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  1. My friend is a nurse working the covid unit in New York. She had to go walk a 16 year old through the power of attorney process because his 30 year old mom, who had no underlying conditions and was perfectly healthy, was dying of covid. She also has a patient who can't even talk anymore and is on a ventilator. She talks to that patient every day, explaining the sunshine etc, knowing that the patient is going to die at any moment and knowing that patient can't have any visitors. This stuff is VERY real and she says about 30% of her patients had no underlying health conditions. I also asked her about sports (she's a avid husker fan) and she doesn't think there will because of a second wave that's going to hit in the winter.
  2. Damn, Michigan took boise state from us.
  3. His defense was still top 40. Hes not a good head coach but he'd be a great dc for lsu. He wouldn't have to focus on recruiting so much
  4. How'd he know they were going to the big 10? He was magically supposed to know before everyone else? He still had a top 40 defense which isn't as awful as people are making it to be. I understand hes not a good head coach but still a good dc.
  5. I'm surprised at how many people have the opinion that bo is a bad dc. We did not have the defensive personnel to stop people in the big 10, you would think this would be common sense. He was still top 40 every year in yards allowed (30-40). He just couldn't recruit and is not a good head coach. People need to think logically for once
  6. Look at the recruiting rankings AFTER attrition, they're about 40 spots better
  7. Sorry, it was 12% better. Burrow had 76, wuerffel had 64. LSU's wrs were better than Floridas wrs. I watched both teams and thats an assessment I made.
  8. Except burrow threw 25 more touchdowns than wuerffel and had 2500 more yards than wuerffel. Had 19 percent better completion percentage. Had a 32 point better rating than wuerffel while playing against tougher competition than wuerffel. What was the point of bringing up those stats when burrow had a lot better ones?
  9. Exactly. They played a tougher schedule than 95 Nebraska. We are still better but they have came the closest since 01 miami imo.
  10. I definitely see a high scoring game. It would be tough to stop their offense but I don't see them stopping ours neither.
  11. LSU also played 3 more top 10 teams than Nebraska. That passing game would have given 95 team troubles. We would still win by 3 to 7 points but it would be closer than most think. Most people wont admit that because we're way too biased when it comes to Nebraska.
  12. You could argue that lsu is definitely top 3, even number 1. They beat 7 top 10 teams, pretty impressive. Definitely the best passing offense in college football history.
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