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  1. The people that wanted us to go back to big XII are awfully silent right now...
  2. I can't take you seriously when you didn't watch the whole video. He DID compliment us, he DID compliment bolt. He DID question why the committee put us in the regional. Quit acting like a whiny baby and making our fanbase look bad. Thanks
  3. So it's okay for your fanbase to go after a players mom and gf? I guess that's the SEC way, huh? Pathetic.
  4. Waddle didn't even play this season except for this past game. Alabama's offense is easily the best offense I've ever witnessed.
  5. At least he isn't annoying. I've also seen plenty of our own fanbase on other teams message boards....
  6. Its pretty pathetic how self entitled some of our fans can be.
  7. So they could go and be locked up in a hotel room for 10 days? Come on now. Quit being selfish because you want to relax...in your home...with your FAMILY...and watch husker football. If you were in their shoes, you may not want to play neither.
  8. What bowl environment? Did you forget that we still have a covid around? There will be no festivities leading up to the bowl game, they'll be couped up in the hotel room and there will be no fans. There won't be a "bowl environment" like in years past. I wouldn't blame them for not wanting to play.
  9. I like how husker fans say farniok wasn't holding on that call. The same fans would throw a whiny fit if that wasn't called on the other team.
  10. "Young wrs make mistakes we can't play them," meanwhile, cam "i can't snap" Jurgens has his 100th bad snap this year and we continue to play him at center instead of moving him to guard!
  11. We are not going to win anything so why do we continue to play Warner and falck? We need to play our young wrs (betts, Fleming etc). We know falck and Warner are below average wrs so it does NOT do any good to play them!
  12. Any unbiased fan could see we'd only win 1 or two games this year. I think frost is still the guy. Let's let him try to develop this young talent and let's just sit back and watch the young talent improve! We'll be okay guys, I promise!
  13. Nebraska fans who are complaining about the calls must not be watching the game. They're CLEAR PENALTIES. Quit with the whining and crappy attitude. Im still not impressed with Martinez, hopefully he can turn it around.
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