We, my friends, are on the right track.
  5. More opposing fans need to be like you, just sayin.
  6. huskerfan333157


    By this logic, Michigan state should have beaten us (they had 8 drop balls). If we beat Colorado or troy then they could have said they "should" have beat us. Vegas and a lot of Nebraska fans thought 5 or 6 wins should be expected because we are learning a new system and it takes time, especially with Frosts' offense. I am curious as to what Vegas will have us for next year.
  7. huskerfan333157

    *** Official Michigan State Game Thread ***

    If it was such an amazing offense nowadays then more teams would run it. Even Osborne has said he wouldn't run it nowadays. Plus, Georgia tech has done so well with that type of offense
  8. huskerfan333157

    *** Official Michigan State Game Thread ***

    Frost needs to send this tape to the office, the refs are s#!tty.
  9. huskerfan333157

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    So our defensive line is good? Do you even watch the games? Our dline is just as bad as our lbs.
  10. huskerfan333157

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    It's weird, I've yet to hear how youd change the defensive scheme to make it better? You complain yet obviously don't have a deep enough knowledge to improve Chin's d.
  11. huskerfan333157

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    43 would work but we still can't generate pressure! Our lbs can't cover so they could throw drags all day. We have no strength on D, our defensive positions are equally bad. It's going to take a few years before I can even judge chinander.
  12. huskerfan333157

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    We don't have very athletic lbs. Our oline is talented but they were horribly coached for 3 years. This defense can make an average passer look like a good passer especially when we can't generate a pass rush. I'm not going to blame chin unless our defense is like this 3 years from now.
  13. huskerfan333157

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    I like how people are criticizing chin but not saying how they would change it. The armchair defensive coordinators who think they know football when they know very little. C'mon chin haters, how would you change it? Instead of bitching why don't you explain it? We don't have talent on defense but apparently everyone thinks they can just make talent out of thin air.
  14. huskerfan333157


    They also gave us a first down when it should have been 4th and Bootle got away with pi. I forgot tho, you never mention the calls that benefited us but that doesn't fit your agenda.
  15. huskerfan333157

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    I'm just asking what you would do to change it. What tweaks would you make? What are our strengths? You're over here criticizing chinander in his first year so I'm assuming you would have suggestions? If you're so set on chinander being the problem then you should state why instead of dodging every question. I've explained why I think it's personnel (We have no good pass rushers, our lbs aren't fast so they can't play man nor are they good at zone, our secondary is not good in coverage. This isn't madden, you can't expect them to automatically be good because of a new coach. Also, why are you saying it's chinander when you can't explain why his scheme his bad or what our strengths are. You never even mentioned how'd you tweaks his system yet you know it's mostly on chinander? Hm.